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alt textQuinn Griffin CAMWS Handout.docx"Reimagining Hipparchia" Handout
alt text2018-Harrington-CAMWS-treebanking-info.pdf2018-Harrington-CAMWS-treebanking-info.pdf
alt textBrook - Reading Aeschylus through Seneca.pdfA. Brook - Reading Aeschylus through Seneca: The “Tapestry Scene” in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon and Atreus’ Persuasion of His Brother in Seneca’s Thyestes
alt textKozak - The War with Nemea.pdfAdam Kozak, "The War with Nemea: Furor and Delay in the Nemea Episode of Statius' Thebaid"
alt textTransparent Toga in Roman Invective.pdfAerynn Dighton, "'Creticus, you are see-through!': The Transparent Toga in Roman Invective
alt textNewman CAMWS handout.pdfAlison Newman, "Peccavit igitur: From Ennius' pulcher Romulus to Cicero's Romuli"
alt textTuning Alumni Data.docxAlumni Survey data from the Tuning the Classics Project
alt textGoblirsch_Handout (CAMWS 2018).docxAmie F. Goblirsch, "Fight like a Woman: Female Heroics and Homeric Models in Lysistrata"
alt textNorgard_Horace_Leaky Ear.pdfAmy Norgard, "The Sound of Silence: Horace's 'Leaky Ear' in the Satires"
alt textFraser_Tirones.Mentores.pdfAn exemplary example of a high school sophomore (Latin II) student's creative response to a boring, old, traditional grammar/translation assessment of an unseen text containing grammatical forms said student hasn't learned yet.
alt textPantazopoulou-Lucian's True Histories.pdfAnastasia Pantazopoulou, "Lucian’s True Histories: Writing an ἀληθή Ethnography"
alt textA Ptolemaic Thetis.pdfAnatole Mori, "A Ptolemaic Thetis in Apollonius' Argonautica"
alt textDionysiaca, Book One -- Complete Translation.docxAndrew Barrett -- A New Translation of Dionysiaca, Book One
alt textDionysiaca, Book One, Handout.docxAndrew Barrett -- A New Translation of Dionysiaca, Book One.
alt textFoster Grain Tax Handout .pdfAndrew Foster\nA Study in Microfinace?: The Grain Tax Law in Fourth Century Athens
alt textAlwine, Xenophon on the Thirty.pdfAndrew T. Alwine, "Xenophon on the Thirty"
alt textRadcliffe Hesiod CAMWS.pdfBen Radcliffe, "Khaos, Broken Plows, and Discontinuity in Hesiod"
alt textsammons hostages handout .pdfBen Sammons, Hostage Situations in Euripides
alt textTacitus' Greek Handout.pdfBrandon Jones, "Tacitus' Greek." Session Seven: Tacitus' Histories.
