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alt textAdkins_LargePrintPaper.pdfAdkinsEvelynThe Goatherd and the Shepherdess: Daphnis and Chloe for ChildrenLarge Print Version of Paper
alt textAdkins_Handout.pdfAdkinsEvelynHandout for The Goatherd and the Shepherdess: Daphnis and Chloe for Children
alt textHandout Sympotic Conduct in a Political Context: Theognis 309-314 .pdfAlbertiLaurenSympotic Conduct in a Political Space: Theognis 309-314Handout and Bibliography
alt textQuintusCiceroTribunateCommPetAlexander.docxAlexanderMichaelQuintus Cicero, the tribunate, and the Commentariolum Petitionishandout and bibliography
alt textAlvares_camws_bib2021.docxAlvaresJeanArtagatis, Cybele, Isis and Lucius at RomeFriday, April 9 Section B. Latin Novel. “Artagatis, Cybele, Isis and Lucius at Rome”
alt textSocrates Philosophist handout - CAMWS 2021 Andrews.pdfANDREWSJamesSocrates PhilosophistHandout and Bibliography
alt textAnton Handout of key passages for Lesser of 2 Evils CAMWS.pdfAntonAudreyAssociate Professo of PhilosophyPassages for "The Lesser of Two Evils"
alt textAralere_Asclepius Narratology Healing.pdfAralereTejasAsclepius and Narratologies of HealingTalk handout
alt textAetiologies of Eros: The Birds and Plato's Symposium.pdfBaquerizoOliviaAetiologies of Eros: The Birds and Plato's Symposium
alt textBaroff CAMWS handout.docxBaroffMelissaHandout and bibliography
alt textBeck_Handout (CAMWS 2021).pdfBeckBillHarshing Zeus’ μέλω: Reassessing the Sympathy of Zeus at Iliad 20.21passages and references
alt textBeek Ideas of Fairness handout.pdfBeekAaronImperial Greek Narrative and Greek and Roman Ideas of Fairnesshandout and select bibliography
alt textCAMWS Handout.pdfBensch-SchausAmeliaThe Second Best at Center Stage: The Odyssean Framework of Sophocles’ AjaxHandout
alt textBork-CAMWS_2021-Handout.pdfBorkHansNoisy Words on Page and StageCAMWS 2021 handout — for paper:
alt textBreitenfeld Handout - 3C Greek Oratory.pdfBreitenfeldSarah BruciaHandout for “'While she was drunk, many others had sex with her.' Reexamining Violence in Dem. 19.196-98 and [Dem.] 59.33-35"Handout to accompany Breitenfeld presentation on 3C: Greek Oratory Panel
alt textBrownCAMWS2021 Handout.pdfBrownLaurenWeather and τύχη in Polybius' Histories
alt textBungard - Playing the Player.pdfBungardChristopherPlaying the Player: Thinking about the Meretrices of Plautus’ TruculentusHandout for
alt textHorace and Augustan Ideology: The Callimachean and Epicurean Politics of the Odes .docxBurnsChristopherHorace and Augustan Ideology: The Callimachean and Epicurean Politics of the Odes
alt textVirgilius Seduliōrum 5A Burt.pdfBurtKathleenVergilius SeduliorumPowerPoint with mostly Latin passages and primary bibliography
alt textReconstructing Urban Horticulture in Pompeii, Hyperlink Handout.pdfCampbellClaireReconstructing Urban Horticulture in PompeiiHandout contains hyperlinks to catalogs discussed in presentation.
