Transitioning from CAMWS 2020 in Birmingham to Virtual CAMWS 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the CAMWS meeting originally scheduled for March 25-28, 2020, in Birmingham, Alabama, has been rescheduled as a virtual meeting via Zoom on May 26-30. 2020. A tentative program, based on the format planned for the original meeting, is posted here: (If you need a reminder of which session and which section you were originally in, please go to The tentative program will be revised based upon the responses we receive from participants. 

This form enables you to indicate whether you will participate in Virtual CAMWS 2020. Once you complete this form, you will be directed to a form where you can request a refund of your original registration fees. If you did not register for the original CAMWS 2020 meeting, but would like to register for VIRTUAL CAMWS 2020, please go here:

All individuals on the original program have three options: (1) to be taken off the program; (2) to stay on the program and present their paper live via Zoom; or (3) to stay on the program but prerecord their paper so that the recording can be played at the designated time in the program. Presiders who do not feel comfortable with Zoom can request a substitute or a tech-savvy co-presider.

The registration fee for the virtual meeting will be $25 for regular CAMWS members, $15 for contingent members, and $10 for students. Anyone who opts to be taken off the program can receive a full refund of registration costs but is also invited to donate all or part of those costs to CAMWS. Anyone who opts to remain on the program can receive a refund of the difference between the original registration fee and the fee for the virtual meeting (or donate all or part of that difference to CAMWS). Anyone who cannot afford the registration fee may request that the fee be waived. 


A recording of the entire virtual meeting will remain accessible on the CAMWS website through June 6, but only to registrants.

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Please indicate here your role in the original program. If you were serving more than one role in the original program, please complete a separate submission of this form for each role. If you are a member of an organized panel or workshop, please consult with your organizer to determine with your colleagues whether the panel or workshop will move to the virtual format. Only the organizer should inform us of that decision. If your colleagues in an organized panel decide not to participate but you would still like to present your paper, please contact President Anne Groton directly at
Please indicate here the title of your presentation or session or your role in the program.
Thank you for completing this form. Once you submit this form you will receive an email with instructions about obtaining a refund of your original registration fees. Please use the textbox below if you have any comments or questions.