alt textStine_Hesiod-Cosmogony-Metamorphoses Handout.pdfBrett L. Stine, "Hesiod, Cosmogony and Cupid-Apollo-Daphne in Metamorphoses Book 1"
alt textDance - Laughing Boundaries Amores.pdfCaleb M. X. Dance - Laughing at the Boundaries of Genre in Ovid's Amores ("Ovid in China" Panel)
alt textMoss_Language_Hesiod.pdfCarina Moss, "The Language of Sex(ual Violence) in the Theogony and the Catalogue of Women"
alt textHunt Hanno's Periplus: The Human-Animal Transition.pdfCharlotte Hunt, "Hanno's Periplus: The Human-Animal Transition"
alt textRoman Foreign Policy Kreiger CAMWS 2018 Handout.docxChristian Kreiger, "Imperial Policy in the East: Rome and Asia Minor"
alt textBungard - Improv Plautus Handout.pdfChristopher Bungard, "The Improvisatory Spectrum in Plautus." Thursday, Third Paper Session, Section D
alt textTrivax CAMWS 2018 Handout.pdfClaire A. Trivax, "The Stylistic Links Between Archaisms and Rhythm in Sallust's Bellum Catilinae"
alt textMcGraw - Burning for You (CAMWS 2018).pdfClaire McGraw, "Burning for You: A Reconsideration of Incense in Ovid"
alt textSchroer It's Complicated Camillus.pdfClayton Schroer "It's Complicated: Silius' Camillus and the Camillus of his Predecessors"
alt textRuprecht - What Charybdis So Voracious.docxDaniel Ruprecht - "What Charybdis So Voracious?" handout CAMWS 2018
alt textDharmasiri, M.pdfDharmasiri, Muditha. "Remember me thus: A study of Latin epitaphs"
alt textSells - Blessed Afterlife in Comedy.pdfDonald Sells, "The Blessed Afterlife in Old Comedy"
alt textClapp.CAMWS2018.Cicero.Handout.pdfDoug Clapp, "Rumors of War in Cicero’s De Imperio Cn. Pompei and Pro Rege Deiotaro"
alt textSmith_Greek Lyric_Handout.pdfEcho Smith, "Looking at Praxilla's Fragment 8 as a Wedding Song"
alt textGarcía-Molina Diodotos Tryphon Handout, CAMWS.pdfEduardo García-Molina, "Diodotos Tryphon and the Late Seleukid State"
alt textCAMWS 2018_Kelting_Creolization_Handout.pdfEdward Kelting: "Aegyptiaka in Creolization: Ethnicity and Authorial Identity in Apion."
alt textAischines' Liability.pdfEdwin Carawan, Aischines' Liability in the Crown Case (handout)
alt textSenses and the Sacred in Pliny CAMWS 2018.docxEleni Hall Manolaraki, Senses and the Sacred in Pliny's Natural History
alt textDeacon-Sex&Status.pdfElizabeth Deacon, "Sex and Status in Daphnis and Chloe"
alt textHunter - Don't Blow a Gliscit.pdfElizabeth Hunter, "Don't Blow a Gliscit: Turnus as an Epicurean Amator
alt textWarhover Recurring Grotesque CAMWS 2018.pdfEmma N. Warhover, "The Recurring Grotesque in Ovid's Amores: A Bakhtinian Analysis"
alt textBeckman Constructing a Pharmacy.docxEric Beckman, "Constructing a Pharmacy:Herodotus and the Walls of Ecbatana"
alt textWeiberg CAMWS Handout 2018.pdfErika L. Weiberg, "A Story with No Ending: Penelope and Ambiguous Loss in the Odyssey"
alt textAdkins_FeminineDiscourseApuleius.pdfEvelyn Adkins, "Feminine Discourse in Apuleius' Metamorphoses"
alt text[CAMWS 2018] Handout Everett Lang.pdfEverett Lang, "A Riot of Images: Statue Destruction and Historiography in Nero’s Rome"
alt textEtruscanBoundaries.pdfExploring Etruscan Sacred Boundaries - Handout (JRK)
alt textFletcher Aeneid Winds Metonymy.pdfFletcher Aeneid Winds Metonymy.pdf
alt textCAMWS 2018 Spes handout.docxFulkerson handout
alt textKissell Death in Your Classroom.docxFuneral background info and classroom how-to
alt textKissell Death in Your Classroom.pptxFuneral background info and classroom how-to.
alt textCelotto-handout.pdfG. Celotto - An Empedoclean Reading of Nigidius Figulus' Prophecy: Love and Strife in Lucan's 'Bellum Civile' (handout)
alt textBusnelli - Triphiodorus.pdfGabriele Busnelli : Triphiodorus' Aesthetic of Detournement - Handout and Bibliography
alt textGagarin handout.pdfGagarin, Michael "Aeschylus' Revisionist View of Women."
