All About the Ancient World: Call for Papers

All About the Ancient World: Call for Papers

Goals of All About the Ancient World

● Promote early career researcher voices, especially in the humanities
● Encourage cross-cultural, global, and interdisciplinary consideration of the ancient world
● Foster skills in communicating to a non-specialist, general audience
● Make the humanities accessible, interesting, and relevant to the public

Call For Papers

Did you write a great paper for a class? Have a research idea you’ve never gotten to pursue? A
chapter that didn’t make it into your thesis? A niche topic that could be comical or informative?
We want to hear about it. We are accepting submissions for early career researcher
presentations dealing with the ancient world at large. Prospective presenters must be a current
graduate student (MA, MPhil, PhD, etc.), or have graduated within two years of time of
application. We are especially interested in unusual/unique/uncommonly discussed topics, on
any culture, as long as the subject is arguably “ancient”. Topics may include history,
archaeology, art history, museum studies, environmental sciences, etc. The presenter should be
enthusiastic and passionate about their topic and willing to present in a pre-recorded video
format (approx. 15-30 minutes in length) that can feature slides and other visuals. The
presentation must be suitable for a general/non-specialist audience. Accepted presentations will
be posted on the All About the Ancient World YouTube channel.


● Submit 250 word abstract and select bibliography
● Submission form may be found on our website at

Requirements If Accepted

● Supply bibliography to post with presentation
● Committee approval of outline/script/slides
● 15-30 minute lecture format, pre-recorded video presentation (with presenter visible in
the video)
● Rolling applications are due every two months by the first of the month and decisions
will be announced by mid-month
● Accepted presenters may plan on having their video posted two to three months after
their month of application (for example, if you apply by June 1, your video will be posted
in August-September)
○ Presenters must submit their outline/script/slides for approval within three weeks
of acceptance. Once these preliminary documents are approved, presenters are
given three more weeks to create their video presentation

Questions? Visit All About the Ancient World at, or our
YouTube channel

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