Preliminary Program of the Eighty-Sixth
Anniversary Meeting of CAMWS-SS

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Lower Atrium


Wednesday November 1, 2006


Lower Atrium


Thursday November 2, 2006


Lower Atrium and Rm 326


Session 1A

Rm 323


(no tech)

Greek Tragedy, David A. Webb presiding

“The Tragic Sisterhood of Sophocles’ Electra"
Doug Clapp, Samford University

“Cosmogony and Cataclysm in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon
Georgia Irby-Massie, College of William and Mary

“Mutable Iconography:  Prometheus Bound and Philoctetes; A new look at old myth”
Dorothy Dvorsky-Rohner,  University of North Carolina at Asheville

Session 1B

Rm 123



Art and Architecture, Mckenzie Lewis presiding

“The Narrative Structure of the Telephos Frieze”
Jacquelyn H. Clements, Florida State University

“The role of acroteria in the Greek temple’s sculptural program”
Daniel Moore, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“The Arch of Titus:  A Commemorative Sepulchral Monument”
Jenna A. Altherr, Florida State University

“Hadrian, Hellenism, and Hydraulics:  The Arrival of Roman Nymphaea in Greece
Brenda Longfellow, University of Iowa School of Art and Art History

Session 2A

Rm 323


(no tech)

Latin Poetry, Ortwin Knorr presiding

“The Staff of Rome ”:  Dating  Plautus’ Menaechmi”
Jane Woodruff, William Jewell College

Non credita muris:  Epicurean Views of Death and Impotent Boundaries in Lucan’s Pharsalia I”
Matt Crutchfield, University of Missouri-Columbia

“To Be or Not To Be Turnus. The End of Lucan’s Pharsalia as an Inversion of the End of Vergil’s Aeneid”
Wolfgang Polleichtner, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum in Germany

“Euripidean Geography in Seneca’s Phaedra.”
Keyne Cheshire, Davidson College

“Seneca, Oedipus 980-993:  How Stoic a Chorus?”
Robert John Sklenar, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Session 2B

Rm 123


Ancient Funerals and Funeral Rites

The Vice-Presidential Panel

Sarah Wright, Northwest Guilford High School, organizer/presiding

"I See Dead People"
Susan Shelmerdine, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

"'Immortal Spirits Speak In Those Same Places': Invoking
the Dead in Roman Libraries"

T. Keith Dix, University of Georgia

"The Significance of Gesture of Palmyrene Funerary Art"
Maura Heyn, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

"Funerary Ritual and the Archaeological Record: The Case of the Yasmin Cemetery in Carthage"
Naomi Norman, University of Georgia

"Resurrecting Dead Romans: The Rediscovery of Grave Goods in Louisville, Kentucky"
Linda Gigante, University of Louisville

Session 2C

Rm 325



Classics across the Curriculum

Liane Houghtalin, University of Mary Washington &
Elizabeth A. Fisher, Randolph-Macon College , organizers/presiding

“Interdisciplinary Connection with Classics: Lessons from the History of Mathematics”
Liane Houghtalin and Suzanne Sumner, University of Mary Washington

“The Beauty of Measure and the Measure of Beauty”
Elizabeth A. Fisher, Randolph-Macon College

“Quantitative Reasoning and Scientific Analysis in the Ancient Art Classroom”
Christina A. Salowey, Hollins University

“Espionage in the Ancient World as a Teaching Tool”
Rose Mary Sheldon, Virginia Military Institute

“Reacting to the Past:  An Introduction”
Carl A. Anderson, Michigan State University

“Athena Reacts:  The Gamemaster’s Experience”
Nancy Felson, University of Georgia

Session 3A

Rm 323


(no tech)

Latin Literature, Robert Sklenar presiding

“A not so clever Servus Callidus in Terence”
Ortwin Knorr, Willamette University

“Piety and Impiety in Cicero ’s De Haruspicum Responso
Jack Wells, Emory & Henry College

“Vergil’s Trojan Story:  Problems of Composition”
Julian Ward Jones, Jr., College of William and Mary

