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Questions about CAMWS should be directed to Tom Sienkewicz, CAMWS Secretary-Treasurer. He may be reached by e-mail (stcamws@camws.org), telephone (309-457-2371 or 309-457-2284), or fax (815-346-2565).

The CAMWS administrative assistant, Jevanie Gillen, can be reached at jgillen@camws.org or at the CAMWS home office (see below).

Some Useful CAMWS E-Mail Addresses

CAMWS President: president@camws.org
Secretary-Treasurer: stcamws@camws.org
Editor of The Classical Journal: cjeditor@camws.org
Editor of CJ-Online: cjreiveweditor@camws.org
Editor of Teaching Classical Languages: tcleditor@camws.org
Media Director: media@camws.org
Newsletter Editor: newsletter@camws.org

Committee Chairs:
Committee for the Promotion of Latin: cpl@camws.org
Finance Committee: finance@camws.org
History Committee: history@camws.org 
Membership Committee: membership@camws.org
Merit Committee: merit@camws.org
Resolutions: resolutions@camws.org
School Awards: schoolawards@camws.org
Steering Committee: steering@camws.org

Sub-Committee Chairs:
Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Award: pedagogyaward@camws.org
Excavation/Fieldwork Award: archaeology@camws.org
First Book Award firstbook@camws.org
Manson Stewart Undergraduate Award: mascollege@camws.org
Semple, Grant and Benario Awards: sgb@camws.org
Stewart Teacher Training/Travel Awards:  stewartteacher@camws.org
Teaching Awards: teaching@camws.org

To send a message to all the members of a committee, add “committee” to address of chair; e.g., cplcommittee@camws.org.

State/Provincial Vice President: [statename]@camws.org

Regional Vice President: [regionname]@camws.org

Questions about the Southern Section of CAMWS should be directed to the CAMWS-SS Secretary-Treasurer at camws-ss@camws.org.

Please send general comments and questions regarding CAMWS (i.e., membership inquiries, scholarships, awards, grants, etc.) to the CAMWS home office:


phone: 309-457-2284
fax: 815-346-2565

Mailing Address:
The Classical Association of the Middle West and South
Department of Classics
Monmouth College
700 East Broadway
Monmouth, Illinois 61462

Please address all comments and questions about the CAMWS website or social media sites to Bartolo Natoli at media@camws.org.