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alt text Epic Elegiacs Handout.pdfLawrence Kowerski - Epic Elegiacs: Reading Theognidea 11-14
alt text%22Experiencing Death%22 Raby Handout.docxNina Raby, "Experiencing Death in Petronius' Satyricon:Trimalchio and Failed Ritual"
alt text'Close the Doors'_Vazquez_Handout.pdfAdriana Vazquez, "'Close the Doors of your Ears': Tracing a Bacchic/Orphic Formula in Augustan Poetry"
alt text4_17Flyer.docAnn R. Raia (The College of New Rochelle) and Maria S. Marsilio (Saint Joseph’s University)
Students Teaching Students: Implementing Goals for Undergraduate Research, Active Learning, and Collaboration.
alt textAger Publicus Kreiger CAMWS 2017 Handout.docxChristian Kreiger, "Ager Publicus: A Re-Examination of Imperium and Provincia in the Second Century BCE"
alt textAlienation in Terence.pdfRuth R. Caston, "Alienation in Terence: When you feel you don't belong"
alt textAMC.pdfGregory N. Daugherty (Randolph-Macon College)
All My Children: The Offspring of Cleopatra in Recent Fiction
alt textAnthony Thomas Handout.docxAnthony Thomas Sewing Fig Leaves: Stoic Allegory as a Locus of Power in Ambrosian Exegesis
alt textAugustine's Confessions, regio egestatis - Maggiore Handout.docxHolly Maggiore - The Role of regio egestatis in Augustine's Confessions
alt textBackward Mapping Standards.pdfPeter Anderson, Backward Mapping with the New Standards
alt textbay-handout.pdfStephen Bay, Tragic Inversion in the Charite Complex of Apuleius' Metamorphoses
alt textBeer Digital Transcription Prosser CAMWS Presentation 2017.pptxJames Prosser Beer: Digital Transcription of a Medieval Manuscript
alt textBurns CAMWS HO 2017.pdfKrishni Burns, "Pathways to Power: Wealth vs. Influence in Republican Women’s Social Networks"
alt textCaesis nulla iam publica arma CAMWS 2017 Handout.pdfJuan Dopico - "Caesis nulla iam publica arma: Tacitus’ Cassius and Brutus"
alt textCallimachus Combatti Handout.docxMaria Combatti, "Callimachean Hydrokinetics: Water as a Compositional Device in Callimachus’ Hymns."
alt textCamws 2017 Callimachean Ars Enthusiastic Poetry Sarais.pdfMaria Silvia Sarais Callimachean ars for enthusiastic poetry in Seneca’s Oedipus?
alt textCAMWS 2017 Handout.docxLost in Translation: What are στελμονίαι? Tessa Little
alt textCAMWS113HandoutPolleichtner.pdfWolfgang Polleichtner
What Did a Statesman Look Like: Memorial Statues and Vergil's Simile (Aen. 1.148-156)
alt textCAMWS2017.Clapp.Cicero.ProMurena.pdfDoug Clapp, "The View from the Top: The 'Poor' in Cicero's Pro Murena"
alt textCasting the Die CAMWS Handout.pdfSamuel L. Kindick (University of Colorado, Boulder), "Casting the Die: Programmatic Themes in Bellum Civile 1.183-219"
alt textChoricius' Audience_Handout.pdfCaitlin A. Marley, "Analyzing the Audience in the Dialexeis of Choricius"
alt textColumellaNicander_Handout_White.pdfDavid J. White - "Columella Res Rustica 10 and Nicander's Georgica."
alt textCompanion_ Commentary.pdfAnn R. Raia (The College of New Rochelle) and Maria S. Marsilio (Saint Joseph’s University)
Students Teaching Students: Implementing Goals for Undergraduate Research, Active Learning, and Collaboration.
