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alt text Old Wines in New Skins.pdfCPL Panel: Rethinking the approach toward Greek and Latin paradigm Memorization
alt textA. M. Baertschi_Politics and Violence in Jorge Alí Triana's Edipo Alcalde.pptx"Politics and Violence in Jorge Alí Triana’s Edipo Alcalde"
alt textAdkins_PetroniusApuleiusPanel_CAMWS2015.pdfGender Transgression and the Politics of Representation in Apuleius' Metamorphoses
alt textAlexander Karsten Sulpicia Handout.pdfEmbracing Ambiguity of Authorship in the Sulpicia Poems
alt textBarrios_Lech_Menander.docBarrios_Lech_Menander.doc
alt textBeck Suspenseful Iteration CAMWS 2015.pdfSuspenseful Iteration in Homeric Epic
alt textBecker (Session VI A) Beyond Scansion in Horatian Lyric Versification.pdfBeyond Scansion in Horatian Lyric Versification
alt textBeckman and Shedd Fraternal Friction Handout.pdfFraternal Friction on the Patriarch’s Patera: the ekphrasis in Statius’s Thebaid I.539-551
alt textBehrens Sortes Vergilianae Handout.docxRedivining the Sortes Vergilianae
alt textBelinskaya Patriae Trepidantis Imago.pdfPatriae Trepidantis Imago: Roma in Lucan's Bellum Civile
alt textBerlin_Cloud Atlas_Handout.pdfHomeric and Platonic Forces in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas
alt textBernsteinComparativeRates.pptxComparative rates of text reuse in classical Latin hexameter poetry
alt textBesmeared Horace Satire.docxBesmeared:Horace's Development of New Satire Through Blindness
alt textBill Beck, CAMWS 2015 Handout v.pdfBill Beck, CAMWS 2015 Handout v.pdf
alt textBill Beck, CAMWS 2015 Handout.pdfBefore the Beginning: No Story of Troy Before 'The' Story of Troy
alt textBungard - Comedy Violence Undergraduates - Handout .pdfBungard - Comedy Violence Undergraduates - Handout .pdf
alt textBuszard_GreekTranslationsFabiusPictorHandout.pdfThe Greek Translations of Latin Vocabulary in Fabius Pictor
alt textCAMWS2015handoutedits.docxMcCune handout
alt textCAMWShandout.pdfRome’s Imperial Fate Sealed: Tacitus’ Phoenix and Germanicus
alt textCarawan Praxagora&CourtReform.pdfPraxagora's Court Reform and the Kleroteria
alt textCarusi_Another glue of the democracy_Handout.pdfAnother “glue of the democracy”? Public Building Contracts and Labor Market in Classical Athens
alt textCHALDEKAS_Idyll_1_Failed_Visions.pdf"Failed Visions: The Goatherd's Cup and Daphnis in Theocritus' Idyll 1"
alt textChristman-Aphrodite.docxJoyless Mirth: The Timai of Laughter-Loving Aphrodite
alt textChrolPasiphaeCAMWS2015.docxIs Bestiality Worse than Genderbending? Pasiphae and the problem of chasing tail like a man in Ars Amatoria 1
alt textCleon's Zombie_Handout.pdfCleon’s Zombie in the First Parabasis of the Clouds (591-4)
alt textCollege Greek Exam 2014 Watanabe.pdfCollege Greek Exam 2014-15
alt textcomic.twins.2015.docxComic Twins in Plautus, Shakespeare, and the Marx Brothers: Surrealism and Breaking the Conventions of Social Discourse
alt textCompton-Engle_Stage_Nudity_handout.docxMale Stage-Nudity in Aristophanes
alt textConsolation Lucilius and Juvenal.pdfThe Consolation of Not-Philosophy in Lucilius and Juvenal
alt textCosmology and Structure in Aeneid.pdfCosmology and Structure in Vergil's Aeneid
alt textCraig Hyperbole and Persuasion.pdfHyperbole and Persuasion in Cicero's Pro Marcello
alt textCrofton-Sleigh Ovid Metamorphoses.docxThe Palatine of the Milky Way: Architecture and Rome in Ovid’s Metamorphoses 1.168-180
alt textD. Salvo. Immigration Policies handout.pdfImmigration Policies in the Age of Theodosius
alt textDee Handout.pdfThe Motivations of Valens' Army in Tacitus' Histories
alt textDeLozier_Medea_and_the_Barista_Handout.docMedea and the Barista: Exploring the effect of a chorus member's age.
