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alt textLivy's "Civil Wars" Handout.pdf
alt textWatersCAMWSGreekProse2.pdfWatersCAMWSGreekProse2.pdfWatersCAMWSGreekProse2.pdf
alt textCAMWS 2020 Drama Working Group Announcement.pdf
alt textEthnos handout for Session 1 Greek Epic .pdf
alt textCamwsHndt.docxAlvaresJeanThe Novella of Heliodorus’ CalasirisMay 30, 2020: Session 18 Section B: Greek Prose 2
alt textHandout for M Americo paper session 7D.pdfAmericoMariaAstronomical Instrumentation and Sociopolitical Philosophy in the De re publica and De natura deorum of CiceroHandout with texts and translations of passages mentioned in my talk with select bibliography and further reading.
alt textAnderson handout - Chase the hymn.pdfAndersonMarleighChase the hymn: Music and magic in the PGM hymns to HermesPrimary sources and select bibliography
alt textHandout Galaction and Episteme.pdfBaldwinRyan MasatoAchilles Tatius’ "Leucippe and Clitophon" in "Passio Sanctorum Galactionis et Epistemes"Handout with text, translation, and bibliography that are referenced within my presentation.
alt textPassing the Burning Torch Handout.pdfBlum-SorensenJessicaPassing the Burning Torch: Meleager, Medea, and Achilles' Legacyhandout with text and bibliography
alt textBrannelly Ovid Handout.docxBrannellyTimothyMagnus, Maior, Maximus: Degrees of Greatness on the Ides of January in Ovid’s FastiHandout with text, translation, and select bibliography
alt textBrannelly Ovid Handout Revised.docxBrannellyTimothyMagnus, Maior, Maximus: Degrees of Greatness on the Ides of January in Ovid’s FastiRevised Handout with text, translation, and select bibliography
alt text5C Reception Studies 1 Breitenfeld - Never Bury My Bones Apart from Yours- Iliad Reception in XWP.pdfBreitenfeldSarah Brucia5C Reception Studies 1 Breitenfeld - Never Bury My Bones Apart from Yours- Iliad Reception in XWPPowerpoint including presentation images and bibliography for "Never Bury My Bones Apart from Yours: Iliad Reception in Xena."
alt textBrobeck-CAMWS 2020 Handout.pdfBrobeckEmmaMartial's Allusive Clay Tableware in Epigrams 8.6 and 14.108Handout with text, translation, and relevant bibliography
alt textBrook - A Herodotean Moment in Euripides' Medea.pdfBrookAdrianaA Herodotean Moment in Euripides' MedeaThis is a .pdf copy of the PowerPoint slides I'll show during my paper; includes quotations from Herodotus and Euripides, as well as bibliography.
alt textLaurenBrown_HandoutCAMWS2020.docxBrownLaurenPollution, Appeasement, and Ritual Murder: The Punishment of Unchaste Vestal VirginsHandout for Presentation in Ancient Religion 2
alt textBuchanan - Roman Narrative of Decline.pdfBuchananMarshallCato and Sallust: The Narrative of Corruption and the Narrative of DeclineHandout
alt textBurianbibliography for CAMWS 2020.docxBurianPeterReading Fifth-Century Athenian Drama DemocraticallyThis bibliograpy consists of items referred to in the presention plus a sampling of recent (post-2000) work related to drama and
alt textSpeaking Up For Rome_17A_CAMWS2020.pdfBurnsKrishniDr.A PDF Handout with Latin text, English translations, and select bibliography.
alt textBurt13C HO for Teaching Relationships.docxBurtKathleenTeaching Relationships: Modern and Ancient Contexts and Concepts in Ancient Greco-Roman PoetryHandout with the text of examples referenced within the presentation and bibliography
alt textCarrara, Cato as Exemplary Historian, CAMWS 2020.pdfCarraraEvaCato as Exemplary Historian in Against VerresA handout with Latin text, English translations, select bibliography, and contact information to accompany the Powerpoint used in presenting.
alt textCheshire on Euclid 1.pptxCheshireKeyneThe Placement of Proposition 1.4 within Euclid’s ElementsPowerPoint presentation with animated illustrations, list of works cited, and a possible alternative to Prop. 1.4.
alt textChrol Dormice CAMWS 2020 Handout.docxChrolE.DelOf Dormice and Men: Women's Party Games at Ars Amatoria 3.749-68Text and translation
alt textTo Crown and Not to Crown Handout.pdfClarkTimothyTo Crow and Not to Crown: Trajanic Representations of Roman-Eastern Relations Handout and bibliography for for Timothy Clark (session 2D).
