CAMWS (Stewart and Ruebel) Travel Award Online Application Form

Please try to include many of your  materials as possible with this on-line application, as you will be able to submit it only once. If it is necessary for you submit some materials separately, please do so via email to Keep in  mind, however, that an incomplete application may not be considered seriously by the committee reviewing the materials. 

Please upload the following files, then click 'Submit' to send the form. You will receive confirmation via e-mail after submission.

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Please provide here a statement of 500 words or less explaining how your study of the Classics (or a related field: history, philosophy, religious studies, education, etc.) will bear upon your future course of studies/career choice.
Please explain here in 500 words or less how your attendance at the CAMWS meeting will benefit your future course of study and career.
Please indicate which CAMWS meeting you plan to attend. Keep in mind that CAMWS does not provide support at this time for undergraduates attending CAMWS-SS.
Please indicate how many days of the conference you plan to attend.
To either the CAMWS annual meeting or Southern Section meeting. Please note that Reubel Undergraduate Travel Awards are only available to attend the CAMWS annual meetingn (not CAMWS-SS).

A curriculum vitae that includes where you studied Latin/Greek/Classics in college or graduate school, as well as your history of employment teaching in the field (and in what capacity).

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Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx.

A Personal Statement explaining why you would like to attend the CAMWS meeting. Please tell us how attending the meeting will impact your classroom experience at home or your future career goals. Please also give an indication of the types of classes you teach and their enrollments, if relevant.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx.
A budget including the actual costs of your registration and travel. Please specify how much of an Award you would like to receive.
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Have you ever received any award or scholarship from CAMWS previously?
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