alt textDobbs (VI C) handout for CAMWS 2015.docxI've Got a Feeling We're Not in Troy Anymore: New Evidence for Homer's Western Localization of Kirke in the Odyssey
alt textDraper Stoic Paradox.pdfDraper Stoic Paradox.pdf
alt textDropping the Scepter Handout.docxDropping the Scepter: The Portrayal of Xerxes as Agamemnon in Aeschylus' Persians
alt textdulcenefas_handout.pdfDulce nefas: Venus Armed in Statius' Thebaid
alt textEisenfeld Geryon the Hero.pdfGeryon the Hero, Herakles the God
alt textElomaa - Comparison of Art in the CP.pdfThe Comparison of Art in the Carmina Priapea
alt textfile name.docxThe Virtues of Achilles
alt textForte CAMWS Archilochus 5W Handout Final.pdf“Let it go.”: Archil. Fr. 5 West and Homeric Interpretation
alt textFranzenCAMWS2015.pdfLook No Further Than Yourself: Seneca's Oedipus, Deoculation, and the Futility of Introspection
alt textGenerosa Sangco-Jackson Agon Round NJCL 2014.pdfGrowing Greek Panel: The Growth of Greek: The National Greek Exam and Junior Classical League
alt textGenerosa Sangco-Jackson FJCL Greek Test 2014.pdfThe Growth of Greek: The National Greek Exam and Junior Classical League
alt textGenerosa Sangco-Jackson Greek Language Exams Info.pdfThe Growth of Greek: The National Greek Exam and Junior Classical League
alt textGenerosa Sangco-Jackson NGE information 2015.pdfThe Growth of Greek: The National Greek Exam and Junior Classical League
alt textGordon, Greek Online.pdfWebsites and Online Exercises for Elementary Greek
alt textHabib_R_CAMWS 2015 Handout.pdfSeeking Help from the Gods and Men: Chronological Changes in the Language of Apotropaia
alt textHalasz, The Silence of the Shuttle.pdfThe Silence of the Shuttle: The Voiceless Procne and the Absent Philomela in Aristophanes' Birds
alt textHandout- Reaching out and Pushing Away.docxReaching out and Pushing Away: Caesar and Cato as Antisocial and Prosocial Figures in Lucan’s Pharsalia
alt textHandout.docxThe Characterization of Thrasea Paetus in the Tacitean Narrative
alt textHandouts for Dr.pdf“The Cup of Doom: Theocritus and the Heidelberg Exiles”
alt textHartnett Flavius Agricola handout.docxFlavius Agricola: An Interdisciplinary Model for Senior Capstone Courses
alt textHicks When the Governor is a Subject.pdfWhen the Governor is a Subject: The Rhetoric of Misrule in Philo’s In Flaccum and De legatione ad Gaium
alt textHorace_Odes_Foreign_Geography.pdfHorace the Warhawk? : Military ambition and echoes of the Civil War in Odes 1
alt textHuangSupernaturalPhenomenainTacitus.pdfSilence of the Gods: Supernatural Phenomena in Tacitus' Annales
alt textIliad Panel McPhee Losing Battles Handout.docxLosing Battles, Winning Glory: Casualty Data and the Tides of War in the Iliad
alt textJones-Lewis - Environmental Determinism and Imperialism in the Germania.docxEnvironmental Determinism and the Rationalization of Imperialism in Tacitus’ Germania
alt textKlause Silvae Otium.pdf“Dum vagor aspectu:” Vision, Otium, and the Patron in Statius’ Silvae
alt textKrasne - Veluti_cum_Coeus.pdfVeluti cum Coeus: Civil war's release in Valerius' Argonautica (Krasne)
alt textLindgren Universal Pedagogy Course Resources.pdfA Universal Pedagogy Course
alt textLindgren Universal Pedagogy Course Syllabus 2015.pdfA Universal Pedagogy Course
alt textLordIonHandout2015.pdf"Beauty and Truth in Euripides' Ion"
alt textMajor - Using Present Tense Makers CAMWS 2015.pptxUsing Present Tense Markers to Make Beginning Greek Easier
alt textMarquis_POGIL_Handout_CAMWS2015.docxPOGIL in the Language Classroom
alt textMass, Elite and the Contest of Poetic Voices in the Iliad - Handout 150323.docxTen Mouths and Ten Tongues: Mass, Elite and the Contest of Poetic Voices in the Iliad
alt textMattison-Philoctetes.pdfUnnatural Longing: Nostalgia in Sophocles’ Philoctetes
alt textMcGraw: A Late-Republican Recipe for Divinity (Handout).pdfA Late-Republican Recipe for Divinity: Making a God at Rome
alt textMcVeyHandoutCAMWS15.pdf"Fortuna Ficta Iuvat: Fabricated Narrative in the Letters of Pliny."
