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alt textStine_Agamemnon Handout.pdf"A Second Tripled-Bodied Geryon": Gendered Bodies and the Rhetoric of Vengeance in Agamemnon 863-74
alt textSmith CAMWS 2019.pdf"Beyond the Gloss" Workshop - Translating Artemidorus
alt textAccessit Latinitas handout revised.docxAccessit Latinitas handout revised.docx
alt textAdkinsEvelyn_CAMWS2019_ApuleiusApology.pdfAdkins, Evelyn, "Rhetorical Sleight-of-Hand in Apuleius' Apology"
alt textBrook - Competing Narratives.pdfAdriana Brook - Competing Narratives: A Narratological Approach to Sophocles’ Antigone
alt textRose, AKH_ODI ET AMO_A brief history in translation 04.04.19.pdfAdrienne K.H. Rose, Odi et Amo: a brief history in translation | Beyond the Gloss workshop
alt textAgrimonti Warfare Menander.pdfAgrimonti Warfare Menander.pdf
alt textSamos Homeric Hymns.pdfAlexander Hall - "Ties that Bind: Samian Cult Connections in the Homeric Hymns"
alt textLoney_Hopes and Prometheus Bound.docxAlexander Loney--"The Mortal Condition and 'Blind Hopes' in the Prometheus Bound"
alt textGoblirsch - handout - CAMWS 2019.docxAmie F. Goblirsch, "etiam periere ruinae: Touring the Ruins in Lucan’s Bellum Civile and Vergil’s Aeneid"
alt textHendricks HhD Handout CAMWS 2019.pdfAmy Hendricks, "Out to Play Before We Give Her Away: A Maiden Chorus in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter"
alt textNorgard - Civic Engagement Rubric.pdfAmy Norgard - AAC&U Civic Engagement Rubric - Paideia's Outreach Panel
alt textNorgard - Service Learning.pdfAmy Norgard - Curricular Development for Service Learning through Aequora - Paideia's Outreach Panel
alt textPantazopoulou - Metadramatic ὄψεις of Euripides’ Helen and Iphigenia in Tauris.pdfAnastasia Pantazopoulou, “Escaping” Tragedy: Metadramatic ὄψεις of Euripides’ Helen and Iphigenia in Tauris
alt textJohnston - Regna.pdfAndrew C. Johnston, 'Regna: Geography, Teleology, and the Construction of Roman Identity'
alt textBolig_Nicholas Handout.pdfBolig, N. "We Might Need Prophets Here: An Examination of Divinatory Perspectives in Aeschylus’ Oresteia."
alt textAger- Roman Witches and Orpheus.docxBritta Ager, "Roman Witches and Orpheus"
alt textLatham - Iphigenia as Orpheus.docxBrooke Latham, "Iphigenia as Orpheus in Euripides Iphigenia at Aulis"
alt textLatham - Iphigenia as Orpheus pdf.pdfBrooke Latham, "Iphigenia as Orpheus in Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis"
alt textBungard - Innovative Technologies.pdfBungard - Roundtable, "Innovative Technologies in the Latin and Greek Classroom"
alt textBut_E_Women only_Handout.pdfBut_E_Women only_Handout.pdf
alt textMiller Crastinus Caesar Panel.pdfC.J. Miller. Centurions, Caesar, and Swords to the Face: The Curious Case of Crastinus Handout
alt textCAMWS 2019 handout Dramatizing generic constraints with cuts.pdfCAMWS 2019 handout Dramatizing generic constraints with cuts.pdf
alt textMoss Statius II Harmonia handout.pdfCarina Moss, "The Chains that Bind: Statius, Harmonia's Necklace, and Elegiac Tropes"
alt textCastleXenophonCAMWS19.docxCastleXenophonCAMWS19.docx
alt textUhl - Crudelis Gloria.pdfChad Uhl, "Crudelis Gloria: Casting the Nemean Serpent as the Genius Loci in Thebaid 5."
alt textHunt-Senecan Geography online handout-CAMWS 2019.pdfCharlotte Hunt. Online (expanded) handout for "From the Indus to the Araxes: Place Names and Geography in Seneca's Medea". Section D: Senecan Tragedy I.
