Vergilian Society opens call for Program/Tour Directions for 2023


Would you like to direct a tour or workshop for The Vergilian Society in 2023?
Vergilian Society tours are designed to appeal to a wide range of travelers interested in
the ancient Mediterranean. We welcome college students, high school students,
instructors and nonprofessionals.

For 2023, we are particularly interested in tours of the ancient Mediterranean or study
programs (such as Latin workshops) that are based at the Villa Vergiliana, a study center
in the Bay of Naples, Italy.

If you have any questions about proposal submissions, please contact the Chair of the
Villa Management Committee, John Wonder, at

You'll find previous tour details at
For those interested, please send a proposal to the Chair of the Villa Management
Committee. The proposal may be a paragraph describing the planned program or a
longer version. The Vergilian Society has offered study programs since 1937, and our
directors have enjoyed many rewarding experiences.

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