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Listen here to the inaugural CAMWSCorps Podcast, in which graduate student Krishni Burns interviews Consularis James Ruebel of Ball State University 

In these podcasts we will be sharing with you selected interviews from the archives of the CAMWSCorps. CAMWSCorps was the brainchild of CAMWS Secretary-Treasurer Tom Sienkewicz, who modeled the oral history project after National Public Radio‚Äôs StoryCorps. Beginning in 2012, senior members of the Association responded to a generally consistent series of questions posed by graduate or undergraduate students in interviews conducted at the annual CAMWS meetings and at the biennial meetings of CAMWS-Southern Section. In each episode, a graduate interviewer asks a senior member to reflect on the history of CAMWS, their participation in the organization, and their favorite memories of past annual meetings.



Featured CAMWS Member

CAMWS recognizes Sarah Hilker of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a recipient of a 2017 Herbert and Janice Benario  Travel Award to attend the British School at Athens: Postgraduate Course in Linear B & Mycenean Greek.. Her report can be read here

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