alt textHunt-Senecan Geography PPT-CAMWS 2019.pdfCharlotte Hunt. Powerpoint for "From the Indus to the Araxes: Place Names and Geography in Seneca's Medea". Section D: Senecan Tragedy I.
alt textCAMWS 2019 Shapiro Handout.docxChilon of Sparta: The Man and the Legend\nSusan O. Shapiro (\nUtah State University
alt textthe Iliad in American Great War Poetry handout.pdfClaire Davis\nThe instruments of Destiny: Reception of the Iliad in American Great War Poetry
alt textMcGraw Holy Statue.pdfClaire McGraw "Holy Statue: Dio Cassius and Agrippa's Pantheon"
alt textAbstract Topics in Thucydides.pdfCoulter H. George, "That's what it's all about": Abstract Topics in Thucydides
alt textJendza, Comedy and Transgression in Aeschylus' Oresteia, Handout.pdfCraig Jendza. "Comedy and Transgression in Aeschylus' Oresteia."
alt textCritical Digital Pedagogy -- Amy Pistone and Hamish Cameron.pdfCritical Digital Pedagogy -- Amy Pistone and Hamish Cameron.pdf
alt textHanchey Cicero Animal Rhetoric Handout.pdfDan Hanchey. Cicero Argues Against Himself: Animal Imagery in Amic. Handout
alt textConnerGiantsofthePast.pdfDaniel Conner, "Giants of the Past: Compressive History in the Duel of Scipio and Crixus in Punica 4"
alt textSchenker. After the Violence.pdfDavid J. Schenker. After the Violence: Modern Responses from Ancient Models
alt textPiersol Paradox of old religion-new god.pdfDavid Piersol - Paradox of Old Religion/New God
alt textTrusty graduate student funding resources CAMWS 2019.docxDebra Trusty: Magnas inter opes inops? Finding Funding as a Graduate Student (GSIC panel)
alt textDicksonPindarWound.docxDicksonPindarWound.docx
alt textCAMWS 2019 handout Duffy.docxDuffy-Joining the Dark Side
alt textThe Curious Case of Erysichthon.pdfElizabeth Torresson\nThe Curious Case of Erysichthon
alt textWarhover Catullus Traditional Values.pdfEmma Warhover. Traditional Values in Catullus: Marriage is for Procreation
alt textChoosing Sides Thesmo Handout.pdfEryn Pritchett, Choosing Sides: Expression and Suppression of the Senses in the Thesmophoriazusae
alt textFoster Law of Periandros.pdfFoster Law of Periandros.pdf
alt textGSIC Project Planning Worksheet.docxFunding worksheet for GSIC panel
alt textGagarin Witnesses.pdfGagarin, The Function of Witnesses in Athenian Law
alt textGarcia Jr_Temporality Aphrodite.pdfGarcia Jr, Lorenzo F.\nThe Temporality of Aphrodite in Early Greek Epic (handout)
alt textPesely-FourHundred-dates.pdfGeorge Pesely\nThe Revolution of the Four Hundred: Dates and Deceptions
alt textAghababian Beyond the Gloss Handout.pdfHana Aghababian "Beyond the Gloss" Workshop
alt textHandout - Internal and External Eros in Achilles Tatius’ Leucippe and Clitophon.pdfHandout - Internal and External Eros in Achilles Tatius’ Leucippe and Clitophon.pdf
alt textDeacon Handout.pdfHandout for "Cultural Imperialism in the Aethiopica" by Elizabeth Deacon
alt textMac An Aircinn Terence Handout.docxHandout for Caolán Mac An Aircinn's talk on the Terentian authorship dispute
alt textJennings -Oppositional Ideologies in Euripides' Cyclops CAMWS 2019.pdfHandout for Oppositional Ideologies in Euripides' Cyclops
alt textWalker — Oligarchy and Tyrants.pdfHenry John Walker. "The Old Roman Senate and the Young Tyrant Nero."