alt textTo Crown and Not to Crown Handout revised.pdfClarkTimothyTo Crown and Not to Crown REVISEDHandout and bibliography for for Timothy Clark (session 2D) (Revised).
alt textTailgating at CAMWS 2020.pdfClevingerDonnaTailgating with the Classics:Creating Annual Events to Increase Campus Visibility and Diverse Community RelationsHandout for the Round Table Discussion which includes proven activities that have strengthen campus programs and community relationships.
alt textCOZZI Hippolytus Handout .pdfCozzi Cecilia"Hippolytus: a tragedy of Human Amechania"Here you will find the handout I will be using throughout my presentation during session 3B (Greek Drama 1). The handout includes quotations from Euripides' text, but also references to other tragedians and a selective bibliography at the end.
alt textScapegoat Ritual and Aristophanes' Wealth.docxCredoBrianpassages and bibliography
alt textScapegoat Ritual and Aristophanes' Wealth (1).docxCredoBrianScapegoat Ritual and Aristophanes' Wealth (1)passages and bibliography
alt textCromley. Vir Bonus? Handout.pdfCromleyDeborahVir Bonus or Slave? Risky Rhetoric in Apuleius' MetamorphosesHandout with text, translation, and select bibliography
alt textCromley. Vir Bonus? Handout with link.pdfCromleyDeborahVir Bonus or Slave? Risky Rhetoric in Apuleius' Metamorphoses WITH ABSTRACT LINKHandout with text, translation, and select bibliography AND ABSTRACT LINK
alt textCross.pdfCrossNicholasIonian Silver Coinage and the Ionian ConfederacyHandout
alt textPitying Xerxes Handout.pdfDanzeTeresaPitying Xerxes in Aeschylus' PersiansHandout with passages, bibliography
alt textDavis--Light and Fire in Apuleius and Lewis' Retellings of Cupid and Psyche.docxDavisClaireLight and Fire in Apuleius and Lewis' Retellings of Cupid and PsycheThis handout contains major talking points and key quotations from each text, as well as a bibliography.
alt textDeacon–Community Connections.pdfDeaconElizabethCommunity Connections in the Ephesiacapassages and bibliography
alt textDelbarAlanMoorePromethia.docxDelbarDavidThe Fires of Promethean Meta-Reception in the Comics of Alan MooreAlan Moore's Use of the Prometheus myth in Comics
alt textDiGiulio CAMWS2020 Suetonius Handout.pdfDiGiulioScottTiberius Cunctator: Fabius Maximus in Suetonius’ Life of TiberiusHandout with passages and bibliography
alt textThe Laureolus-Mime handout.pdfDuncanAnneThe Laureolus-Mimehandout with texts, translations, and select bibliography
alt textEisenlohr Isis Paper.pdfEisenlohrSarahFalse Forms and Wicked Women: Apuleius' Isis Book and Ovid's Iphis StorySupplementary materials and bibliography.
alt textBalbus CAMWS 2020 handout.docxElliottKennethPro Balbo, viro fortiHandout with primary sources and bibliography
alt textErez - Love_Sick.pdfErezYelenaLove/Sick: Medicalized Love in Apollonius' ArgonauticaHandout with passages and select bibliography
alt textOlga Faccani_CAMWS Handout.pdfFaccaniOlgaReciprocity in Hades: the appearance of Theseus on stage in Euripides’ HeraclesThe handout includes excerpts from Euripides' Heracles that I will discuss in my presentation, and a select bibliography.
alt textFenton: Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Spendius, Mathos, and Autaritus and the Punic Army HANDOUT.pdfFentonVaughnDead Men Do Tell Tales: Spendius, Mathos, and Autaritus and the Punic ArmyHandout with texts, translations, and a few other notes. Very helpful for background information and following along
alt textFicklin - Medea's Platonic Soul Takes Flight.pdfFicklinAndrew C.Medea's Platonic Soul Takes Flight (A.R. 3.1150-54)Handout with text, translations, and bibliography.
alt textFisher, Rebekah-Wealth, Women, and Whores: The Interaction between Money and Women in Catullus.pdfFisherRebekahPrimary Evidence with translations and short bibliography.