alt textMemory Panel.pptxFollow the Latin Brick Road
alt textMilco.pptxPity, Pietas, and Roman Forensic Oratory in the Passion of Sts. Perpetua and Felicity
alt textmiller Pindar panel.pdfWhat's Past is Pro(cata)logue: Pindar and History in Nemean 2
alt textMiller.CAMWS2015.Handout.pdf'dicebant, ego negabam:' The Nature of amicitia and apologia in Cicero's Fam. 3.8
alt textMoench - Kids These Days Achilleid Handout.pdfKids These Days: Pudor, Adulescentia, and Comedy in Book 1 of Statius’s Achilleid
alt textMoodie_Metatheater_in_Menander.pdfMaking Sense of Metatheater in Menander
alt textMori Vision of the Cyclops CAMWS 2015.pdfThe Vision of the Cyclops in Theocritus’ Idylls 6 and 11
alt textMuse of the Pipes.pdfMuse of the Pipes: the Aqua Marcia and Aqua Virgo as Roman Poetic Tradition.
alt textMusgrove CAMWS 2015 handout.docxA Collaborative Project on Aristotle's Constitution of Athens
alt textNon Homo..pdfNon homo. Identity and Personhood in the Cena Trimalchionis
alt textOliver - Conflation of Church and State - Presentation Handout.pdfOliver - Conflation of Church and State - Religion and Hybris in Solon's Eunomia
alt textParson Dirae Handout.docxPoetic Potency and Loss in the Dirae
alt textPendergraft (rev)--Links-for-Tenure-Policy.docxThe Path to Tenure, in the panel Navigating a Career in Classics
alt textPendergraft--Links-for-Tenure-Policy.docxThe Path to Tenure, in the panel Navigating a Career in Classics
alt textRapper's Delight the Modernization of Plautus Handout.docRapper's Delight: The Modernization of Plautus
alt textRayor Sappho handout.pdfThe Newest Sappho's Two Minds
alt textReading Herodotus and Solon in tandem_zalin_handout.pdfReading Herodotus and Solon in tandem: an argument from numeracy
alt textroy.handout.camws.2015.pdfWise Men Rush In? The Caution of Croesus in Herodotus' Histories
alt textSANDERS, Socrates' "religious innovations" handout.pdf
alt textSansom CAMWS 2015 Handout.pdfThe Sound Shape of Greek Lyric: Sound and Semantics in Alcaeus fr. 129
alt textScarborough Abundant Elysian Stream handout.pdfThe Abundant Elysian Stream: Callimachean Poetics in the Pastoral Landscape of Aeneid 6
alt textSchenkerIA&Mx.docxAthenian Patriotism in Two Acts: Iphigenia at Aulis and Menexenus
alt textSelf-Domitian.pdfAt Dinner with Domitian
alt textSellers - Caesar Handout.pdfAids in Teaching Caesar: Yesterday and Today
alt textSexton--Friends by Force Handout.docxFriends by Force: Horace, the Epistolary Genre, and Patron-Client Relationships in Epistle 1.7
alt textShapiro 7 Sages Handout.docxSophrosyne or Aphrosyne? The Seven Sages as Herodotean Advisors
alt textSimons CAMWS Handout.pdfConsoling Tiber: Rivers and Exemplarity in the Consolatio ad Liviam
alt textSnider, R. Allen - CAMWS Hesiod handout.pdfἀλλὰ τίη μοι ταῦτα περὶ δρῦν ἤ περὶ πέτρην, indeed?: the elemental networks of the Theogony
alt textStark_Livia and Vesta.pdfLivia and Vesta: The Overemphasized Relationship between Empress and Goddess
alt textStructure Tristia 3 4a.docxOvid’s Tristia 3.4a/3.4b: A Diptych?