alt textGarland Lyre Loom Typewriter Handout.docxGarland Lyre Loom Typewriter Handout.docx
alt textIntersex and Intersectionality (Goyette) - Gender and Classical Reception Panel (CAMWS 2018) - Handout.pdfGoyette - Intersex and Intersectionality Handout - CAMWS 2018
alt textFunsten CAMWS 2018 Handout.pdfGrace Funsten, "A Learned Dog: Roman Elegy and the Epitaph for Margarita"
alt textCross.CAMWS handout.pdfHandout for Cross.The Panionion: Where Religion and Politics Met in the Early Ionian League
alt textDuncan_mimae_CAMWS_handout.docxHandout for Duncan "'It Wasn't Rape-Rape': Roman Attitudes Toward the Sexual Availability of Mimae"
alt textFrom Zeus to Q: Handout.pdfHandout for Garvey - From Zeus to Q: Generational Conflict in a Theogonic Universe
alt textSchoephoerster - Purple_Flies_and_Greedy_Fishes_Handout.pdfHandout for K. Schoephoerster - "The Colorful World of Fly Fishing in Aelian’s De Natura Animalium"
alt textOvid's Metamorphoses on 18th-Century Chinese Porcelain.pdfHandout for Sienkewicz: Ovid's Metamorphoses on 18th-Century Chinese Porcelain
alt textLesbiaasProcuress Handout.docxHandout for Skinner, "Lesbia as Procuress in Horace, Epode 12
alt textSpartacus Syllabus.docxHandout for Svarlien: Syllabus for Spartacus course
alt textScodelPersonhoodHesiod.pdfHandoutScodelPersonhoodofHesiod
alt textLehmann CAMWS 2018 handout.pdfHilary J. C. Lehmann, "Anatomy of an Inheritance (Dem. 27 and 28)" Attic Oratory Panel
alt textHaynesPliny5.8handout.docxHolly Haynes: "The Impossibility of Historia after Domitian: Pliny's Letter 5.8".
alt textAnd the Shield Cried Out CAMWS Handout 2018 Maggiore.pdfHolly Maggiore, "And the Shield Cried Out": Narrative and Ekphrasis in the Pseudo-Hesiodic Aspis
alt textHowland&Tandy “The κύκλος Klan and the Dark-side of Classics” Handout.docxHowland and Tandy, “The κύκλος Klan and the Dark-side of Classics”
alt textkoster_hannibal_handout.pdfIsabel Köster Nepos Hannibal handout
alt textJacobs handout CAMWS – Albuquerque.pdfJacobs Handout, "Cola di Rienzo and the Reenactment of an Ancient Tale – Finding the Prata Flaminia in Fourteenth Century Rome"
alt textLowe_Horace-high-seas_handout.docxJames V. Lowe, "At Sea with Horace and Catullus"
alt textJeppesen - New Directions in Latin and Greek Prose Composition - Roundtable Handout.pdfJeppesen, Seth "Roundtable: New Directions in Latin and Greek Prose Composition"
alt textJeppesen - Writing around the Aeneid Handout - CAMWS 2018.pdfJeppesen, Seth "Writing around the Aeneid: Latin Prose Composition as Fan Fiction"
alt textSwist - Romulus Handout.pdfJeremy J. Swist, "Romulus and the Sabine Kings in Tacitus' Annales"
alt textScipione l’Africano_ Scipio and Mussolini.pptxJessi Mellenthin, "Scipione l’Africano: Scipio and Mussolini"
alt textBlum Handout Claiming Aeneas.docxJessica Blum, "Claiming Aeneas: Julio-Claudian echoes in Valerius Flaccus’ Argonautica"
alt textWells_Scripta_Mentula_handout.pdfJessie Wells, "Scripta Mentula: Sexualized Language and Macro-Epigrammatic Structure in book 3 of Martial’s Epigrams"
alt textHandout CAMWS.pdfJohn E. Ziolkowski\nSimiles in Homer and Plato:\nSimilarities and Significant Differences