“Contesting Roman Manhood in Petronius’ Satyrica
Marsha B. McCoy, Austin College

Session 3B

Rm 123



Roman Texts, Doug Clapp presiding

“Investigating Communities of Magicians through the Curse Tablets from Roman Amathous, Cyprus
Andrew T. Wilburn, Oberlin College

“Reading Medieval Latin Manuscripts:  Living the Humanistic Ideal in the 21st Century”
Lora Holland, University of North Carolina at Asheville

“A Fifteenth Century Manuscript of Cicero’s Laelius de Amicitia, Cato Maior de Senectute, and Paradoxa Stoicorum
Dustin Heinen, University of Florida

Session 4A

Rm 323



“The 2007 National Latin Exam”

Mark Keith, Riverbend High School, organizer/presiding

“Learning from the 2006 and Preparing for the 2007 NLE with members of the NLE Committee”

  • Jane H. Hall, University of Mary Washington , NLE Co-Chair
  • Sally Davis, NLE Working Committee Member
  • Ruth Haukeland, Consultant for the NLE

Session 4B

Rm 123



Vases and Paintings, Brenda Longfellow presiding

“Thermopylae and Simonides at Oxford , Mississippi ”
Aileen Ajootian, University of Mississippi

“A Bucchero Oinochoe at the University of Mississippi ”
Emily Jones, University of Mississippi

“Putting the Pieces Together:  An Attic Pyxis in the University of Mississippi Robinson Collection”
Heather Carrillo, University of Mississippi

“Meleager, Nekyia, and the Niobid Krater:  a reinterpretation”
McKenzie Lewis, Florida State University


Reception in the Egyptian Museum at The University of Memphis


Informal Reading in the Den, Andrew Becker presiding




Friday November 3, 2006

Registration Lower Atrium

Session 5A

Rm 323


(no tech)

Greek Culture, Georgia Irby Massie presiding

“Muses in the Audience:  Prompting Singers”
J.D Noonan, University of South Florida

“Democedes and The Development of Greek Medicine”
Anthony J. Papalas, East Carolina University

“Heroic Relics in Pausanias”
David A Webb, University of Mississippi

“Knowledge, Power, and Female Narrators in Herodotus’ Histories
Carol Abernathy, University of Virginia

“We know how to control our Youth!  Discipline in the Lycurgan Ephebia”
John Friend, University of Texas at Austin

“Κλήρωσις έκ προκρίτων and Athenian Democracy”
George E. Pesely, Austin Peay State University

Session 5B

Rm 123



“The Women of HBO’s Rome , Season One,”

Monica S. Cyrino, University of New Mexico, organizer/presiding

“Servilia and Atia in the Streets of Rome:  Rewriting Women’s Politics”
Anthony Augoustakis, Baylor University

“Gowns and Gossip:  Gender and Class Struggle in HBO’s Rome
Margaret M. Toscano, University of Utah

Domina in a Blue Dress:  The Sexual Authority of Atia of the Julii”
Monica S. Cyrino, University of New Mexico

“The Gender Gap:  Religious Spaces in HBO’s Rome
J. Mira Seo, University of Michigan

“Her First Roman:  The Salad Days of HBO’s Cleopatra
Gregory N. Daugherty, Randolph Macon College

Session 5C

Rm 325



The Classical Tradition, Katherine Panagakos presiding

“Creatures That Really Count:  Ancients and Moderns on Understanding of Number in Animals”
Stephen T. Newmyer, Duquesne University

“The Classical Education of William Pickens:  NAACP Field Director”
Michele Valerie Ronnick, Wayne State University

“Hypatia in Eco’s Baudolino
Albert Watanabe, Louisiana State University

“And Feminine to Plead’: Early Feminist Reception of the Hortensia Exemplum”
Caroline Bishop, University of Pennsylvania

“Telling Their Stories:  The Realm of the Dead in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials
Mary Beth Hannah-Hansen, Bloomington High School South

 “A Rehabilitation of Pentheus:  John Bowen’s The Disorderly Women
Sophie Mills, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Session 6A

