These file uploads are listed alphabetically by last name of presenter.

Presenters in Virtual CAMWS 2020 are able to upload .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, and .pptx files here with a special password sent to them via email. Scroll down below the list of uploaded files to upload your file. Scroll down below the list of uploaded files to find the button used to upload your file.

It is highly recommended that your uploaded file include a hot hyperlink to the abstract for your paper. You can find that hyperlink in the program:

In the box labeled "Description" please provide some information about the content of your uploaded file. You can also rename the file you are uploading and are asked to shorten very long file names and to use unique names (not generic ones like "CAMWS2020" or "CAMWSpaper").

Please note that these files will remain posted on this webpage indefinitely and that any visitor to this page may download materials linked on this page by right clicking (Ctrl + click on a Mac) on the file name and selecting 'Save As...'.

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