alt textSuitor Servant Ref Chart.pdfFranceMarySuitors, Servants, and Disciples: The Evil, the Once Evil, and the Now Saved, According to the "Book" of CentosThree column chart showing Centos, Homeric, and biblical passages for suitor and servant references
alt textFranzen Lucan Walls.pdfFranzenChristinaFinding a Way Through: Of Walls, Corpses, and Gods in Lucan's Bellum CivileLucan's Scaeva through lens of Giorgio Agamben's Corpus
alt textFreasPetroniusSession18.pdfFreasDebraPetronius, Poetry, and Rape: Satyrica 126.18Handout with Latin Passages & Translations with Select Bibliography
alt textFroedge-Olympus Has Fallen.pdfFroedgeStephenOlympus Has Fallen: Gigantomachy and the Battle of Cannae in Silius Italicus’ PunicaHandout
alt textFunsten Bibliography (Session 3A).docxFunstenGraceCydippe Defixa: A Magical Reading of Her. 21Select bibliography
alt textFunsten Presentation (Session 3A).pptxFunstenGraceCydippe Defixa: A Magical Reading of Her. 21Powerpoint to accompany talk with text and translations of passages to be discussed
alt textA goddess for runaway slaves_Feronia and her worshippers.pdfGianniGaiaA goddess for runaway slaves? Feronia and her worshippers.Handout with passages and bibliography.
alt textJuvenal's Odysseus, Latin Satire, Panel 1A.pdfGonzalesMauriceMr.Handout and select bibliography
alt textHealing the Divide - Engaging STEM Students through Ancient Science and Medicine (CAMWS 2020 handout).pdfGoyetteMichaelHealing the Divide - Engaging STEM Students through Ancient Science and Medicine (Handout)Handout
alt textCatullus handout.docxGreeneEllenCatullus, Caesar, and the Foundations of Roman IdeologyHandout
alt textA Blended Approach to Teaching Intermediate and Advanced.pdfGruber-MillerJohnDr.
alt textA Blended Approach to Teaching Intermediate and Advanced Latin Students-handout.pdfGruber-MillerJohnDr.
alt textA Fisco Petit Handout.pdfHagemannLukeA Fisco Petit: The Alienation of State Property in the Roman EmpireHandout with texts and bibliography
alt textHales-Brittain_Viewing and Verbalizing.docxHales-BrittainSaraHandout with Greek and English translations of passages referenced in the paper
alt textHanson - Outline - Eudocia, Augustine, and the Theotokos.pdfHansonErik M. HansonEudocia, Augustine, and the TheotokosOutline to accompany Erik Hanson - Eudocia and Augustine: Woman Problems? Reflections on Eve, the Theotokos, and Redemption
alt textNight, Catiline, and Sallust’s Narrative Challenge to Cicero Handout.pdfHansonWesleyNight, Catiline, and Sallust’s Narrative Challenge to Cicero HandoutHandout and Select Bibliography
alt textWashed in the Water_Hattori, Austin_Handout.pdfHattoriAustinWashed in the Water: Dating Callimachus' Lock of BereniceHandout
alt textHaynes Tacitus handout.docxHaynesHollyProfessor
alt textHendricks Handouts Updated.pdfHendricksAmyLeading from Within: Choral Incorporation in the Homeric Hymn to ApolloUPDATED Hendricks–Hymn to Apollo Chorus–CAMWS 2020
alt textHendricks–Hymn to Apollo–CAMWS 2020.pdfHendricksAmyLeading from Within: Choral Incorporation in the Homeric Hymn to ApolloHendricks–Hymn to Apollo Chorus–CAMWS 2020
alt textHodges_Impetuous Sea_CAMWS20_handout.pdfHodgesVictoriaThe IMPetuous Sea: Storm and Sea Imagery in Ovid Tristia 1.2 and Pliny 2.17Handout with relevant texts, translations and bibliography
alt textWhy Did Athenians Trust Demagogues--CAMWS handout 2020.pdfHolschuh SimmonsRobertDr.