Rm 323


(no tech)


C. Wayne Tucker, presiding

“Questioning Divine Inheritance:  A Comparison of the Phaethon Episode and the Deification of Augustus in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Generosa Sangco-Jackson, University of Florida

 “The Roman Imagined Community:  Reading ‘Nation’ into Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Robert W. Morris, University of Florida

 “Echoes of War:  Ovid’s Story of Fama (Metamorphoses 12.39-63)”
Margaret Musgrove, University of Central Oklahoma

“Such Filth in the Minds of Gods?  Juno in the Metamorphoses
Julia T. Dyson, Baylor University

Session 6B

Rm 123



Greek Divinities, J. D. Noonan presiding

“Hermes and The Political Arena”
Arlene Allan, University of Otago

“Ino’s New Clothes”
Denver Graninger, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

“Mise:  The Nature of an Androgynous Orphic Divinity”
Julia L. Borek, Florida State University

“Elvis and Dionysus:   the Euripidean Dialectics of Rock ‘n’ Roll”
Brian Warren, Rhodes College

Session 6C

Rm 325



Exercising (and) Power

Marianthe Colakis, presiding

“Not The Arena, Not The Circus.  What Did An Average Roman Do For Exercise?”
Herbert W. Benario, Emory University

“Autarchy and the Rural Economy in the Early Roman Empire:  The Literary Evidence”
David Hollander, Iowa State University

“Playing the Role of the Demens Imperator:  The Public Image of Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus” 
Christopher Copley, University of South Florida

“A Lost Contorniate of Nero?”
Niall Slater, Emory University


Buses Depart for Rhodes College campus


Lunch sponsored by the Tennessee Classical Association, (tickets)

Susan Ford Wiltshire, guest speaker


The Afternoon Sessions will Take Place
on the Campus of Rhodes College

Session 7A

Buckman 214



“Poetry, Passion & Politics in the Pastoral World”

Karelisa Hartigan, University of Florida, organizer/presiding

“Do Hellenistic Engagements With Epic Poetry Have Anything in Common?”
Eleni Bozia, University of Florida

“Painting the Pastoral Picture:  Theocritus and the Ekphrastic Tradition”
Brenda Fields, University of Florida

“The Power of Pastoral Poetry in Theocritus:  What is Good For?  Pastoral Poetry as a Palliative for Eros”
Michael Ritter, University of Florida

“An Apple a Day to Make the Lover Stay:  Magical Role Reversal in Theocritus’ Idylls 5 & 6”
Soraya Jadoo, University of Florida

“Daphnis in Vergil’s Eclogues
Andrew Alwine, University of Florida

Session 7B

Blount Auditor.



The Iliad, Niall Slater presiding

“Heroism in Wolfgang Peterson’s Troy
Art L. Spisak, Missouri State University

“Sore losers in Iliad 23, Pindar and Bacchylides”
Simon Peter Burris, Baylor University

“The Mist Shed by Zeus in Iliad XVII “
Jonathan Fenno, University of Mississippi

“Minos òλοόφρων, Homeric Kingship and the wild boar simile”
Valerio Caldesi-Valeri, University of Texas at Austin

“A Comforting Massacre:  Onesimos and the Ilioupersis”
Debra A. Trusty, Florida State University

Session 7C

Buckman 110



“AP Latin Test Development Committee Report
on the AP Latin Examinations”

John Sarkissian, Youngstown State University, organizer/presiding

Multiple-Choice Section
Linda Gillison, University of Montana
John Sarkissian, Youngstown State University

Literal Translation
Mary Pendergraft, Wake Forest University
John Sarkissian, Youngstown State University

The English-based Vergil Essay
Dawn LaFon, White Station High School

The New Cicero Syllabus
Robert Cape , Austin College

Session 7D

Buckman 108


(no tech)

Roman History, Herbert W. Benario presiding

“Silencing the Historian:  Tracing the Decline of Libertas under Tiberius in Tacitus’ Annales
Robert William Brewer, University of Florida