alt textStrategies of Dishonesty in Homer's Odyssey.pdfHilary Bouxsein, "Does Repetition Make it True? Strategies of (Dis-)Honesty in Homer's Odyssey"
alt textNurmi Ovid's Oresteia Handout.pdfIan Nurmi\nScelus est pietas: The Oresteia in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
alt textOliver - Raptim atque Turbate - Handout.pdfIan Oliver | Raptim atque Turbate: ‘Antagonistic’ and ‘Consensualist’ Republicanism in Caesar’s Civil War
alt textIvana Petrovic Theocritean Aphrodites handout CAMWS 2019.pdfIvana Petrovic, Theocritean Aphrodites
alt textJones-Singular-world.pdfJacqueline Jones. Internal Consistency in Ancient Poetry: The Singular World of Ovid's Single Heroides
alt textWeiner Theodoret Asketike Politeia.docxJake Weiner | ἀσκητικῇ πολιτεία in the Religious History of Theodoret of Cyrrhus
alt textWells Wisdom Poetry Planetary Gardening.pdfJames Bradley Wells | "Ancient Mediterranean Wisdom Poetry, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and Planetary Gardening"
alt textThe Magic of Representation in Nero's Tradition Handout.pdfJasmine Akiyama-Kim, The Magic of Representation in Nero's Tradition
alt textSwist - Servius Tullius Imperial Nachleben.pdfJeremy J. Swist, "Servius Tullius' Imperial Nachleben"
alt textGreene - Ovid Illusion of Authenticity.docxJessica Greene - Heroides 7 and the Illusion of Authenticity
alt textSeidman Social Movements Syllabus.pdfJessica Seidman, "Seeing Yourself in the Text:The Role of Reception in the First-Year Undergraduate Course"
alt textTennant.Handout.pdfJohn Tennant -- Hitting "Wrong" Notes? Pindar's Improvisational Abundance and the Convention of Extemporaneous Performance
alt textCorrea CAMWS2019 Handout.docxJonathan F. Correa – "Virtue of Agency or Agency of Virtue: Political Fantasy in the Historia Apollonii regis Tyri"
alt textKretler Handout Mark Odyssey.pdfKatherine Kretler, "The Syrophoenician Woman (Mark 7:24-30) and the Tradition of Enigma"
alt textEnvy : Phthonos in the Greek Historians Handout.pdfKathryn Simonsen, Memorial University\nEnvy (Phthonos) in the Greek Historians
alt textNCLG Workshop: Advocacy at All Levels.pdfKeely Lake - NCLG Workshop: Advocacy at All Levels
alt textKeith Fronto Handout CAMWS 2019.docxKeith Fronto Handout CAMWS 2019.docx
alt textTibullus - Time and Place in 1.10 - Penich.docxKeith Penich - Time and Place in Tibullus 1.10
alt textDugan - Henry Brown Handout.pdfKelly P. Dugan - "Henry 'Box' Brown, Charles Stearns, and Classics as White Voice in the Freedom Narratives of Formerly Enslaved Black People in 19th-Century America"
alt textMurderers and Tyrannicides handout.docxKenneth Elliott, "Murderers and Tyrannicides: Slaying in Roman Law and Declamation"
alt textKozak natura versa in Statius' Thebaid.pdfKozak natura versa in Statius' Thebaid.pdf
alt textPerversions of Sustenance in Euripides Troades.pdfKristin O. Lord: Perversions of Sustenance in Euripides’ Troades
alt textMaurizio.pptxL. Maurizio. Writing and Its Discontents: On the Decline of Delphic Divination in the 4th century BCE
alt textKitchellHandout.pdfLatin Teacher Training: Does it Have a Future Tense?\nPlenary: ACL Centennial Lecture CAMWS, Lincoln, NE April 4, 2019\nKenneth Kitchell (
alt textDeLozier_Plus_Quam_Amabile_Handout.pdfLaura De Lozier, "Plus quam amabile: the Boy Who Wept at Public Executions."
alt textPatterson_Artaxias.pdfLee E. Patterson, The Historiography of Artaxias I: A Comparative Approach to Greek and Armenian Sources
alt textLibatique - Visualizing Speech and Speaking about Vision.pdfLibatique - Visualizing Speech and Speaking about Vision.pdf
alt textsantucci camws 2019 handout.pdfListening to Eumolpus: A Reevaluation of the Satyricon’s Sweet-singing Songster,\nRobert S. Santucci
alt textManwell Cato Maior.docxManwell Cato Maior.docx
alt textLindgren Poetry Out Loud handout CAMWS 2019.pdfMarcia Lindgren, Poetry Out Loud: A Performance Project for Students of Latin
alt textCAMWS 2019 - Cato Age of Augustus HO.docxMark Thorne, "Victus Victor: Remembering Cato Uticensis in the Age of Augustus"
alt textHandout Hafner Robinsonade 2019.pdfMarkus Hafner (LMU/UNC) - The isolated hero vs. the deserted heroine or Is there a Female Robinsonade in Ancient Literature?