alt textHuemer_handout_camws2020.pdfHuemerMaxPunic Domestic Architecture and Urban Planning: Some Preliminary Findingshandout
alt textIff-Noel handout_Catullus aesthetic terminology.pdfIff-NoelFloraLeviter deducens fila: Catullus’s aesthetic terminologyA case study of Catullus’s aesthetic terminology in poem 64
alt textCraig Jendza, Art-Horror in Aeschylus' Eumenides, CAMWS 2020.pdfJendzaCraigArt-Horror in Aeschylus' EumenidesThis is a .pdf of the powerpoint slides I'll be showing during my presentation
alt textJohansen^J Handout^J CAMWS 2020 Session 7C.pdfJohansenJordan"Let's Call Her Cleopatra, Cleopatra"Handout for Johansen talk, Session 7C
alt textJones_A Convergence of Character-Ajax as Themistocles.pdfJonesGregoryA Convergence of Character: Ajax as Themistocles (and vice versa) in the Greek ImaginationHandout with relevant passages and select bibliography
alt textKaloudis_Callimachus.pdfKaloudisNaomiCallimachus' Hymn 1 to Ptolemycited text with translations and bibliography
alt textKamil ppt.pdfKamilMiriamLocus Suspectus: Landscape and the Uncanny in Ovid's Met (A reading of Met 4.772-781)Ppt slides
alt textKarsten, Theognis' Seal Poems, CAMWS 2020 Handout, Updated.pdfKarstenAlexanderTheognis' Seal Poem Handout (Updated)An updated version of my handout with survey data, examples, and bibliography
alt textKeith Sulpicia CAMWS Handout 2020.pdfKeithSarah C.Sarah Keith Handout- Realism and Reality: The Elegiac Epistolography of Sulpiciahandout
alt textKidder_CAMWShandout.pdfKidderKathleenSome Words about Cassandra’s Falsehood-infused Words (Lyc. Alex. 1454–58): Veracity, Medicine, and GenreHandout with passages and works cited (4 pages)
alt textelmvine.docxKiehlKeturahAlms, the Elm, and the Vine in Caesarius' Sermo 27
alt textKing - Homer on the Tragic Paradox Handout.pdfKingChristopherHandout including Greek passages with translations and selected bibliography
alt textKish Truth and Moral Critique in Arrian's Anabasis CAMWS 2020.pdfKishNathanTruth and Moral Critique in Arrian's AnabasisHandout with text, translation, and bibliography
alt textKretler Aristotle handout.pdfKretlerKateAristotle on Karkinos' Amphiaraos: The Uncanny Feedback Loop of Actionhandout with passage and brief bibliography
alt textKuppers Panhellenic Publicity.pdfKüppersSinjaPanhellenic Publicity in Epinician PoetryPassages from epinician poetry and select bibliography.
alt textlangworthymurenahandout.docxLangworthyHopePro Murena handoutTranslations of Latin quotes, selected quotes from secondary bibliography
alt textLarmour Speech Still Kills Session1A.pdfLarmourDavid Larmour, Speech Still Kills...Session 1A Roman Satirehandout
alt textLaRose - In the Emperor's Service - Handout.pdfLaRoseDanielleIn the Emperor's Service: Identity among the Slaves and Freedmen of the Familia CaesarisHandout with text, translations, and selected bibliography
alt textLarsen Handout.docLarsenMikCicero and the Tyranny of the TribunesHandout and Bibliography
alt textEllen Cole Lee, Interrogating the Hidden Curriculum.pptxLeeEllen ColeInterrogating the Hidden Curriculum: First Steps for Designing Inclusive and Accessible CoursesPresentation slides for the GSIC workshop, Interrogating the Hidden Curriculum
alt textPherecrates Lysistrata handout.docxLewisAmyPherecrates and the women of Lysistrata
alt textyukaili ekphrasis handout.pdfLiYukaiEkphrasis and the ontological problem of pastoralhandout
alt textLindgren Handle with Care handout.pdfLindgrenMarciaHandle with Care: Working with Original Latin Manuscripts and Early Printed BooksWeb sites for virtual visits to libraries, bibliography, and images
alt textKristin Lord Phoenissae Handout CAMWS 2020.pdfLordKristinKOLordPhoenissaeHandoutCAMWS2020Upload"Water, Food, Life, and Death in Euripides’ Phoenissae" handout
alt textLuCiceroAthenianDays.pdfLuXimingCicero's Athenian DaysHandout with passages and bibliography
alt textLuke Apt Pupil Handout.docxLukeTrevorApt Pupil: The Magian Miseducation of NeroTexts, translations, and bibliography for
alt textTalking Dead Handout.pdfMaJiaqiTalking Dead: The Deceased as Speaker in Hellenistic Funerary EpigramsHandout for Talking Dead: The Deceased as Speaker in Hellenistic Funerary Epigrams, in Greek Poetry 4
alt textMedea as Internal Poet in Argonautica 3 & 4 Handout.pdfMac An AircinnCaolánMr.Handout for Caolán Mac An Aircinn's presentation
alt textMain Saga Poetica Handout.docxMainMalSaga Poetica: Tibullus and the Metapoetics of MagicA collection of short passages discussed in my paper, with accompanying translation and select bibliography
alt textManley_Thucydides and the Luck of Pylos.pdfManleyJonThucydides and the "Luck" of PylosContains relevant passages with translations, a map image, and select bibliography.
