Citation for Dr. Mary Pendergraft
College Teaching Award 2013

Dr. Pendergraft is Professor of Classical Languages at Wake Forest University. A list of well-earned distinctions (including the Merita Award from the American Classical League) is mirrored by an equally impressive list of publications and service to the profession, including work as Chief Reader for AP Latin from 2007-2011. Former and current colleagues point to Pendergraft's unflagging commitment to the program at WFU, especially the operation and management of the Greek curriculum; to her command of a range of capabilities for teaching; and to her focus on the core mission of the department, teaching. Dr. Ulery says, The University's motto is pro humanitate, interpreted as a call for service to the world, but I am always reminded that in classical Latin the noun refers to a humane quality rather than to humankind. Mary exemplifies both meanings in one person, devoted to serving the educational mission of the department and the humanitarian mission of the larger community, and doing both with a high standard of achievable excellence and a gracious demeanor in every kind of situation. A former student remarked, The mark of teaching excellence at its core: someone from whom you continue to learn, even 18 years after you have left her classroom. But perhaps one of the most representative comments about her teaching comes from herself, When I read course evaluations that say that the hardest Latin course was also the most enjoyable, I'm delighted but not surprised. Hard work truly can bring joy. For all Dr. Pendergraft¹s hard work on behalf of her students and the teaching of Classics, I feel joy on behalf of the committee to present Mary Pendergraft with this year's CAMWS Award for Excellence in Teaching at the College Level.