alt textJohnson-CountingOutTimeHandout.docxMason Johnson, "Counting Out Time: Senecan Stoicism and Human Temporality"
alt textJohnson-CountingOutTimeHandout.pdfMason Johnson, "Counting Out Time: Senecan Stoicism and Human Temporality" (PDF version)
alt textFinnie CAMWS2019 Erechtheus.pdfMatthew Finnie\nDescent from the Earthborn: The Exemplar of Erechtheus within Euripidean Tragedy
alt textLupu Julian's Platonopolis.docxMatthew Lupu | Julian's Platonopolis?
alt textMazurek-BribeJury-Hndt.pdfMazurek-BribeJury-Hndt.pdf
alt textMazurek-BribeJury-ppt.pptxMazurek-BribeJury-ppt.pptx
alt textMcCarter Breasts Are Best Handout.pdfMcCarter Breasts Are Best Handout.pdf
alt textNames Golden and Bloody-Baquerizo.pdfNames Written in Gold and Blood: Prudentius's Peristephanon and Poetic Immortality
alt textKaloudis_Naomi_Theocritus.pdfNaomi Kaloudis, "Goddesses, Monsters, and Shepherds: Playing with Homeric Fantasy in Theocritus' Idylls"
alt textKatz—Not Just by Jove [Handout].pdfNathaniel S. Katz — Not Just by Jove: The Emperor in Roman Oaths
alt textOvid's Muses and Fracco.pdfof Virginia)
alt textThe Problematic Nature of Philia-handout.pdfOlayiwola Ologbonde, "The Problematic Nature of Philia in the Samia: A Comparative Study of Aristotle and Menander."
alt textBurmeister Torie Idyll 2 Mulholland Drive.pdfOpening the Box: Narratives of Fantasy, Desire, and Marginalized Women in Idyll 2 and Mulholland Drive.
alt textpandey_putting the verse in diversity_camws19.pdfpandey_putting the verse in diversity_camws19.pdf
alt textBeginning to speak Latin.pdfParenti, Watkins - Beginning to Speak Latin
alt textMiller.Olympian.12.Section.pdfPeter J. Miller - Olympian 12 and the Politics of Athletic Victory
alt textPhthonos in the Greek Historians Handout.pdfPhthonos in the Greek Historians Handout.pdf
alt textPreble_JasonHomonoia.pdfPreble, Kate, "Jason and Homonoia"
alt textRadding Pindar's paeans.pdfRadding “Foundational Voices and Civic Bonds in Pindar’s Paeans”
alt textMoorman Lying Eyes Apuleius.docxRebecca Moorman, "Lying Eyes? Autopsy, Credibility, and the Senses in Apuleius, Met. 1.4"
alt textVolvere Casus _ van der Horst.pdfRebecca van der Horst - "Volvere Casus: The Aeneid and Volvo"
alt textAsiniaria Abstract.pdfRevised Abstract
alt textRevisiting the Metamorphoses from Exile.pdfRevisiting the 'Metamorphoses' from Exile: Reception of Deucalion and Pyrrha's Prayer (Met. 1.377-80) in 'Tristia' 2 \nMegan Elena Bowen.
