Classics in Jepopardy at the University of Tulsa: sign the Petition

Recently the president and provost of the University of Tulsa unveiled a program called “True Commitment.”  You may have read about it in The Chronicle of Higher Ed.  If not, the short version is the elimination of a large portion of TU's arts and humanities core and graduate programs in a shift towards more “professional training.”  Among the casualties are Latin, Greek, Classics (already reduced to minors), philosophy and religion (both majors), History (MA), and Anthropology (PhD).  Advanced courses in Modern Languages (French and German) will no longer be taught on campus, either: students will have to study abroad to complete these degrees.  Although the administration claims the cuts are faculty- and student-driven, neither the students (even those in STEM) nor faculty appear to want these changes; nor were they consulted.  Rather, a hand-selected committee made recommendations behind closed doors, based on dubious and in many cases inaccurate data.

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