alt textCarawan Little Iliad F2.pdfCarawanEdwin"Even a woman could carry": Knights 1056 and Little Iliad F2Powerpoint partly excerpted
alt textCAMWS21 Castellani ppt.pptxCastellaniVictorLeverage in a Dim Cave: Cunning μοχλός versus Heavy θυρεός in Odyssey 9powerpoint
alt textOdyssey 9 blinding sequence.docxCastellaniVictorGreek text: accompanies paper on blinding Polyphemus
alt textCAMWS handout (R. Caston).pdfCastonRuth R.Love beyond measure in Cummings and Catullus
alt textThe Trajanic Imagery of the Dacians in Dacia and Rome.pdfCheZiweiMs
alt textClaman2021-CAMWS-OratoryHandout.pdfClamanAlexest enim actio quasi sermo corporis: Body, Language, and Performance in Roman OratorySelected bibliography
alt textCAMWS HANDOUT Cato, Sulpicius, Cicero Masculinity.docxColemanJavalCato and Sulpicius' Masculinity and the Pro MurenaHandout contains texts and bibliography
alt textCAMWS 08.pdfCozziCeciliaBiological paternity and Literary Creation in the TristiaHandout with passages and select Bibliography
alt textPythias me inuadit: Perilous Interpellation in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses.pdfCromleyDeborah H.Pythias me inuadit: Perilous Interpellation in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses
alt textMonstrous Crowns and the New Furies of Roman Epic.pdfCullickRachaelMonstrous Crowns and the New Furies of Roman Epic
alt textA.pdfCushingAlexObligati tam grandi beneficio: Satirization of Compassionate Manumission in the SatyricaHandout (passages discussed and selected bibliography)
alt textDaugherty Cleopatra Interwar Fiction.docxDaughertyGregory“A rare body, a quick mind, a high spirit”: Cleopatra in Interwar Fiction.Works cited
alt textDe Boer_Gendered and Ethnic Inversions in Horace, Ode 1.15.pdfDe BoerKatherineGendered and Ethnic Inversions in Horace, Ode 1.15
alt textDe_Lozier_Readings_Links.pptxDe LozierLauraLearning While Engaging During a PandemicLinks to virtual readings
alt textDionysophanes Atypical Role.pdfDeaconElizabethDr.Dionysophanes Handout
alt textDelbarHesiodAnimism.docxDelbarDavidThe Animist's Worldview and Hesiod's TheogonyHesiod's poetics blur the line between anthropomorphic gods and the tools/weapons which they use
alt textA Piece of the Snake in Pliny's Pharmacological Texts.pdfDemetrioffJazzA Piece of the Snake in Pliny's Pharmacological Texts: A Reinterpretations of the Snake in Roman MedicineHandout for presentation
alt textDiekman_CupidPsyche_Handout.pdfDiekmanAllisa“The Golden Root”: Cupid, Psyche, and Basile's PentameroneLiterary genealogy of the Tale of Cupid and Psyche; Story Summaries; Selected Bibliography
alt textA Brief History of Greek Mythological Comedy from Epicharmus to Alexis.pdfDixonDustin W.A Brief History of Greek Mythological Comedy from Epicharmus to Alexis
alt textMore Than Motions: Religion as Affirmation of Roman Identity.pptxDonnellyRachelMore Than Motions: Religion as Affirmation of Roman Identity
alt textAtreus_Handout.docxDupreeKristinFeminization of Atreus in Seneca's ThyestesHandout and Select Bibliography
alt textFenton_Handout.docxFentonVaughnCarthage's Sacred Band Handout
alt textCAMWS Handout for Loving Brasidas Edith Foster.docxFosterEdithDr.Handout for the paper 'Loving Brasidas'
alt textFoust handout_images.pdfFoustKristanDr.Foust handout -images
alt textFoust endnotes_bibliography .pdfFoustKristanDr.Foust endnotes_bibliography
alt textFreas_CAMWS2021_Handout.pdfFreasDebraEumolpus' "Pergamene Boy": Pedagogical ConsiderationsHandout with Latin Passages & Translations with Select Bibliography
alt textFriend_Handout.pdfFriendJohnA Garrison at Oropos?Handout for presentation
alt textFunsten Biblio.docxFunstenGraceMihi Blanditias Dixit: the Puella as Poet in Am. 3.7Select Bibliography for talk
alt textWeapons are People_handout.pdfGarcia Jr.LorenzoWEAPONS ARE PEOPLE: Cognitive Metaphor and Volitional Actions in Homeric Epic
alt textGassman_Divination in Augustine handout.pdfGassmanMattiasQuestioning Divination: the Young Augustine and FriendsHandout for section A, Roman History 2
alt textGianni_Handout_Compaedagogita bene merens.pdfGianniGaiaConpaedagogita bene merens: epigraphic evidence on education in the paedagogiumHandout and bibliography
alt textFragments 104-117V.pdfGorab LemeFernandoWedding celebration through Sappho’s epithalamic versesFrr. 104-117V
alt textGosart_Thomas_CAMWS2021_Handout.pdfGosartThomasAn Analysis of Dense Prose Rhythm in Plutarch’s “How to Study Poetry”Handout and select bibliography
alt textCAMWS 2021 Handout.docxGramZakariasThe Trajectory of Negative Theology in the Platonic TraditionHandout with Greek texts, translations, and bibliography
alt textGrab and Go Greek Game List.pptxGreggRev. B.A. GreggGrab and Go Greek GamesA short list of 395 http links to Greek Online Games
alt textGreek Online Games.pdfGreggRev. B.A. GreggGreek Games onlineAbout 395 http links for Greek Games.... this is the real file list.