alt textPhillips_Invisibility, Belief, and Narrative.pdfRichard Phillips. Invisibility, Belief, and Narrative
alt textGroves_Lessons from a Competency-Based Online Greek Course.pptxRobert Groves: Lessons from a Competency-Based Online Greek Course
alt textLooby Handout.docxRose Catherine Looby - Porcia's Nature & Character in Plutarch's Works Handout
alt textCaldis_Hadrian_Succession_Handout.pdfSam Caldis, "Reading History Forward: Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus, and the Will of Hadrian"
alt textRichter-Curse Tablets in Nemea.docxSamantha Richter -- The Power of a Hero: Placement of Erotic Curse Tablets in Nemea, Greece
alt textHahn_Hesiod_Tripod.pdfSamuel Hahn, "Hesiod’s Tripod Rededicated: A Reinterpretation of WD 650-662"
alt textBrakebill_Nessus and Knowledge.docxSamuel Jacob Brakebill (University of Missouri, Columbia)
alt textHales-Brittain_Translation Workshop_CAMWS.docxSara L. Hales-Brittain | Juvenal excerpts for "Beyond the Gloss" workshop
alt textKeith Fronto Handout CAMWS 2019.docxSarah C. Keith- οὐ φιλοσόφος?: The Significance of Philosophy to Fronto
alt textDuBois - Theocritean Hermaphroditus.pdfShannon DuBois | "Theocritean Hermaphroditus: Ovid’s Protean Allusions in Met. 4.285-388"
alt textMosaic Motherhood- Sheena Finnigan.pdfSheena Finnigan, Mosaic Motherhood: An Exploration of the Diverse Evidence for Non-elite Roman Mothers
alt textJEZ Handout 2019.pdfSimiles in the Aeneid — How to Count Them\nby John E. Ziolkowski
alt textAccessit Latinitas handout.pdfSophia Decker- "Accessit Latinitas: Urbanite Hymnody in the Context of Renaissance Classicism"
alt textMills. Receiving Aphrodite.docxSophie Mills. Receiving Aphrodite
alt textPhaethon’s Fall in the Augustan Campus Martius.docxStephanie Crooks, "Phaethon's Fall in the Augustan Campus Martius: Myth, Monuments, and Muddled Time in Book 2 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses
alt textFroedge -- Minotaur.pdfStephen Froedge -- A Bovine Minotaur in Flavian Rome: Statius’ Thebaid
alt textIsh-Shalom Overlooked Arcanum Imperii Handout.pdfTal A. Ish-Shalom | An Overlooked Arcanum Imperii ?: Reconsidering Indirect Rule in the Julio-Claudian East
alt textSewell-Lasater Cleo as Catharsis Handout.pdfTara Sewell-Lasater\nCleopatra as Catharsis: Tragic Motifs in Plutarch's Death of Cleopatra (Handout)
alt textSimas Clytemnestra Handout.pdfThe Name of Clytemnestra in the Odyssey\nHandout to accompany presentation by Anna E. Simas (
alt textLowetz Columbus & Vespucci.pdfThe Use of Classics by Columbus and Vespucci to Racialize the New World\nChloe Lowetz
alt textTheocritusIambistCAMWS2019Boychenko.pdfTheocritusIambistCAMWS2019Boychenko.pdf
alt textTheodore Nash - Euripides' Heraclidae.pdfTheodore Nash - Euripides' Heraclidae, CAMWS 2019.
alt textSurpassing Augustus handout .docxTimothy Clark, "Surpassing Augustus: Nero and the Crowning of Tiridates I
alt textFoster LawofPeriandros Edited.pdfUpdated Foster Law of Periandros Handout
alt textSpearmanVergilsCavesUPDATED.docxUPDATED Handout listing Vergil's caves (and the cave of Macris in Apollonius of Rhodes' Argonautica).
alt textVan de Loo From Cicero to Augustine Handout.pdfVan de Loo, Kathryn S. "From Cicero to Augustine: Three Styles in Augustine's Enarrationes in Psalmos 69"
alt textPanoussi.pdfVassiliki Panoussi, Technology and the Artist: Ovid’s Daedalus and Riordan’s "The Battle of the Labyrinth"
alt textweeda tacitus handout.pdfWeeda Figured Speech as Knowledge of Politics
alt textLu Mausoleum of Empire.pdfXiming Lu. "Mausoleum of Empire".
alt textYates - Themistocles in Herodotus.pdfYates - Herodotus' Last Word on Themistocles
alt textStamatopoulou The Education of the Ruler.pdfZoe Stamatopoulou, "The Education of the Ruler in Plutarch’s 'Symposium of the Seven Sages'" (04.05, 1:30-3:00 p.m.; Section H: Plutarch, Heritage)
alt textAccettolaHandout.pdfἀλλὰ διὰ χρημάτων μεταβολῆς: Legal and Social Institutions as Foundations for Long-Distance Trade\nHandout to accompany presentation by Anna Accettola
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