CAMWS Publications

The Classical Journal (ISSN 0009-8353) is published by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS), the largest regional classics association in the United States and Canada, and is now over a century old. All members of CAMWS receive the journal as a benefit of membership; non-member and library subscriptions are also available. CJ appears four times a year (October-November, December-January, February-March, April-May); each issue consists of about 100 pages.

NOTA BENE: CAMWS members who have ELECTRONIC subscriptions will now need to use this link to access the current year issue of The Classical Journal.  
INSTRUCTIONS:  Once you reach the page in JSTOR, click on "Log in" in the upper right corner.  You will be asked for a login and password.  The JSTOR login and password will be sent from the CAMWS Office to those with electronic subscriptions.

The CAMWS Newsletter is published three time per year, in the fall, winter, and spring. The most recent issue is available to current members only. An archive of back issues is available here.

CAMWS Podcasts. CAMWS publishes podcasts about its members here.

Teaching Classical Languages (TCL) is a  peer-reviewed, online journal dedicated to exploring how we teach (and how we learn) Greek and Latin. 

CPL On-Line the predecessor of TCL, was published from 2004-2008 and articles published by this journal are available here

Vol. 3 (2008) of CJ Forum On-Line is available here.