alt textPhaedrus's Optimism Handout.pdfMannKristinPhaedrus's OptimismHandout for Session 15A: Latin Poetry 5
alt textPayne--Resources for Reacting to the Past.docxMartha J.PayneDeveloping Role-Playing Games for Reacting to the PastResources for RTTP
alt textMatlock Albucius handout.pdfMatlockAndresSuccess and Failure in CiceroHandout
alt textMatthews-Thematic Emptiness in Herodotus BK4.pdfMatthewsMichaelThematic Emptiness and Atemporality in Herodotus Book 4Passages and Bib. for presentation.
alt textMcClay Homer Handout.pdfMcClayMarkThe Dirt on Hector: Homicide Pollution in the IliadHandout (3 pages)
alt textLife_after_Classics_052720_McGill.pdfMcGillRobinPreparing Your Students for Life after ClassicsPPT slides shared during round-table discussion with embedded links
alt textMcGraw Tacitus, Tiberius, and the Statues of Augustus Handout.pdfMcGrawClaireTacitus, Tiberius, and the Statues of Augustus: Language of Statues and Questions about Cult Presented at Virtual CAMWS 2020 HypHandout
alt text10B Melodies for the Syrinx Handout.pdfMcNeelyIanMelodies for the Syrinx: Longus’ Musical Mixing and the Myth of EchoHandout with referenced passages and their translations with a bibliography
alt textMelberg, Kate Slave Speech and Sympathy Handout.pdfMelbergKateSlave Speech and SympathySlave Speech and Sympathy Handout
alt textMerkley Being an ass handout.docxMerkleyKyBeing an Ass: Embodied Identity vs. Internal Self in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses2 page handout
alt textMilesi_PorphyryPtolemy_Handout.pdfMilesiMatteoExegesis and Intellectual AuthorityHandout with Greek texts-translations-bibliography
alt textMills 2020 CAMWS Handount.docxMillsSophieUnspeakable and Unspoken Things: Silences, Incest, Tyranny and Innocence in Oedipus TyrannusFull references for paper. I won't be dealing with many in detail, however
alt textAd Usum Delphini CAMWS 2020 slides.pptxMistrettaMarco Romani, Nancy Vander Veer
alt text2b_GreekProse_PlutarchHandout.pdfMoormanRebeccaBee-Poets and Bee-Philosophers: Plutarch on the Pleasures of RhetoricHandout with passages and bibliography
alt textCAMWS Handout 2020.pdfMorrisonRachelAnd who is my philos?: Blood and Friendship in Euripides’s Orestes
alt textCAMWS2020.pptxMossJennifer SheridanCultivating Translation Skills in Intermediate and Advanced LatinTeaching ablative absolutes (with links to online material)
alt textMunson Energetics Handout 1C.pdfMunsonLukeThe Crisis of the Third Century as seen through the Planning and Energetics of the Aurelian WallTables and Passages to be discussed in Presentation
alt textKevin Muse, Rem patris oblimare .pptxMuseKevinRem patris oblimare: The Humorous Economy of Horace Satires 1.2.61-2PowerPoint Presentation with relevant passages and bibliography
alt textNattermann handout Thucydides' plague narrative.pdfNattermannIndia WatkinsThe Diseased Body and Athenian Masculinity: A Kristevan Reading of Thucydides' Plague Narrative handout with text discussed and translation, bibliography
alt textNeely - Grief in Ovid Handout.docxNeelyElizabethPhysiology of Grief in Ovid’s MetamorphosesHandout with referenced passages and bibliography
alt textNelsonMyUnmanlyLament.pdfNelsonNicholasMy "Unmanly" Lament: Gender and the Lament in Xenophon of EphesusGreek Novel Panel
alt textNO EXTENSION.pptxNguyenTiffanyThe Rhetoric of HoracePowerpoint for presentation with bibliography for paper
alt textNguyen T Rhetoric of Horace.pptxNguyenTiffanyThe Performative Rhetoric of HoracePowerpoint presentation including relevant texts, translations, and bibliography
alt textStephen Ogumah Handout .pdfOgumahStephenTwo Tripods and Colonization Narrative in Apollonius of RhodesAllusion to the Libyan Episode in Herodotus by Apollonius of Rhodes
alt textKayla Olson_A New Look at the Cosa ‘Snake-Vessels’ Handout - Kayla Olson.pdfOlsonKayla“Euoi Saboi!”: A New Look at the Cosa ‘Snake-Vessels’PowerPoint
alt textMark Padilla's handout, 10 C 3, Classical Receptions 3.pdfPadillaMarkThemes of Aphrodite and the Dog Star Sirius in Alfred Hitchcock’s 'Rear Window'Handout includes outline of talk, background info, bibliography
alt textpandey camws 2020 handout.pdfPandeyNandini B.Trans-(En)gendering Aeneas' Shield: Male-Female Chiasmus through Narrative, Intertext, and Ekphrasis in Aeneid 8 Handout with bibliography and passages from Aristotle, Lucretius, and Vergil.