alt textCaveat Emptor: Property and Religious Tumult in the Fourth Century.pdfHagemannLuke W.Caveat Emptor: Property and Religious Tumult in the Fourth Century
alt textHaller Cultural Relativist Cyclops Handout.pdfHallerBenjaminFriendly Neighborhood Cultural Relativist CyclopsHandout
alt textMedical Language in Demosthenes 54_Hardy.docxHardyBrittanyAriston’s Tragic Illness: Medical Language in Demosthenes 54Handout with passages and select bibliography
alt textHart. Violence & Imperial Anxiety.pdfHartRachelViolence and Imperial Anxiety. The Case of CambysesHandout & Bibliography
alt textPaul Hay - CAMWS 2021 Handout.pdfHayPaulThe Emerald City: Gem Collecting and Literary Patronage in First Century BCE Romehandout and bibliography
alt textHolmes_CAMWS 2021_Handout.pdfHolmesBrookeThe Problem of Contagion and Ancient Greek BiopoliticsHandout
alt textHolt Heroides Water Handout.pdfHoltNoahNobis Aspiciuntur Undae: Water and Abandonment in Ovid's HeroidesHandout and Select Bibliography
alt textCamws Good Grief.pdfHunterElizabeth“The Good” Grief: Pity and Self-Sacrifice in EpicureanismPowerpoint
alt textCAMWS 2021_Iff-Noel_Lector_handout.pdfIff-NoëlFloraInclusus aut exclusus lector? The reader’s postures in CatullusHandout
alt textJendza, Oedipus the Monster in Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus.pdfJendzaCraigOedipus the Monster in Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus.pdf of PowerPoint presentation
alt textKaisler - City Poems of Catullus and O'Hara.docxKaislerMax KaislerCity Poems: Amicitia and Urbanitas in Catullus and O'HaraA selection of O'Hara's poetry
alt textPittacus Scapegoat. Kantzios.pdfKantziosIppokratisPittacus Scapegoat
alt textBright Stars and Wide Whorls.pdfKeyserPaul T.Bright Stars and Wide WhorlsInterpreting the widths of the whorls in Er's vision, in Plato's Republic
alt textKeyser – Bright Stars and Wide Whorls (CAMWS 2021 April) – Handout.pdfKeyserPaul T.Bright Stars and Wide WhorlsInterpreting the widths of the whorls in Er's vision, in Plato's Republic
alt textKindick Handout -Lovers Itinerary Handout (CAMWS).pdfKindickSamuel L.The Lover’s Journey: Relationship as Itinerary in the Ars AmatoriaHandout
alt textAesthetic Taste and Judgment in Tacitus' Dialogus de Oratoribus.pptxKishNathanAesthetic Taste and Judgment in Tacitus' Dialogus de OratoribusPowerPoint
alt textSK_Studying Abroad in Antiquity.pdfKüppersSinjaStudying 'Abroad' in Antiquity: Student Movement and Educational Policyhandout and bibliography
alt textLang Ephesian Tale Handout.pdfLangAdlai EverettAsymmetry and Variety in Ephesian TaleHandout and Bibliography
alt textLarres - Demosthenes - CAMWS Handout.docxLarresEliseHandout for Presentation on Demosthenes and the Sublime
alt textLeon - Material Culture in Int Grk.pptxLeonDanielMaterial Culture in the Intermediate Greek ClassroomPowerPoint slides with some links. Please don't circulate.
