Position available: Latin Teacher - High School Begins 8/12/2021



Latin Teacher – High School  - Begins August 12, 2021

Position Description: 

Latin - full time teaching position 

Reports to: Modern and Classical Languages Department Chair, Dean of Academics, Principal 

Mission: St. Edward High School, a Catholic School in the Holy Cross tradition, seeks to educate the hearts and minds of young men to have the competence to see and the courage to act as men of hope for the  transformation of the world.  

Goals: Saint Edward High School, an IB World School, encourages our students to become active,  compassionate and lifelong learners with international awareness. 

Latin Teacher Duties: 

Teaches full-time, including 5 periods plus assigned duties; 

Follows course objectives of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program curriculum (MYP)  format for grades 9-10, and Diploma Program (DP) format for grades 11-12; 

Works collaboratively with fellow teachers to design and deliver authentic instruction and assessment of  Latin skills 

Works with other departments to provide interdisciplinary support and to develop cross-curricular units Maintains classroom control and pupil behavior allowing everyone the opportunity to learn Works directly with team teachers to provide assistance and support for struggling students in the  second language area 

Communicates with counselors, learning professionals, parents and students to maintain a positive  learning experience and identify any problems or difficulties 

Communicates with parents and students by posting lesson plans and grades on a regular basis based on  contract specifications 

Works with entire Language Acquisition Department to order and request instructional materials  (including texts) to maintain or improve current inventory 

Pursues professional development field on a regular basis following all State of Ohio requirements for a  valid State of Ohio teaching license 

Maintains flexible hours within contract specifications, providing time before or after school for  additional help, individualized instruction, mentoring or guidance in independent projects Supports the mission of St. Edward High School and upholds the pillars of Faith, Excellence,  Relationships and Servant Leadership 

Participates in other department and community activities related to outreach, admissions, and the like 


State of Ohio license in Latin or non-tax teaching certificate 

Writing and reading fluency in Latin 

Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Master’s degree preferred 

Proven teaching or instructional experience 

St. Edward High School provides equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate based on race, age,  sex, color, disability, or national origin in its recruitment, employment, assignment, termination, compensation  practice and selection for in-service or training or other benefits. Nor does the school discriminate because of  religion where religion is not considered by the school to be significant to the position. We offer a competitive  salary and an excellent benefit package including a 403(b) and a pension plan. 

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to lgallagher@sehs.net.

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