alt textCracking the Fourth Wall: Deceit and Illusion in Euripides’ Medea and Seneca’s Medea - Handout, Pantazopoulou .pdfAnastasia Pantazopoulou, "Cracking the Fourth Wall: Deceit and Illusion in Euripides’ Medea and Seneca’s Medea"
alt textCraig - Cicero's Sincerity.pdfChristopher Craig, "Cicero's Sincerity: A Roman Audience Perspective"
alt textD.pdfDavide Salvo. War and Peace in Themistius' Oration 10
alt textdeaconCAMWS17handout.pdfElizabeth Deacon, "The Victory of the Introduction: Plot Structures in Long-Form Narrative"
alt textDelbar-Eurydice Unamuno Mist.pdfDavid Delbar- "Emerging from the Mist: Eugenia as Eurydice in Unamuno’s Niebla"
alt textDettmer page 1 translation of Tristia 4.4a.docxHelena Dettmer Iphigenia among the Taurians: Tristia 4.4b
alt textDettmer page 4 Tristia 4.4a ring-composition structure.docxHelena Dettmer Iphigenia among the Taurians
alt textDettmer page 5 translation of Tristia 4.4b.docxHelena Dettmer Iphigenia among the Taurians
alt textDettmer page 6 ring-composition structure of Tristia 4.4b.docxHelena Dettmer Iphigenia among the Taurians
alt textDettmer page 7 text and translation of Tristia 4.5.docxHelena Dettmer Iphigenia among the Taurians
alt textDettmer pages 2 & 3 consecutive ring structuring of Tristia 4.4a.docHelena Dettmer Iphigenia among the Taurians
alt textDidactic Literature IV - Prolegomena ad Columellam.docxAlberto A. Requejo - Prolegomena ad Columellam
alt textDuncan_Atreus_Thyestes_handout.docxDuncan_Atreus_Thyestes_handout.docx
alt textEhrhardt Alcaeus handout CAMWS 2017.pdfKristen Ehrhardt, "It’s Complicated: Marriage and Kinship in Alcaeus"
alt textEKS - CAMWS 2017.pdfEric K. Spunde, "Epistolary Appropriations, Tusculan Probabilities, and Philosophical Progress: Seneca, Cicero, Posidonius, and the Defense of Eclecticism and Psychological Dualism"
alt textEktos sumphorāshandout.docxSophie Mills, Ektos sumphoras: Tragic AThens
alt textFamilies of Ptolemy I - PPT.pdfSheila Ager - Building a Dynasty: the Families of Ptolemy I Soter
alt textFamilies of Ptolemy I - Sheila Ager.pdfSheila Ager - Building a Dynasty: the Families of Ptolemy I Soter
alt textFarringtononMimesis.pdfScott Farrington, "Painting, Mimesis and Nothing to Do with Dionysus"
alt textFoster Manufacturing Descent Handout.pdfJ. Andrew Foster Manufacturing Descent
alt textFun Fosters the Future 2017 CPL panel.pptxAmy Leonard, "Fun Fosters the Future: Students as Advocates"
alt textGender and Reception in Theocritus.pdfJessica Wise, "Gender and Reception in Theocritus"
alt textGlazebrook handout.pdfAllison Glazebrook, "Battling Desire in Lysias 3 Against Simon"
alt textGroves_Next to Normal_Handout.docxRobert Groves, "Next to Normal: An Interior Oresteia"
alt textGroves_Next to Normal_Powerpoint.pptxRobert Groves, "Next to Normal: An Interior Oresteia"
alt textHaberstroh - Heracleides and Proxenus Handout.docxJohn Haberstroh - Heracleides of Maroneia and Proxenus of Thebes: Characterization, Structure, and Closure in Xenophon's Anabasis
alt textHansen -- Speak Your Mind handout.pdfHansen, Jason J. -- Speak Your Mind
alt textHarrington-CAMWS-treebanking-info.pdfJ. Matthew Harrington,"Text Completions: Collaborating toward Mastery and Treebanked Commentaries of Complete Texts."
