Awards and Scholarships

2003 CAMWS Award
for Special Service

Marilyn Brusherd

Marilyn Brusherd has served the Classics community in Illinois admirably. She describes herself as a "slave for the classics". Included in her many activities are: editor of the publication of the Illinois Classical Conference (ICC), The Augur; assistant at Certamen matches; creator and presenter of slide shows illustrating classical themes; assistant at Illinois Junior Classical League-North (IJCL-N) state conventions; encourager; problem solver. She has done all this while she works as an employee of the U.S. Federal Government in a position that has no direct ties to education in the classics.

Marilyn has been editor-in-chief of the award-winning Augur , the publication of ICC. Under her guidance the Augur has increased in scope, transforming from a mere recorder of Illinois events towards being a dynamic communication tool in our state including important dates, issues, visions and initiatives from Illinois as well as other states. She has continually encouraged and assisted classicists in Illinois to work together and to broaden their horizons.
Marilyn readily gives of her time and money to travel to various sites in the Chicago area to lend her assistance to certamen matches. Sometimes she serves as a reader, as a scorer, as a timer, or as a tabulator. Always aware of her interest in furthering the love of learning Latin, she is ready, willing, and eager to help relieve the teachers of odious tasks so they can be more involved with their students and have a more enjoyable, well-run event.

Several years ago some of the members of ICC learned that Marilyn had an interest in the influence of the classics in various areas of the city of Chicago, so they mentioned that it would be beneficial to have a slide show to present to the students. Marilyn happily photographed some additional sites and compiled the slides she had into a presentation: Mythology in Chicago Architecture. She also developed two additional slide shows using slides she took on vacations: Vergil and Horace, and Classical Influence on the Architecture of Washington D.C. Not only has she made these available for use by ICC members, but she has also volunteered to come to the school to do the presentations and answer any questions. She has illustrated very dramatically to the students and teachers her love of learning, her love of giving, and her love of sharing the classics with others.

Another instance of her giving of time and energy is the work she has willingly donated to the Illinois Junior Classical League-North. She has assisted in the behind-the-scenes organizing that is such a vital part of the growth of any organization. Her skills of discernment have greatly enhanced the decision making that have increased the scope and the effectiveness of this organization. For several years she has been the Art Chairman for the Illinois Junior Classical League-North annual convention. Further, she has stepped in as mentor to a student who needed a sponsor so he could participate in IJCL-N activities even though she has no direct ties with any educational institution. As she says, she has worked as a "slave" at the state conventions, helping behind the scenes so that the convention could run smoothly. To do this, she has worked as organizer, tabulator, judge, reader, proctor, presenter, bearer --- whatever needed to be done.

Also, Marilyn intuitively senses when a leader may need support. She has often quietly said to a person who seemed to need assistance in a busy moment, "Tell me what you need.' Every organization should be so blessed as to have someone who so willingly gives of her time and energy.

Marilyn Brusherd, over the 15 years of her involvement with classical associations, has illustrated to all of the members of Illinois Classical Conference and Illinois Junior Classical League the true spirit of giving of oneself for the good of the whole. Because of her enthusiasm, encouragement, and energy she has shown herself to be a true friend of the classics, helping ICC and IJCL fulfill their potential. Marilyn has long exemplified the qualities of true service to the classics and is most worthy of special recognition by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South.


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