alt textimmaturation in epiterepontes and asinaria HANDOUT.pdfJohn Esposito, "Relating to others, relating to oneself: psychological (im)maturation of young men in love in Greek and Roman New Comedy"
alt textBurks-The Return of the Olympians.pptxJonathan P. Burks, "The Return of the Olympians"
alt textCAMWS 2018 Handout - Zarecki.pdfJonathan Zarecki - Controlled Burns and Forest Husbandry in Roman Italy
alt textScience Suppressed- Aristarchus and Authority.pdfJordan Cohen, "Science Suppressed: Aristarchus and the Effect of Authority"
alt textReno CAMWS Caelestes Honores.pdfJoshua M. Reno, "Emperor Worship among Corinth's Earliest Christians"
alt textSmith - Empirical Similarities.pdfJoshua Smith, "Imperial Stability and Empirical Similarities: Tacitus’ Agrippinae in Annales 3.1 and 14.8"
alt textK Kitchell Handout.docxK Kitchell Handout Caesar, the Geographoi and Lewis and Clark: The Use of Animals in Describing New Lands
alt textK Kitchell PowerPointr.pptxK Kitchell, Power Point, Caesar, the Geographoi and Lewis and Clark: The Use of Animals in Describing New Lands
alt textDickson_handout.docxK. Dickson, "Bloodsongs: Pulse-Taking, Synesthesia, and Epistemic Shifts"
alt textDeBoer_Arms and the Woman_handout.pdfKatherine De Boer, "Arms and the Woman: Female Combatants in the Aeneid"
alt textKirsch Docta Psallere.docxKathleen Kirsch, "Docta Psallere: An Anonymous Christian Woman as Prudentius' Ideal Poet"
alt textReilly Amicus Ex Machina handout.pdfKC Reilly, "Amicus ex Machina: The Figure of Herakles in Philoctetes"
alt textKelley, Matthew - Correcting Hdt 1.pdfKelley, Matthew - Correcting Hdt 1.pdf
alt textElliott Quintilian Handout.docxKenneth Elliott: "Quintilian's Frustration with Declamation"
alt textKnopick - Latin Online.pdfKristen Knopick, "Teaching Latin in the Online Environment"
alt textKristin Lord Food Euripides Orestes Handout CAMWS2018.pdfKristin O. Lord, "Euripides’ Orestes and the Problem of Food" Handout
alt textMeinking_FloptoFlip_CAMWS2018.pdfKristina A. Meinking, "From Flop to Flip: Individualizing the Elementary Latin Curriculum"
alt textFeminizing Orpheus CAMWS Handout [Merkley].pdfKy Merkley, "Feminizing Orpheus: Metapoetics, Grief, and Nightingale in Georgics 4"
alt textMignone-CAMWS2018-Handout.pdfL. M. Mignone, "Globalizing Classics: Ovid Through the Looking Glass"
alt textMoser-Handout-AllusioninStesichorus.pdfLaura Moser, "Polysomatic Allusion in Stesichorus' Death of Geryon"
alt textHolland_AncientGardenTeas.pdfLora Holland, "Experiencing the Ancient Garden" -- PDF of the herbal tea recipes my students made in my New Ancient Garden class
alt textGaki-Aeschylus' influence on Seneca.pdfMaria Gaki, "The influence of Aeschylus' Agamemnon on Seneca's Thyestes"
alt textSeneca'Oedipus fifth ode Sarais CAMWS Handout.pdfMaria Silvia Sarais, "Oedipus' Fifth Ode and the Issue of Poetic Originality"
alt textSmith Pliny Handout.pdfMariah Smith "Pliny’s Elegiac Experimentation"
alt textHicks - μανία of Dionysus.pdfMarissa Hicks, "The μανία of Dionysus in Euripides' Bacchae"
alt textMary Hamil Gilbert, CAMWS Handout.pdfMary Hamil Gilbert, "Melancholy Destroys Andromache: Depression, Fear, and Hallucinatory Mourning in Seneca’s Troades"