alt textcamws 2021 handout.pdfLiYukaiIliadic fame and the splitting of timehandout
alt textLiu-Handout .pdfLiuTianranBestiality and Female Lust in the Roman and Chinese Novelhandout and select bibliography
alt textKristinLordHandoutCentralityChorusEuripidesPhoenissaeCAMWS2021Upload.pdfLordKristinThe Centrality of the Chorus in Euripides' PhoenissaeHandout to The Centrality of the Chorus in Euripides' Phoenissae
alt textMain Handout.docxMainMichaelAll the Haints of Hades: The Case for Regionalized Translations of Classical Literaturehandout
alt textManwell Handout-Late in the Day.docxManwellElizabethProfessorManwell-Late in the Day Handout
alt textSubverting Sexual Symmetry Handout.pdfMartinCarissaSubverting Sexual Symmetry: Reading Power and Gender in the Didactic Patterns of Callirhoe and the EphesiacaPassages on breath/voice in Callirhoe and sight/being seen in the Ephesiaca, select bibliography
alt textCAMWS 2021 handout copy.docxMcArdleBrooke
alt textMcClellan_Literary Cannibalism Handout.pdfMcClellanAndrew M.Literary Cannibalism from Seneca to the RenaissanceHandout and Select Bibliography
alt textLiving on a Prayer: Augustus as a Praesentem Conspicuumque Deum in Ovid’s Sacrifices.pdfMcGrawClaireLiving on a Prayer: Augustus as a Praesentem Conspicuumque Deum in Ovid’s Sacrifices
alt textHumanities, Orature and Classics .pdfMehtaArtiHumanities, Orature and Classics
alt textOdes 2_3 Michael Ginn.pdfMichaelGinnDeath, Morality, and Verb Construction in Odes 2.3Text of the poem and translation, works cited
alt textCall me by your name: New Hymnic Norms in the Roman Empire? .pptxMikosKatieCall me by your name: New Hymnic Norms in the Roman Empire?
alt textLexis in the Poetics.pdfMillerJosephPlain Speaking TragediesThe role of lexis in the Poetics of Aristotle
alt textCAMWS 2021 handout.docxMillsSophieAn Unlikely Hero: Roy StraitleyInformation on novels discussed and Latin quotations from them
alt textMori Real Monsters Handout.pdfMoriAnatoleReal Monsters in Apollonius Rhodius' ArgonauticaHandout
alt textFemale Voice & Violence in the Nux.pdfMovichCatyFemale Voice & Violence in the NuxFemale Voice & Violence in the Nux
alt textThe Monsters of Colchis and Ovidian Poetics CAMWS handout.pdfNappaChristopherThe Monsters of Colchis and Ovidian Poeticspaper handout
alt textIbycus 286 PMG Handout (CAMWS 2021).pdfNeedhamS. ElizabethThe Inviolate Garden of Girls in Ibycus 286Handout and Selected Bibliography
alt textHonors for Protogenes of Olbia-Economic Resilience of a Pontic Polis.pptxNelsonMadeleine Susanna Theresa SmitsHonors for Protogenes of Olbia - A Guide to the Economic Resilience of a Pontic PolisVisual Aids
alt textHonors for Protogenes of Olbia-Economic Resilience of a Pontic Polis handout.docxNelsonMadeleine Susanna Theresa SmitsHonors for Protogenes of Olbia - A Guide to the Economic Resilience of a Pontic PolisHandout and Bibliography
alt textThe Fall of Hogwarts: Rewriting the Trojan Horse Scene in Modern Epic.pdfOmilanowskiColinThe Fall of Hogwarts: Rewriting the Trojan Horse Scene in Modern Epic
alt textPanoussi.pptxPanoussiVassilikiContagion, Displacement, and Leadership in Vergil's Aeneid 3
alt textPerez Queer Horace CAMWS Handout.docxPerezLukeHorace and Tibullus sitting in a treeContains Horace Odes 1.33 and Epistle 1.4 (with translation), as well as updated bibliography
alt textPersyn, CAMWS 2021 Handout.pdfPersynMarcieDemigods and Duals: Theocritus’ Ἡμίθεοι and the Dioscuri
alt textPhillips_Locating Invisibility .pdfPhillipsRichardLocating Invisibility in Oral-Narrative Genreshandout