“Propaganda in De bello Gallico
David B. Howorth, University of Mississippi

“Sertorius and the Isles of the Blessed”
Joseph McAlhany, University of New Mexico

“Livy’s Papirius Cursor and the manipulation of the Ennian past”
Jackie Elliott, University of Colorado at Boulder

�?Changing the Roman Ethos toward POWs�?
Gaius Stern, University of California-Berkeley


Reception sponsored by Rhodes College

Crain Lobby of the McCallum Ballroom
in the Bryan Campus Life Center


Buses return to Hotel


Banquet (tickets)

Jane Phillips, Presidential Address



Saturday November 4, 2006

Registration Lower Atrium

Rm 123


Business Meeting

Session 8A

Rm 323


(no tech)

Euripides, Robert Ulery presiding

“Homer’s ‘Divine Song’ in the Medea of Euripides”
Hunter H. Gardner, College of Charleston

“Euripides’ Use of ‘okhlos on the Iphigeneia in Aulis
Brian Vincent Lush, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Becoming An Ex:  The Case of Euripides’ Hippolytus
John Thorburn, Baylor University

“Teiresias in Euripides’ Bacchae:  A Prophet of Balance”
Lindsay Rogers, University of Florida

Session 8B

Rm 123



“Sunoikisis:  Expanding Teaching Resources with Technology”

Rebecca Frost Davis, National Institute
for Technology and Liberal Education,


“Building a Virtual Community”
Hal Haskell, Southwestern University

“Training the Community”
Anne Leen, Furman University

“Teaching in the Community”
Holly Sypniewski, Millsaps College

“Lessons Learned and Applications”
Kenny Morrell, Rhodes College

Session 8C

Rm 325


(no tech)

Latin Pedagogy, Carole Newlands presiding

“Classical Projects in Latin Classes”
Helena Jeny, Salem High School

“The Fine Art of Word Parts:  Teaching Prefixes, Suffixes, and Final Noun Forms in Scientific/Medical Terminology Courses”
David L. Sigsbee, University of Memphis

“Testing, testing…How will the SAT Subject Test in Latin Benefit My Students”
Jane Crawford, University of Virginia, & Mary Pendergraft, Wake Forest University

“Multigenre Writing in the Classics Classroom”
Charles Lloyd, Marshall University

“Sharing Stories:  Integrating Service Learning Into A Classical Studies Curriculum”
Gretchen E. Meyers, Rollins College

Session 9A

Rm 323


(no tech)

Ovid on Love, Julia T. Dyson presiding

“The Role of Amor in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Cole Farmer, Samford University

“The Evolution of Love in Ovid’s Works”
Sheri J. Thomas, Samford University

Carissimi Coniuges:  Marital Love in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Meredith Prince , Washington University in St. Louis

“Between Cupid and Amor:  Ovid’s Personification of Love”
Arum Park , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Session 9B

Rm 123



“No Sandals, No Togas:  Classical Myth in Modern Dress”

Ward Briggs, University of South Carolina, organizer/presiding

“A Phaedra for Our Time”
Ward Briggs, University of South Carolina

“Love and Death in Cocteau’s Orphee
Martin Winkler, George Mason University

“Oedipus in Provence: Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring
Robert J. Rabel, University of Kentucky

“Towards a Schematization of Classical Allusions, e.g., Homer’s Odyssey
Jon Solomon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Session 9C

Rm 325



“No Blues in the Latin Classroom”

Patrick McFadden, St. Mary’s Episcopal School, organizer/presiding

Possum scribere haec in lingua Latina!”
Dawn LaFon. White Station High School

“Sports and the Aeneid:  Practical Strategies for Review with an All Boys Class”
Trey Suddarth, Memphis University School

“Preparing Poetry for Advanced Placement without Translations?  Interactive Text-marking as an Alternative Daily Preparation.”
Patrick McFadden, St. Mary’s Episcopal School


Buses leaves for Oxford , Miss (tickets) Return 6 PM


Lunch sponsored by the Women’s Classical Caucus and the Lambda Classical Caucus(tickets)