alt textHarris-A New Clementia.pdfMolly Harris, "A New Clementia in Cicero's Pro Marcello"
alt textHerodotean Reception in the Argonautica.pdfStephen Ogumah, "Herodotean Reception in the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius
alt textInter-Species Adultery and Hybridity in Euripides’ Cretans_Handout.pdfTeresa Yates Scott, "Inter-Species Adultery and Hybridity in Euripides’ Cretans"
alt textJeppesen - Performing Plautus' Rudens in the Roman Forum.pdfSeth Jeppesen - "Performing Plautus' Rudens in the Roman Forum"
alt textKearns, Amber-Securing the Ptolemaic Dynasty(Handout).docxKearns, Amber- Securing the Ptolemaic Dynasty
alt textKearns, Amber-Securing the Ptolemaic DynastyPWPT.pptxKearns, Amber- Securing the Ptolemaic Dynasty
alt textKelley - Hands Handout CAMWS.pdfMatthew W. Kelley - "The Arrogant-making Hand: Manus and Dextra in Hercules Furens"
alt textKMCaliva_Here I Lie on the Narrow Beach_Handout.pdfKathryn M Caliva, "Here I Lie on the Narrow Beach: Listening to Subaltern Voices in the Epitaphs of Anyte"
alt textKristin Lord Euripides IT Handout 2017.pdfKristin Lord, The Environment of Exile in Euripides’ Iphigenia in Tauris
alt textLake, CAMWS 2017.pptxKeely Lake ~ Testing as a Part of Genuine Assessment in a High School Language Class.
alt textLape-Oedipus Creature of a Day.docxEmma C. Lape, “Oedipus, Creature of a Day: Personal Identities in Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannos”
alt textLAT305_LyricPoetry_2016.docAnn R. Raia (The College of New Rochelle) and Maria S. Marsilio (Saint Joseph’s University)
Students Teaching Students: Implementing Goals for Undergraduate Research, Active Learning, and Collaboration.
alt textLeon Handout.pdfLeon - Performing Masculinity
alt textLepistoWritingtoRealization.pdfScott Lepisto, "Writing to Realization: Seneca's 30th Epistle"
alt textLibatique - CAMWS 2017 - Speech Silence and Artistic Expression in the Pervigilium Veneris.pdfDaniel Libatique - Speech, Silence, and Artistic Expression in the Pervigilium Veneris
alt textLike Father, Like Daughter-in-Law --- Mitch Pentzer, Handout.docxMitchell Pentzer
"Like Father, Like Daughter(-in-Law)
alt textLivy on POWs in the Early Days of.pptxGaius Stern, "Livy on POWs in the Early Days of the Republic"
alt textLuMappingFriendship.pdfXiming Lu, "Mapping Friendship: Horace Sermones 1.5"
alt textLund_Sulpicius Apollinaris.pdfAndrew R. Lund, "That Guy-us: Gaius Sulpicius Apollinaris as a Reader of Terence"
alt textMacCormack - Picking Words with Care.pdfColin MacCormack, "Picking Words with Care: Hypercorrection in the Language of Trimalchio"
alt textMacedonian merides images.docxPaul Burton, The Macedonian Merides, Andriscus, and the Fourth Macedonian War
alt textMacurdy Panel - Judith Hallett.pdfJudith Hallett - Assessing and Continuing the Contributions of Grace Harriet Macurdy
alt textMajor-PseudoSkylaxPeriplousReader.pptxWilfred E. Major "Sailing through Practice in Elementary Greek: How to Use Pseudo-Skylax’s Periplous"
alt textMANAKIDOUHANDOUT.pdfFlora Manakidou, Aetiology and Descriptions of Works of Art in Callimachus : the ethics and politics of Callimachean ecphrasis
alt textMarissa Sarver CAMWS.docxMarissa Sarver, The Res Gestae: Christianity through the Eyes of a Passive Aggressive Pagan
alt textMartinez_Jocasta's Suicide.docxMichelle M. Martinez, ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave’: Jocasta’s Suicide in Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus
alt textMattison - Neoptolemus.docxKathryn Mattison, Neoptolemus: the making of a cruel warrior
alt textMazzara Handout CAMWS 2017.pdfRachel Mazzara, "Audience Expectations and Metatheater in Plautus' Captivi"
