2014 CAMWS Award for Special Service - Steven Saylor

Steven Saylor is the acclaimed author of international bestsellers, translated in twenty-two languages, including German, Italian, Magyar, Czech, Danish, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Korean, and Swedish. I think it is not an exaggeration to say that the majority of us have read at least one of Steven's captivating Gordianus mysteries or perhaps the mesmerizing Roma and the equally thrilling Empire. I am looking forward to diving into the pages of his latest 2014 novel, Raiders of the Nile, and indulging once again in the many and complex adventures of the so-called "Roman Sherlock Holmes," a name given to the hero Gordianus by the Wall Street Journal.

Steven graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where he studied History and Classics. He lives in Austin and Berkeley and has presented many talks in the field of Classics and Classical literature at the meetings of the American Philological Association, American Classical League, Junior Classical League, the International Conference on the Ancient Novel, as well as the Getty Villa. He is the author of the Roma Sub Rosa series of 10 novels, which are now continued by two prequels. Above all, Steven is a prolific writer, who does not confine himself to the fascinating world of Roman history and politics: he has also written numerous short stories and two novels set in his native Texas.

Steven's contribution to our field is truly immensurable: his "peerless writing" brings heroes back to life and makes his readers relive and reimagine momentous events in Roman history. To repeat the words of one of Steven's reviewers: "It is hard to put his books down, yet at the same time there is a feeling that here is a translation of some recently discovered and long-hidden piece of classical literature. If only it were! Classics would come back on to the school curriculum and Latin be students' favourite subject."

On behalf of the Classical Association of Middle, West and South, it is our honor to present to a true Texan, Steven Saylor, in his native state, the CAMWS Special Service Award and warn him that we are eagerly awaiting his next installment of the Gordianus story.