alt textJohnson-ModelMan-CAMWS2018-Handout.docxMason Johnson, "Model Man: The Ciceronian Prudens and Aristotelian Phronesis"
alt textmcdonald-camws2018.pdfMatthew McDonald, "Sketching the Stereotype: A Comparison of Characterization in Menander and Aristotle"
alt textLoar-Aeneid8_CAMWS2018-Handout.pdfMatthew P. Loar, "Hercules, Cacus, and an Ennian contest of auguries in Aeneid 8"
alt textMatt Kelley Herodotus Handout.pdfMatthew W. Kelley - Correcting Herodotus 1.56: The Histories' Non-answer to the Pelasgian Question
alt textprince-poppaeahandout.docxMeredith Prince, "The Predatory Poppaea: a Poppaean Prototype in Late 19th Century Historical Fiction"
alt textCurrie Seneca Death Drusus handout.pdfMichelle Currie, "Seneca on the Death of M. Livius Drusus (Brev. 6.1-2)"
alt textHarris_WagingWarAbroad.pdfMolly Harris, "κένανδρον μέγ᾽ ἄστυ: Waging War Abroad in Aeschylus’ Persians"
alt textThe Case of the Missing Ban Cadaver Dissection in Roman Law Jones-Lewis.pdfMolly Jones-Lewis, "The Case of the Missing Ban: Cadaver Dissection in Roman Law" Ancient Medicine panel
alt textDe Bello Gallico Workbook (Student).pdfMore at - Teacher version available upon request to
alt textAeneis Workbook (Student).pdfMore at - Teacher version available upon request to
alt textpandey camws handout et in arcadia ego.pdfNandini Pandey - Et in Arcadia Ego: Vergil the Elegist
alt textTarpeia handout CAMWS.pdfNeel -- Tarpeia's Devotion to Rome
alt textWagner CAMWS 2018 Handout.pdfNicholas Wagner, "Immortal Efforts: Divine Audiences in Cicero’s Post Reditum Speeches" Handout
alt textNishant Joshi CAMWS 2018 Handout.docxNishant Joshi, "Changes in Prothesis Rituals as Portrayed on Greek Lekythoi From the Archaic Period Through the Completion of the Peloponnesian War"
alt textClaudius, Language and Refoundation in Tac Ann.pdfO'Neill, Joseph R. "Claudius, Language, and Re-Foundation in Tacitus' Annals" (CAMWS 2018)
alt textHerodotus Amphictyonis - Handout.pdfOliver - Herodotus Amphictyonis - Handout
alt textOsorio - Reading Plato with Charmadas (Cic.pdfOsorio - Reading Plato with Charmadas (Cic.pdf
alt textBurian CAMWS 2018 handout.pdfPeter Burian, "Operatic Danaids"
alt textTrading Places Handout.pdfPhilip Kaplan, "Trading Places and Worship Spaces"
alt textAtwood_Aristophanes_Handout.docxPreston Atwood, "Aristophanes' Lampito in Sociolinguistic Perspective"
alt textBert Schewel_The Narrative of the Law and Philosophy in the Noctes Atticae.pdfPrimary source material for "The Narrative of the Law and Philosophy in the Noctes Atticae"
alt textPrometheus the Philosopher.docxPrometheus the Philosopher: Plato's Theft of Fire
alt textQuartarone -indignus handout 2018.pdfQuartarone - A study of indignus in the Aeneid: undeserved fate and just indignation
alt textArmstrong_handout.pdfR. H. Armstrong, "The Tragedy of Hoemdiplet: Freud's Fusion of Oedipus and Hamlet"
alt textMazzara_ComicMisunderstanding.pdfRachel Mazzara, "Comic Misunderstanding: The Adulescens Amans in DRN 4"
alt textTransition Handout.pdfRebecca Harrison, " The Transition to Reading Latin: Structural Patterns and Cultural Language Differences"
alt textMoorman_Old-Women-Lysistrata_Handout.docxRebecca Moorman, "Something Old, Something Lewd: Depictions of Old Women in Lysistrata"
