A Special Invitation for CAMWS Members

CAMWS has an exciting opportunity for its members. To help commemorate Virtual CAMWS 2020 and to express our joy at the thought of meeting together in person in 2021, we plan to create a video of CAMWS members, one after the other saying, "See you in Cleveland!" in multiple languages. Anyone who would like to be part of this video should simply record themselves saying those words and email the recording (in .mov or .mp4 format) to camwstech@gmail.com by 8:00 p.m. CDT next Sunday, May 24. Emma Vanderpool and Amy Pistone will splice clips together to create the video, which will be played at the very end of the Closing Ceremonies on Saturday, May 30. There may not be enough time to show everyone's greeting at that time, but we plan to share a link to the full video on YouTube. Please note that by submitting your recording you give CAMWS permission to use it in advertising materials, at camws.org, on social media and in other ways. We encourage you to spend five seconds making a video clip, in whichever ancient or modern language you prefer, so that you can be included in this special historical snapshot of CAMWS.  

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