alt textThe Stage as a Justice Space -Pantazopoulou.pdfPantazopoulouAnastasiaPantazopoulou-The Stage as a Justice Space:Revisiting the Case of Medea in Peter McGarry's MedeaA pdf version of the PowerPoint used in presenting with text (English), illustrations, and selected bibliography.
alt textPare_Zoom CAMWS 2020 - Falling on Deaf Ears_Traumatic Response in Euripides' Hecuba Handout with Link.docxPareJuliaFalling on Deaf Ears: A Traumatic Perspective on the Transformation of Euripides' Hecuba
alt textPare_Zoom CAMWS 2020 - Falling on Deaf Ears_Traumatic Response in Euripides' Hecuba Handout.docxPareJuliaFalling on Deaf Ears: The Traumatic Loss of Language in Euripides' HecubaPresentation Handout
alt textParks Xenophon handout for session 2B.pdfParksMitchellXenophon's Funeral OrationHandout (2 pages)
alt textSergios Paschalis, Male Belligerence and Female Pacificism, Handout.pdfPaschalisSergiosMale Belligerence and Female Pacificism: Homer’s and Euripides’ Trojan women and Ovid’s Sabine women (Fast. 3.167-234)
alt textSenex in scholas.pptxPasco-PrangerMollySenex in scholas: Twisting a Ciceronian Scenario in Seneca’s ControversiaePrimary sources and brief bibliography.
alt textRTTP Resources handout.docxPayneMarthaDeveloping Role-Playing Games for the Reacting to the Past (RTTP) CurriculumOverview of RTTP and the game development process
alt textRTTP PowerPoint.pdfPayneMarthaDeveloping Role-Playing Games for the Reacting to the Past (RTTP) CurriculumOverview of RTTP and the game development process w/ links to RTTP website
alt textThe Ancient Geeko-Roman CAMWS 2020 Transcript.pdfPendragonAneirinThe Ancient Geeko-Roman: Visual Social Media for Learning, Teaching, and Community BuildingFull video transcript for panel presentation.
alt textPhillips_Beyond_Perception, handout.pdfPhillipsRichardBeyond Perception: A New Taxonomy for Invisibility NarrativesHandout
alt textLivy's Civil Wars Handout.pdfPittardAndreaLivy's Civil Wars
alt textGesanderCAWMS2020handout.pdfPolleichtnerWolfgangGesander’s Treatment of Defenseless PriestsHandout
alt textSerenityHandout.pdfPowellKelsieSerenity Has Symptoms Too: Lucretian Physiology of PleasureHandout
alt textPowers_Handout.pdfPowersKellyAdultery, Emasculation, and Roman Identity in Horace's SatiresThis handout includes the Latin text and English translations of the passages discussed in the paper, as well as a bibliography.
alt textHandout Session 14B Hephaestus Automatons.pdfRadcliffeBenEars, Artifice, and Hephaestus’ Automatons in Iliad 18Handout with texts, translations, citations, and select bibliography.
alt textCAMWS Handout.pdfRahyabSusanThe Letters of Thermouthas, Daughter of Apuleius: The Case of an Extended Family in Roman Philadelphia Handout with household charts, translations of cited papyri, and bibliography.
alt textAre You Ready Panel Bibliography.pdfRamsbyTeresaIt’s Coming: Are You Ready? College-Level Methods to Accommodate Students Instructed in Active LatinBibliography relevant to panel presentations and to Active Latin: theories, applications, and utility.
alt textReeber handout fidissima.pdfReeberJoyFidissima coniunx? Generic instability in Pont. 1.4Handout with passages, translation, and select bibliography
alt textImperial Ecphrasis in Galen's Protrepticus.pdfReederJonathanImperial Ecphrasis in Galen's ProtrepticusHandout with text, translation, and bibliography.
alt textReno, Pornographic Desire Handout.pdfRenoJoshuaPornographic Desire: The Moral-Psychology of Ancient Sex WorkPrimary texts and translations, abbreviated bibliography.
alt textRollinsHippoHandout.docxRollinsDominicaMsHandout includes the passage of interest from Herodotus and other ancient descriptions of the hippopotamus.