alt textReinventing καλός_Pierce.pdfPierceJohnathanReinventing καλός: 'Effeminate' men in Aristophanes' ThesmophoriazousaeAccompanying handout with translations and references
alt textPiper_handout_LetsGetDownToBusiness.pdfPiperMaliaLet’s Get Down to Business: the Meretrix as Businesswoman in Plautushandout and select bibliography
alt textPolleichtnerToBePardonedLucanHandout.pdfPolleichtnerWolfgangTo Be, or Not to Be Pardoned: Lucan’s Play with Vergil’s “finis laborum”Handout
alt textAnchises’ turbida imago pres.pptxQuartaroneLorinaAnchises’ turbida ... imago and Aeneas’ Appeal to Didopowerpoint
alt textRach Roman Historiography CAMWS Handout (1).pdfRachJuliAnneHistoriographical Approach to Reading Magic in Roman Historianshandout and select bibliography
alt textTheoria Handout CAMWS 2021.docxReitzammerLauriTheôria and Gender in Aristophanes' Peace and LysistrataHandout and select bibliography
alt textAcI in Cicero Atticus Letters.pdfRichNicholasConstituent Order in AcI Clauses in Cicero's Atticus LettersHandout to accompany slide deck and bibliography
alt textMedea's Rage Handout.pdfRock-McCutcheonBonnieMedea's Rage: An Intersectional AnalysisAbstract:
alt textAll STEM Leads to Rome: Teaching Roman Technology.pdfRoyNathalieAll STEM Leads to Rome: Teaching Roman Technology
alt textRucker_AchillesCycleofGuiltHandout.docxRuckerRachelautika tethnaien:Achilles' Cycles of Guilt and Grief in the IliadHandout and Selected Bibliography
alt textHelen Ruger Handout 2021.pdfRugerHelenReproductive Agency and the Role of the Female Psyche in Soranus’ GynaecologyHandout (textual references + works cited)
alt textAntigoneODG_Sanchez_Handout.pdfSanchezLuisSophocles’ Antigone and the Biological Imperative to MarryHandout and Selected Bibliography
alt textCAMWS Petronius' Ajax Handout.pdfSansoneClaudioPetronius' AjaxHandout for Presentation
alt textSantucci edible exempla.pdfSantucciRobertSeneca's Edible ExemplaHandout
alt textSchironi_Handout_CAMWS.pdfSchironiFrancescaHipparchus' Commentary on Aratus and Eudoxus: Between Science and PolemicsHandout with select bibliography
alt textMultipleMotives.pdfScodelRuthMotives, Herodotus/ThucydidesAttribution of more than one motive to an actor in the historians
alt textSebourn Patroklos and Pity.pdfSebournRachelPatroklos and the Pity of Achilleshandout
alt textT.Sewell-Lasater- The Damnatio of Arsinoe III Handout.pdfSewell-LasaterTaraThe Damnatio Memoriae of Arsinoë IIIHandout to accompany the presentation "The Damnatio Memoriae of Arsinoë III"- Session 10, Section C, Greek History
alt textBacchae and Derveni papyrus.docxShawMichaelTiresias in the Bacchae
alt textShedd Imperial Fear Handout 2021.pdfSheddMartinImperial Fear in the Historia AugustaHandout and Selected Bibliography
alt textCAMWS 2021 Simonsen handout.docxSimonsenKathrynMore, Lily and the Palatine Anthology: More EvidenceHandout with short bibliography
alt textHome Life Heroine Chloe Longus handout.pdfSlaterNiall W.The Home Life of a Heroine: The Winter of Chloe's Discontent in LongusChloe's experience of winter and domesticity in Longus, Daphnis and Chloe, passages and references
alt textSmolin Handout.pdfSmolinNathanHilary of Poitiers and the Politics of Aequalitas, Human and DivineHilary of Poitiers and the Politics of Aequalitas, Human and Divine
alt textSorscher Bridging Babylon CAMWS 2021 Handout.pdfSorscherHannahHandout for Sorscher presentation, panel 2C
alt textCAMWS Handout Roman Bathing Culture.docxStockalperCatherineAn Epigraphic Approach to Roman Bathing CultureCorpus of inscriptions with translations
