New MA Concentration in Ancient Religion at Arizona

New MA Concentration in Ancient Religion at Arizona

In addition to existing concentrations in philology, archaeology, and history, the Classics at the University of Arizona. now has  a new emphasis in Ancient Religion.  Students will pursue an interdisciplinary approach to the religions of the Mediterranean which, depending on individual interests, may include coursework and research in areas such as the archaeology of ritual and sanctuaries or the literatures of ancient Judaism and early Christianity.  A link is to the webpage and application is here  The application deadline for all emphases in the Classics M.A. program is Feb. 15.

Most students admitted to the program receive generous funding awards, including full tuition waivers, with stipends ranging from $7,688–16,200 per year, and options for health insurance.  The program provides graduate candidates with teaching experience at an early stage in their professional careers. Grant and award funding is also available to assist students participating in conferences, colloquia, archaeology fieldwork and UA’s extensive Study Abroad program.

The department now also offer intensive summer language courses in both Greek and Latin so that students admitted into the program with language deficiencies can make those up prior to matriculating in the fall semester.

For more information, contact
Courtney Friesen
Assistant Professor of Classics
Director of Graduate Studies



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