CAMWS Affiliated Groups

CAMWS Affiliated Groups


CAMWS recognizes affiliated groups organized by membership status (student, contingent, retired, etc.) or by academic interest (drama, epic, history, art, etc.).


Only groups which advance the mission of the organization (Mission Statement) can become affiliated with CAMWS. Members of the affiliated group are also expected to abide by the CAMWS Policy on Public StatementsStatement on CAMWS and Political Involvement, and Policy on Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct.


A group must request affiliated status from the CAMWS Executive Committee.


An affiliated group determines the members of its own managing committee. All members of the managing committee must be current CAMWS members, but regular members of an affiliated group are not required to be CAMWS members.


The affiliated group identifies a member of its managing committee to serve as its spokesperson (chair).  This spokesperson submits annually to the Executive Committee a written report of committee activities. This spokesperson (or another representative from the group) gives an oral report at the annual CAMWS Business Meeting. Failure to make either of these reports for two years in a row will place the group in deactivated status and require the group to submit a new request for affiliation.


The affiliated group maintains its own social media, but can submit notices for posting on the CAMWS website or Facebook page and in the Newsletter.


An affiliated group is encouraged to submit to the CAMWS Program Committee proposals for panels, workshops, round-table discussions, and other events at the CAMWS Annual Meeting. Proposals for panels, workshops and round-table discussions must be submitted through the regular (anonymous) submission process, but these events, if approved, can be identified by affiliated sponsorship in the program.


The CAMWS Executive Committee reserves the right to cancel a group's affiliation for any reason. 


Current Affiliated Groups:

Graduate Student Issues Committee


Approved by the CAMWS Executive Committee on February 10, 2020