alt textFilming Mary Renault.pdfSTOREYIANFilming Mary RenaultHANDOUT
alt textConspicuous by Their Absence Handout.docxStrunkThomasConspicuous by Their Absence: Cassius and Brutus in the Works of TacitusHandout and bibliography for Conspicuous by Their Absence
alt textHandout - David Sutton - O Post Nullos Memorande.pdfSuttonDavidO Post Nullos MemorandePassages Discussed and Select Biblio
alt textThe Idea of the 'Other' as Expressed through Ancient Greek Literary Forms Handout.pdfSymmAmeliaThe Idea of the "Other" as Expressed through Ancient Greek Literary FormsDefinitions, quotes, and bibliography
alt textTomasso handout.pdfTomassoVinceStuck in the Middle with You: Quintus of Smyrna's Reception of Homerhandout
alt textTouyz 2021_CAMWS Satyrs in Pergamon_handout.docxTouyzPaulSatyrs in PergamonHandout
alt textRereading Juvenal Bibliography.pdfVincentHeatherXenophobia, Racism, and Hate Speech: Re-reading Juvenal in the Era of DJTBibliography
alt textMarko Vitas - Ancient Orators (Handout).pdfVitasMarkoThe Rhetoric of the Death Penalty in the Classical Athenian OratorsHandout for the paper about the death penalty rhetoric in Lycurgus and Dinarchus
alt textL. Vocaturo- Aristophanes' Lysistrata, 181-234. A deliberately twisted oath ritual.pdfVocaturoLucaAristophanes’ Lysistrata, 181-234: A Deliberately Twisted Oath-RitualHandout (passages + bibliography)
alt textWagner - Handout.pdfWagnerNicholasTemples as Witness and Victim in Cicero’s Orations
alt textWalker Exempla in Heroides 16-17.pdfWalkerAshleyUsing, Refusing, and Becoming Exempla in Heroides 16-17Latin passages, translations, and bibliography
alt textWarhover Juturna Etymology handout CAMWS 2021.pdfWarhoverEmmaJuturna Etymology handout (CAMWS 2021)Passages from Aeneid 10 and 12
alt textOvid-Medea presentation for CAMWS.pptxWarnementSophia“Quod facere ausa mea est, non audet scribere dextra:” Medea’s agency and self-perception in Metamorphoses 7 and Heroides 12Powerpoint with to accompany presentation
alt textwarwick_camws_2021_handout.pdfWarwickCelsianaDr.Lament in the Speech of the Iliadic Narrator handout
alt textBernadette Mayer's Catullan Experiments.pdfWasdinKatherineBernadette Mayer's Catullan Experiments
alt textWaters Handout.pdfWatersEvanRisible Cities: Ignorance as Madness in Plato, Pseudo-Hippocrates, and Dio of PrusaHandout
alt textReflections on Romulus A Case Study in Cicero.pptxWertSamReflections on Romulus A Case Study in Cicero
alt textWest Handout Thucyd Livy 3rd decade .pdfWestDavidThucydidean Themes in Livy's 3rd DecadeHandout and Bibliography
alt textWesterhold_Tibullus and Happiness slides.pdfWesterholdJessicaSadistic Smiles: Pleasure and Suffering in the Poetry of Tibullus
alt textYancich CLC1 Resource.pdfYancichMichelleTeaching Equity and Language Choice with the Cambridge Latin CourseAccompanying Resource
alt textYates Ephorus Handout.pdfYatesDavidThe Past and Present of Naupactus in Ephorus' HistoriesHandout and Select Bibliography
alt textEloquence as Innocence. Handout.pdfYeagerSaraEloquence as InnocenceREAL handout and selected bibliography
alt textZarecki - Realpolitik and the Transactional Nature of Ciceros Alliance with Octavian.pdfZareckiJohnRealpolitik and the Transactional Nature of Cicero’s Alliance with Octavianhandout
alt textSamurai and Mythological Heroes (handout).docxZiemannMarcusSamurai and Mythological Heroes: Reconsidering Gilgamesh’s Influence on the IliadHandout
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