Pre-conference workshop

for students

For the second year the Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) will sponsor a pre-conference workshop, “Disce ut Doceas: Preparing to be a TA in Latin,” Wednesday, April 1, 6:00-8:00 p.m., in the Marriott (Pine/Cedar Lake Room). The workshop will cover major topics that the first-time Latin teacher at the college level needs to know: surviving the first day, classroom management, lesson planning, understanding different student learning styles, grammar and vocabulary drilling, writing quizzes, teaching the tough topics, using oral Latin, and classroom games, etc. All graduate and undergraduate students who expect to be teaching Latin for the first time in the next couple of years, or those who have already taught once or twice but feel that they would benefit from further training and practice, are welcome. The workshop is free, but please sign up for it on the registration form if you plan to attend.

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