Getting to Gainesville

Gainesville is served primarily by Gainesville Regional Airport (abbr. GNV; 352-373-0249).  Service to Gainesville usually goes through Memphis, Charlotte, or Atlanta, and prices can be expensive since it is only a regional airport, but Jon has had good luck getting cheap flights through Student Universe ( and Orbitz (  If you choose to fly into Gainesville, you will need to catch a cab or rent a car in order to get to the Holiday Inn West, which is located roughly 13 miles from the airport.

Jacksonville International Airport (abbr. JAX) would be a good second choice if you are flying in to the conference.  You will generally find much cheaper fares in and out of Jacksonville, but you will need to rent a car.  JAX is located approximately 80 miles from Gainesville.

You may also find good fares into either Orlando or Tampa.  You'll definetly need to rent a car if you fly into either one of these cites; it's very easy to get to Gainesville from both cities, though be prepared for tolls.

Driving is always an option, though you'll be looking at a bit of a road trip from most states not part of the Confederacy.  You can find directions from your particular online server of choice.  The address for the Holiday Inn West is 7417 W. Newberry Road.

You can use Gainesville's Regional Transit System for a buck per trip to get around to most of the city.  There are also numerous cab companies.  Again, you may wish to consider renting a car or road-tripping from your university in order to have ready transport to the various venues of interest.



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