"Domestic Space in the Greek City-State" Revisited

Bradley A. Ault

University at Buffalo, State University of New York

In 1990 the late Michael Jameson published two important articles, "Domestic Space in the Greek City-State" (in Susan Kent, ed., Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space. Cambridge UP) and "Private Space and the Greek City" (in Oswyn Murray and Simon Price, eds., The Greek City. From Homer to Alexander. Oxford UP).  Both pieces served as harbingers of new work taking place on ancient Greek houses and households.  Also significant is the fact that each appeared in edited volumes targeted at quite different audiences.  The first was directed at anthropologists, the second to Classicists.  Neither book took a strictly archaeological orientation, and Jameson contributed distinct and different pieces of scholarship appropriate to the occasion.  This paper will trace some of the developments in archaeological approaches to the study of ancient Greek houses that have taken place in the intervening years.  In considering the work of a number of scholars at a variety of sites, I hope to show that household studies go some way towards bridging what has been termed the "great divide" between Classical and anthropological archaeology.

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