alt textPlaying the Author CAMWS 2018 handout.pdfReina Callier, "Playing the Author: Creative Analysis in Classical Literature Courses"
alt textHales_PseudoLibanius_Handout.docxREVISED for Sara Hales - Pseudo-Libanius as Novelist?: A Study of Ekphrasis 30
alt textPhillips_Untimely Death.pdfRichard L. Phillips, Untimely Death, Schadenfreude, and a Prayer for Justice on a 1st century C.E. Epitaph (CIL VI 7898)
alt textCAMWS 2018 Ancona handout for upload.docxRonnie Ancona, "Cui donat lepidum novum libellum? Introducing a Bit of Active Latin into Your Current Advanced Latin Classroom"
alt textElmendorf, Jupiter Divided.pdfSamantha Elmendorf, "Jupiter Divided in Lucan's Bellum Civile"
alt textHahn Hymn Demeter Handout 2018.pdfSamuel Hahn, "πολυάρητος: Signposting Epiphany in the Hymn to Demeter and the Odyssey"
alt textKindick CAMWS 2018 Handout.docxSamuel L. Kindick, "Ants and Bees in Ovid's Theater: Ars Amatoria 1.89-100"
alt textHales_PseudoLibanius_Handout.pdfSara Hales - Pseudo-Libanius as Novelist?: A Study of Ekphrasis 30
alt textSophocles on Race and Power.pdfSchenker: "Sophocles on Race and Power"
alt textSending Signals with Signa - The Puzzling Placement of Aquarius in Ovid’s Fasti.docxSending Signals with Signa - The Puzzling Placement of Aquarius in Ovid’s Fasti.docx
alt textSobak CAMWS 2018 Handout.pdfSobak CAMWS 2018 Handout
alt textWurster CAMWS 2018 Handout.pdfSonya Wurster, "Pudor and Pudicitia: Lost Morals and the Fate of the Roman Republic"
alt textMcVey_Caesar's incest dream handout.pdfStuprum matri intulisse: Caesar's Incest Dream as Characterization (Suet. Iul. 7.2)
alt textLape Handout.pptxSusan Lape\nPrediction and Persuasion: The Rhetoric of Misreading in Demosthenes' Early Deliberative Speeches
alt textShapiro CAMWS 2018 Handout .pdfSusan O. Shapiro The Archaic Greek Symposion and the Culture of Sophrosyne
alt textT Coward CAMWS Handout.pdfT.R.P. Coward - "Some New Fragments of Aeschylus, Aristomenes, Aristophanes of Byzantium, Callistratus, and Aristarchus (P.Oxy. 5160 COL. II.20-40)"
alt textK.docxText of talk, Caesar, the Geographoi and Lewis and Clark: The Use of Animals in Describing
alt textBarnes.docxTexts by Catullus and Christopher Hatton (Gibbons)
alt textHank Lanphier Didactic Medea Handout.pdfThis is the handout we used in class and will serve as a reference for the presentation.
alt textLuke_Nero_Pliny_Historiography.pdfTrevor Luke, "Nero and Imperial Historiography in Pliny's Natural History,"
alt texttribble_aratus-achilles-shield.pdftribble_aratus-achilles-shield.pdf
alt textHendricks Verbal Echoes 2018.pdfVerbal Echoes in Theocritus 2 and 11
alt textparaclausithyron handout.docxVirgil's Aeneid: Aeneas est invitus amator: the use of paraclausithyron and ekohrasis in Aenied 1
alt textPenrose Wonder Woman Handout.docxWalter Penrose "Paradise, Bodies, and Gods: The Reception of Amazons in Wonder Woman"
alt textCamws 2018 handout Duffy.pdfWilliam Duffy, "20-sided monsters: The Adaptation of Greek Mythology to Dungeons and Dragons"
alt textLuXimingCamws2018.pdfXiming Lu, "Briseis: an ἄλοχος without εὐνή"
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