alt textThe Courage to Save the Republic Handout.pdfRudmanNicholasThe Courage to Save the Republic: Fortitudo and Politics in Cicero’s De OfficiisHandout with cited primary texts, translations, and a bibliography
alt textHelen Ruger_Handout for CAMWS Presentation.pdfRugerHelenGraceful Giving: The Role of the Female in Seneca’s De BeneficiisHandout with passages from Seneca’s De Beneficiis and select bibliography.
alt textMe, Myself, and I.pdfSalaDaltonMe, Myself, and I: Understanding Der soziative Plural in the Preface to De Officiis III Through Cicero’s LettersAttached is a handout of diagrams and texts referenced, together with a select bibliography.
alt textSchiano Hermaphrodite Reconsidered presentation 2020.pptxSchianoSierraHermaphrodite Reconsidered: Destigmatizing Intersex Bodies in Greco-Roman ArtPowerpoint slides which will accompany my presentation (bibliography included).
alt textSchoephoerster_Biaiothanatos_Handout.pdfSchoephoersterKirbyPublius Clodius Biaiothanatos: Cicero's Oratorical Necromancy in Pro Milone 79This handout will supplement the presentation with primary text passages, translations, and a bibliography.
alt textMagic in Theocritus and Vergil Handout.pdfSherryMatthewMagic and Catharsis in Theocritus’ Idyll 2 and Vergil’s Aeneid 4Handout with text and translations of passages from Vergil and Theocritus with select bibliography.
alt textMalerbahandout.pdfSienkewiczThomas J.From The Odyssey to Itaca per sempre to Ithaca ForeverThis handout includes a comparison of Malerba's text to Homer's, a comparison of Malerba's Italian to Heise's English translsation, some study questions to use in the undergraduate classroom, and a bibliography.
alt textSlater20a Early Female Reader.pdfSlaterNiall W.An Early Female Reader at Home: New Evidence from a Red-Figure KraterUpdated pdf of the presenter's Powerpoint slides plus a short bibliography.
alt textCAMWS Lucian Handout NFS.pdfSolleyNathanielὃ νῦν ποιεῖς: Target and Textuality in Lucian's Ignorant Book CollectorHandout
alt textSorscher Female Guardianship in New Comedy Handout.pdfSorscherHannahFemale Guardianship in New Comedy: Critiquing Patriarchal HouseholdsHandout with text, translation, and select bibliography
alt textThe Source of the Sound Handout .pdfStephensAlexandraThe Source of the Sound: Fama and Rumor in LivyHandout
alt textStoner on Quintilian and Plato's Gorgias.docxStonerMary Rosalie"What Quintilian Wants Plato to Want: A Reading of the Gorgias in Institutio 2.15"Handout with texts and translations I will refer to during my presentation
alt textValerius and Silius.pdfStoverTimAllusions to Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica in the Punica of Silius ItalicusA collection of passages discussed in the talk along with works cited
alt textSwanson, Trick or Treat Handout.docxSwansonJordanTrick or Treat? Daimones in the Writings of Justin Martyr and PlutarchHandout with Greek text, English translations, and select bibliography.
alt textThe Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity for Classics and Latin in K-12 Schools.pptxTarkow/Dickerson/MehtaTed/Dennis/ArtiThe Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity for Classics and Latin in K-12 SchoolsThis is the PowerPoint we will use for our roundtable discussion. Feel free to reflect on the pertinent questions posed by the committee ahead of our presentation.
alt textTemkina - Identifying Gladiator Burials_ A Comparison of Possible Gladiator Cemeteries in York and Ephesus.pdfTemkinaAnastasiaA .pdf copy of the PowerPoint slides for my presentation, including the bibliography.
alt textTennant Handout.pdfTennantJohn(Mis)quoting Euripides: Playing the Language Game with Proverbs in Plato’s Republic and GorgiasGreek text and translation
alt textElizabeth Thomas handout.pdfThomasElizabethSession 18 Section C- Elizabeth ThomasA Secondary School Model for LMS in Enhancing Successful Latin Translation
alt textTrotz-Liboff CAMWS Handout 2020.pdfTrotz-LiboffLeoΜῆνις and Μῆτις: The Meeting of Two Epics in "Iliad" IXPassages and Select Bibliography
alt textVaananen 1.pdfVaananenKatrinaEpidemiology Through Poetry: Fracastoro’s Pestilential AvianocidePassages that will be referenced in the presentation
alt textVaananen 2.pdfVaananenKatrinaEpidemiology Through Poetry: Fracastoro’s Pestilential AvianocideSelect Bibliography and Further Reading
alt textVan Geel Only Sleeping CAMWS 2020 Handout .pdfVan GeelLien“I’m Only Sleeping?”: Medea’s Sleep and Sleeplessness as a Gendered ParadoxHandout with relevant passages by Ovid and Valerius Flaccus and select bibliography
alt textVanSyckel - Vindication of Chloe handout.pdfVanSyckelHannahA Vindication of Chloe: Reinterpreting 'Sexual Symmetry' in Longus' Daphnis and ChloeA handout with text, translation, and bibliography.