alt textMcGlin_do ut debt CAMWS 2017.pdfMike McGlin---Do ut debt: Financial Lending Strategies of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi
alt textMoorman - Of Meretrices and Men handout.docxRebecca Moorman, "Of Meretrices and Men: The Tragicomic Construction of Clodia's Reputation in the Pro Caelio"
alt textMoral Truth and Fiction...Handout.docxAlexis Aquino
Moral Truth Through Moral Fiction: Plutarch's Life of Antony
alt textMoss - College Language Testing.pptxJennifer Sheridan Moss, "Testing in a College Language Classroom"
alt textMoss_GenericContamination_Octavia.pdfCarina Moss--"Rulers Make Bad Lovers: Generic Contamination in the Octavia"
alt textMyer Beloved Disciple.pdfLarry Myer, "The Beloved Disciple of John 13:23 and Greek Pederasty"
alt textNewman Apuleius Verbs Handout.docxAlison Newman, "Thrasyleon: Man or Bear? Transformations through eo in Apuleius' Metamorphoses"
alt textNolan - CSPlinyHandout.pdfEdward Nolan, Quod-Switching: Bilingualism and Social Context in the Letters of Pliny the Younger
alt textNorgard_Plume to Palate Handout.pdfAmy Norgard, "From Plume To Palate: A Feast for the Senses in Horace's Satires Book 2"
alt textNudell_AccustomedToObedience_Handout.docxJoshua Nudell, '“Accustomed to Obedience”? the Ionian reputation for weakness'
alt textO'HaraOvidVergilresponsehandout1of2.pdfO'HaraOvidVergilresponsehandout1of2.pdf
alt textO'HaraOvidVergilresponsehandout2of2.pdfO'HaraOvidVergilresponsehandout2of2.pdf
alt textOlson - Ianua Vota: Propertius 1.pdfOlson, Asa. "Ianua Vota: Propertius 1.16 and Inscribed Epigram"
alt textPatrokles2.pdfIAN C. STOREY, "Was Sokrates' half-brother a 'filthy rich' tragic poet?"
alt textPenich-Reviving Troy handout.docxKeith Penich, "Reviving Troy in Aeneid 5"
alt textPersian-flower-handout.pdfRyan S. Tribble
The Flower of Persia: Botanical Language in Aeschylus’ Persians
alt textPrudentius at Large.pptxCaitlin Diddams, "Prudentius at Large: Quantifying the Influence of Latin Epic on the Psychomachia"
alt textquidquid-erit[handout].pdfJacqueline Jones, "Quidquid erit, melius quam nunc erit: Reconsidering Ovid's Sappho through her Inscription"
alt textQuintus Titurius Sabinus Handout.pdfGuy Earle, "Quintus Titurius Sabinus: A Comparison of Blame and Praise in Books Two, Three, and Five of Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum"
alt textRauk, Lydia and the Hebrus.pdfJohn N. Rauk, Lydia and the Hebrus: Horace, Odes 1. 25
alt textReno — Inter-Kin Intimacy — Euripides Gender and Sex.pdfJoshua Reno, "Inter-Kin Intimacy: Sexual and Verbal Intercourse in Euripides’ Hippolytus and Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus"
alt textRevised_Martinez_Jocasta's Suicide.docxMichelle M. Martinez, ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave’: Jocasta’s Suicide in Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus
alt textRipat, Roman Wolves handout.pdfRipat, Pauline Roman Wolves, Worries, and Wasting Disease
alt textRobinson_Materiality_Claudius_Voice.pdfClifford A. Robinson, "The Materiality of the Voice in Stoic Thought and Seneca’s Personae of Claudius"
alt textRogers_pantheoncolumns.pptxJordan Rogers - Rethinking the Problem of the Pantheon Columns
alt textRogers_pantheoncolumnshandout.docxJordan Rogers - Rethinking the Problem of the Pantheon Columns
alt textRoman Amorality CAMWS.hdt.docxMichael C. Alexander Amoralism, Roman Republican Politics, and Historians in an Era of Disillusionment
alt textSappho's Helen - Hendricks.pdfAmy N. Hendricks, "Sappho's Helen"
alt textScodel, Sappho 44.pdfRuth Scodel, Sappho 44 and Traditions of the Troad
alt textSeal of Biliteracy.pptxZarrow, Mural, Pendergraft

Seal of Biliteracy
alt textSharon James CAMWS 2017 Handout.pdfSharon L. James, "Plautus and the Marriage Plot."
