Social Media Director

The CAMWS Social Media Director is responsible for overseeing CAMWS’ Social Media Strategy across all internal brands and platforms. This role coordinates with the CAMWS Secretary-Treasurer, Editors of TCL, CJ, and CJ-Forum, and the Executive Committee at large to support CAMWS’ mission. The position involves ensuring our social broadcasting is fully integrated with all other efforts across CAMWS’ portfolio, as well as managing the Social Media budget.


  • Create the social media strategy, coordinating with stakeholders across CAMWS to ensure its effectiveness and ensure the adoption of relevant social media techniques into CAMWS’ culture and into all of CAMWS’ products and services.
  • Create and maintain an active presence on all platforms through regular posts and updates.
  • Manage any future budget allotted to social media advertising or the purchase of additional social media tools. 
  • Coordinate the planning of social media campaigns, ensuring customer acquisition and supporting monetization across CAMWS’ portfolio.
  • Source and manage relationships with social monitoring and platform partners to support and develop commercial opportunities. 
  • Act as the advocate of social media integration within CAMWS, influencing overall site and business strategies. 
  • Provide benchmarks and analyze data to inform company-wide decision-making. 
  • Monitor and comment on trends in social media trends and application, acting as CAMWS’ spokesperson within the Social Media industry.
  • Monitor the competition and be aware of market changes and developments.
  • Manage the Social Media Policy and ensure compliance by all CAMWS social media followers.
  • Give an annual report to the membership at the Business Meeting.