Gainesville has two things in abundance: bars and restaurants.  The list below is no means comprehensive, but it does try to include places close to the conference center and also some of the local favorites.

Napolatano's: Located right across the street from the HIW, this is a good Italian restaurant with reasonable prices.  Also has a good lunch menu and a sports bar type section.  606 NW 75th Street: 352-332-6671.  UPDATE – This restaurant recently burned to the ground, but may very well be back up and running by the time CAMWS rolls around.

Rigatelli's: Recommended by Prof. Robert Wagman for their Italian cuisine.  If the food passes muster with Prof. Wagman, who was born and raised in Tuscany, you know it must be authentic.  Located in the Oaks Mall.  6419 W. Newberry Road: 352-331-7226.

Macaroni Grill:  Most of you have probably been to one of these.  It is scheduled to open in time for the start of classes in fall 2005.  Also located in the Oaks Mall.

The Bakery Mill & Deli: A great family-owned bakery located not far from the HIW.  Fantastic breakfasts and tasty sandwiches; the muffins have traditionally been a good bet.  1143 NW 76th Blvd: 352-331-3354.

Maui Teriyaki:  Great for some quick stir-fry.  Cash only, though.  Right across the street from the HIW.  600 NW 75th Street: 352-331-3393.

Five Star Pizza: Consistently some of the best pizza in town.  Located across Tower Road from the HIW, they also deliver in record time.  Much less expensive that Papa John's, but with fewer specialty pizzas.  The garlic rolls are fantastic, however.  600 NW 75th Street: 352-333-7979.

El Noreno: A good gathering place for Mexican food and drinks close to the HIW.  Good for students on a budget.  516 NW 75th Street: 352-332-5502.

La Fiesta: A family-run Mexican restaurant with fairly limited seating but a devoted group of fans.  Fast service combined with big portions make this a great place for lunch.  Located behind Red Lobster.  7038 NW 10th Place: 352-332-0878.

Bono's:  A durn good place to get yerself some ol'fashioned Southen BBQ.  Y'all ain't gonna be hungry when you leave this here place.  Just up the road a piece from the HIW right there on Newberry Road.  6760 W. Newberry Road: 352-331-3112.

McAllister's Deli: A favorite of the locals as well as the college students, McAllister's boasts the best sweet tea in town (though some would claim Publix's is equal if not better).  From loaded potatos to sandwiches and salads, you're sure to find something tasty and to your liking here.  618 NW 60th Street: 352-331-8900.

The Swamp: The flagship restaurant of Gainesville, and the place where some of The Devil's Advocate with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino was filmed (check out the beginning bar scence).  Located near Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, UF's 93,000 seat football venue, The Swamp specializes in burgers and sandwiches.  Lots of outdoor seating both on the lawn and on the balconies, The Swamp is a great place to sit and people-watch.  Can get VERY crowded, however, as it is a favorite haunt of the Greek (i.e. fraternity/sorority) crowd.  1642 W. University Ave.: 352-377-9267.

Gator's Dockside: The premier sports bar in town.  Be sure to order the fried gator appetizer; if you're in Gator Country, might as well try the eponymous animal.  Trust us, it's good stuff!  3842 Newberry Road: 352-338-4445.   

Stonewood Tavern & Grill:  Great place to take a date or your mom for Mother's Day.  Pricey entrees, but you should find it worth the money.  Decent wine selection and good beers on tap.  Business casual dress expected.  3812 Newberry Road: 352-379-5982.  You can then walk next door and get some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. 

Arkadia:  Greek cuisine.  Pretty popular, especially since it sort of doubles as a bar/nightclub after dark.  3545 SW 34th Street: 352-372-9880.

Las Margaritas: A favorite of Prof. Gareth Schmeling, the founder of UF's Department of Classics, Las Margaritas provides great portions at a good price.  The margaritas, as you might imagine, are quite good; 32-oz beers don't hurt either.  You can also eat outside on their patio.  4401 NW 25th Place: 352-374-6699. 

Carraba's: You may or may not know this restaurant chain.  If you do, you know that this is a good Italian place.  Not the cheapest Italian you'll ever see (this ain't the Olive Garden), but not too bad.  This place is always crowded, so be sure to call ahead.  3021 SW 34th Street: 352-692-0083.

Dragonfly: Located downtown, this restaurant has the best sushi in town.  It is fairly expensive, but the food is worth it.  201 SE 2nd Ave.: 352-371-3359.

There are also lots of chain restaurants in the area, including Taco Bell, Whataburger, KFC, Domino's, Papa John's, Krystal's, Subway, Red Lobster, Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, etc.  Most places in town deliver, or allow delivery through  This is a great service for food from restaurants not in close proximity to the HIW.  The list above is not in any way comprehensive.  Gainesville has almost as many places to eat as students enrolled at the University of Florida.




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