alt textSocial and Decorative Fabrics.docxKonrad Weeda - Social and Decorative Fabrics: the Coverlet in Catullus 64
alt textSowers, Socratic Panther.pdfBrian Sowers, The Socratic Black Panther: Reading Huey P. Newton Reading Plato
alt textStark_Domitian and the Vestals_handout.docxCasey M. Stark, "Domitian and the Vestals"
alt textStephen Hill, The Poem as Offering in Gregory of Nazianzus' Poetry (CAMWS 2017).pdfStephen Hill, "The Poem as Offering in Gregory of Nazianzus' Poetry"
alt textStrunk - Deconstructing the Monuments: Tacitus on the Mausoleum of Augustus.pptxThomas E. Strunk, Deconstructing the Monuments: Tacitus on the Mausoleum of Augustus
alt textTeacher.pdfAdriana Brook (Lawrence University): The Student/Teacher Motif in Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus
alt textTeaching Data Science for Classics.pptxMarie-Claire Beaulieu (Tufts University)
Anthony Bucci (Tufts University)
Teaching Data Science for Classics
alt textTeaching First Year Writing through Classics Handout.pdfAaron Wenzel, "Teaching First-Year Writing through Classics"
alt textThe Drunken Duchess of Vassar.pdfGrace Harriet Macurdy and her Impact on the Study of Women's History
alt textThe Power of the Hand handout.pdfJennifer C. Ranck The Power of the Hand
alt textTies That Bind (Powerpoint).pptxLaura McClure, "Ties that Bind: Women and Tomb Cult in Classical Athens"
alt textWaddell, Urbs ut Scaena.pdfUrbs ut scaena: Dramatic Space in the Historiae of Tacitus. Philip Waddell (University of Arizona)
alt textWagner - With the Gods on Our Side - Religion in Cicero's Catilinarians.pdfNick Wagner - “With Gods on Our Side: Cicero’s Religious Case against Catiline”
alt textWarford_Vediovis.pdfErin Warford - “Stuck in the middle with you: Vediovis, god of transitions and in-between places”
alt textWatanabe - College Greek Exam 2016 report.pdfAlbert Watanabe "The 2016 College Greek Exam"
alt textWatson Laronia Declamans.pdfCharles (Ben) Watson - Laronia Declamans (Roman Satire)
alt textWeakness of Poetry in Flavian Epic.docxEmlen Smith, "The Weakness of Poetry in Flavian Epic"
alt textWheeler - Father of His Country - Aen 8 handout.docxJamie Wheeler, "Father of His Country: The Significance of Parenthood in Aeneid 8"
alt textWhy Not the Nurse .docxMichael Shaw -- Why Not the Nurse
alt textWimperis Hippolytus Handout CAMWS 2017.pdfTedd A. Wimperis, "Troezen and Athens in Euripides' Hippolytus: Myth, Politics, and Liminality"
alt textWorking Priestess.pptxLisa Maurizio-Visual Images of the Pythia at Delphi
alt textWright_Naglak_Roman Gens as House.pdfWright_Naglak_Roman Gens as House.pdf
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