Session 10A

Rm 323


(no tech)

“The Next Generation:

 A Panel Sponsored by Eta Sigma Phi,
the National Classics Honors Society”

D. Jasmine Merced -Ownbey, presiding

“Sing us a Song Mr. Piano Man:  The Symposium and Musical Developments in Ancient Greece”
McKenzie Mullally Clark, Beta Iota at Wake Forest University

“Genre, Intertextuality, and Odes 1.14”
Joel Street , Theta Eta at DePauw University

“P³: Parmenides, Plato, and Parallel Universes”
Nynshari Baenre, Alpha Omega at Louisiana State University

“Tiresias’ Ultimatum to Creon in Sophocles’ Antigone
Mackenzie (Mack) Zalin, Beta Psi at Rhodes College

“College Year in Lanuvium”
Andrew Willey, Beta Psi of Rhodes College

“War Elephants in the Ancient World”
Richard Harrod, Gamma Omicron at Monmouth College

Session 10B

Rm 123



Greek and Roman Poetry, Sophie Mills presiding

The Eroticism of Parthenius’ Erotika Pathemata
Christopher Francese, Dickinson College

“Erotic poetics and vice versa in Catullus 50 and Propertius 1.10”
Molly Pasco-Pranger, University of Mississippi

“Poetic Freedom and Slavery in Horace’s Epistles 1”
Stephanie McCarter, University of Virginia

Mutat Via Longa Puellas:  Callimachean Images Altered in Propertius”
Alexander Alderman, Baylor University

“Occasions of mourning:  Statius ‘Silvae’ 2.1 and 2.7”
Carole Newlands, University of Wisconsin , Madison

Session 10C

Rm 325



More Roman Culture, Christopher Craig presiding

“Quintilian the Child Development Expert”
Marianthe Colakis, The Covenant School

Caeruleus in the Latin Color System”
David Wharton, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“A New Resource for Studying Roman Women in Latin”
Ann R. Raia, The College of New Rochelle

“The City as Text:  Exploring Roman Culture in VRoma
Barbara F. McManus, The College of New Rochelle

Session 11A

Rm 323


(no tech)

Vergil, Mary L. B. Pendergraft presiding

“Feeling gravity’s pull:  the end of bucolic in Vergil Ecl. 10, 70-77”
Joseph M. Romero, University of Mary Washington

Lacus Terribilis:  Hesiodic Echoes in Aeneid 8”
Timothy Heckenlively, Baylor University

“Vergil’s Furies and the Ending of the Aeneid
Benjamin Carroll, Emory University

“Vergil’s Erigone and Astronomical Allusion”
John Henkel, University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill

“Virgil’s Identification with Orpheus (Georgica 4.453-529)”
Robert Ulery, Wake Forest University

Session 11B

Rm 123



“Innovative Uses of Information Technology
for Teaching and Research in Classics”

Kenneth Scott Morrell, Rhodes College, organizer/presiding

“Emerging Technology and Pedagogy”
Bryan Alexander, Middlebury College

“The Examined Life”
Ann Koloski-Ostrow, Brandeis University
Judith Malone-Neville, Newton Public Schools

“An Open Source Paradigm for Classics:  The Canonical Text Services”
Christopher Blackwell

“CGMA: GIS in Mediterranean Archaeology”
Pedar Foss, DePauw University ;  Rebecca Schindler, DePauw University
Michael Galaty, Millsaps College

Session 11C

Rm 325



“Sacra recognosces annalibus eruta priscis:
Roman Religion and Latin Literature”

Lora L. Holland, University of North Carolina at Asheville, organizer/presiding

“Purification of Caesar at the Scythia Altar ( Lucan BC 7.763-94)”
Carin Green, University of Iowa

“Apollo Medicus in the Augustan Age”
John F. Miller, University of Virginia

“Channels of Communication:  Bloody Water in Roman Religion”
Christopher McDonough, University of the South

“Sacrificing on Time: The Early Years of the Roman Religious Calendar”
Elizabeth Colantoni, Oberlin College


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