alt textStructure Tristia 3.4b.docxOvid’s Tristia 3.4a/3.4b: A Diptych?
alt textStructure Tristia Book 3.docxOvid’s Tristia 3.4a/3.4b: A Diptych?
alt textStrunk - Cato under the Principate: Stoic Saint or Radical Republican?.docxCato under the Principate: Stoic Saint or Radical Republican?
alt textSvarlien Hor. Sat.1.2.pdfSex, Poetry,and Philodemus in Horace, Satires 1.2
alt textTandy CAMWS Handout.docxThe “Hymn to Mentula” and the Interpretation of Maximianus’ Opus
alt textTeaching with Cinematic & Televisual Texts.pdfTeaching with Cinematic & Televisual Texts
alt textten Berge - Tacitus, Annals.pdfPublic Spectacle and Memory in the Annals of Tacitus
alt textTheo Angelopoulos’ The Travelling Players and the Transformation of Aeschylus’ Oresteia.pdfTheo Angelopoulos' The Traveling Players and the Transformation of Aeschylus' Oresteia
alt textThomasExilicLivia.pdfFemina Princeps: In Defence of Ovid's Exilic Livia
alt textThucydides 1.pdfWhy Did Thucydides Justify the Use of Speeches?
alt textThucydides Speech Act Failure Nicias B Mumper.docxSpeech Acts and Communicative Failure in Thucydides
alt textTimoleon's Anti-Tyranny Handout.docxTimoleon's Adaption of Democratic Anti-Tyranny Language in Sicily
alt textTipton Handouts.pdf“The Cup of Doom: Theocritus and the Heidelberg Exiles”
alt texttort.alcaeus.wisdom.exile.handout.pdfExile and the Wisdom of Alcaeus
alt textTragic Language and Successful Spectatorship in Seneca’s Tragedies.pdfTragic Language and Successful Spectatorship in Seneca’s Tragedies.
alt textTrans. 3.4b.docxOvid’s Tristia 3.4a/3.4b: A Diptych?
alt textTrusty: Starting and Managing a Dissertation Support Group.pdfStarting and Managing a Dissertation Support Group
alt textUsing Present Tense Markers paper.pdfUsing Present Tense Markers to Make Beginning Greek Easier (paper)
alt textVasta - Anti-Exemplarity Handout.docxThe Anti-Exemplarity of Sallust’s Metellus Numidicus
alt textVerbal echoes between sections in 3 4b.docxOvid’s Tristia 3.4a/3.4b: A Diptych?
alt textWatanabe - College Greek Exam 2014.pdfThe 2014 College Greek Exam
alt textWeimer, Alpheus of Mytilene Handout.pdfAlpheus of Mytilene and Some Greek Responses to Rome
alt textWesterhold Velian Medea.pdfThe Velian Medea
alt textWesterhold_The Velian Medea.pdfThe Velian Medea
alt textWitzke - Near Miss Incest.pdf"I Went in a Lover and Came Out a Brother?" Near-Miss Incest in Plautus' Comedies
alt textWood - Latin Punctuation - Pedagogy.pdfWood - Latin Punctuation - Pedagogy.pdf
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