alt text17C_Handout_Vennarucci_Epigraphy_Petronius.pdfVennarucciRhodoraVoices from Below: An Epigraphic Approach to Teaching Petronius' SatyriconHandout with example epigraphy assignments for intermediate and advanced Latin students.
alt textMarko Vitas, Name replacement as a stylistic device in Pindar's epinician odes.pdfVitasMarkoName Replacement as a Stylistic Device in Pindar’s Epinician OdesHandout
alt textMelancholy.pdfVocaturoLucaMelancholy: The Social Construction of a DiseaseThis handout consists of 23 ancient citations plus a bibliography.
alt textWaddell - Cupido Incessit.pdfWaddellPhilipCupido IncessitHandout with passages, translations, and bibliography
alt textWarhover Lucillius Boxer Epigrams.pdfWarhoverEmmaLucillius' Boxer EpigramsHandout with text and translations of six of Lucillius' epigrams.
alt textWash Empedocles Handout.pdfWashLeonThree Empedoclean Compounds and Empedocles' Evergreen AuthorityHandout
alt textHow to Read History Handout.pdfWatkinsJosephHow to Read History: Echoes of the Future in Sallust's de Coniuratione CatilinaeRelevant quotes with translation and selected bibliography
alt textHow to Read History Handout Corrected.pdfWatkinsJosephHow to Read History: Echoes of the Future in Sallust's de Coniuratione CatilinaeRelevant quotes with translation and selected bibliography - Corrected for numbers and one citation
alt textCatullus 2-3 handout.pdfWeedAshleyA Reappraisal of Catullus 2 and 3Handout with text, translations, and select bibliography
alt textEmerald with Gold Handout.pdfWeidlerPatriciaEmerald with Gold: Polycrates’ Ring in Asclepiades AP 12.163Handout of passages referenced and bibliography
alt textWelch, Caesar in Tacitus Handout.pdfWelchDavidThe Use of Caesar in the First Triad of Tacitus' AnnalesHandout with translations of texts referenced in the paper, as well as charts and a select bibliography
alt textResources for Stress Free Assessment.docxWilliamsNadyaAssessment in Classics ProgramsHandout for the Roundtable Discussion on Assessment in Classics Programs. The aim is to provide an overview of some common challenges that faculty and teachers face, and possible solutions. A short bibliography of further reading recommendations is also included. Because who wouldn't like to read more about assessment?
alt text20.05.06CAMWSrevised.pdfWongEdwinAeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes, Probability, and a New Theory of TragedyThis handout discusses "risk theatre" theory in more depth.
alt textWutrich, handout for History, Philosophy, Myth.pdfWUTRICHTimothyHistory, Philosophy, and Mythology in Aeschylus's PersiansHandout with Greek texts and English translations and selected bibliography
alt textCAMWS 2020 Drama Working Group Agenda.docx.pdfWUTRICHTimothyCAMWS 2020 Drama Working Group AgendaAgenda for a CAMWS group dedicated to the study and performance of Greek, Roman and Classical Tradition Drama.
alt textYancich Manichaeism and Lurianic Kabbalah Handout.pdfYancichMichelleManichaeism and Lurianic Kabbalah: An Unlikely PairHandout and Bibliography for Yancich presentation, Session 3D (Ancient Religion 1).
alt textYates on Ephorus - Handout.pdfYatesDavidThe Date of Ephorus' HistoriesPassages used in the talk and select bibliography
alt textYona handout.pdfYonaSergioA Recipe for Disaster: Epicureanism in Satires 2.4 and 2.8Handout
alt textYouree--The Wrath of Achilles and the Trial of Ganelon--Handout.pdfYoureeEmilyThe Wrath of Achilles and the Trial of Ganelon: The Epic Tradition in the Song of Roland This handout contains the major points of my argument and a bibliography.
alt textZarecki - Cicero Caesar and the SCU of January 49.pdfZareckiJonathanCicero, Caesar, and the SCU of January 49Handout with texts and translations of passages mentioned in my talk with select bibliography.
alt textHandout for Paper (Lucretius).pdfZiolkowskiJohnSimiles Versus Analogies in LucretiusHandout with passages and bibliography.
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