Committee for the Promotion of Latin and Greek (CPLG)

The Committee’s purpose is to encourage and support all activities that promote the study of Classics, and of Latin and Greek in particular, in- and outside of the schools. Its principal role is to increase awareness, at each educational level, of our Classics community by offering (1) funding opportunities for promotional activities in the schools, (2) help for Latin/Greek/Classics programs in crisis, and (3) an ongoing conversation (e.g., via CPLG panels and workshops at the annual meeting) about how the study of Latin can be promoted best in the field of education.

The chair of the Committee for the Promotion of Latin and Greek, can be reached at
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Much of the material on these pages comes from earlier versions of the CPL website created by previous CPL Chairs Tom Sienkewicz and Ginny Lindzey. Tom Sienkewicz continues to maintain this useful site; Sherwin Little is the webmaster of