Committee for the Promotion of Latin Charter

Classical Association of the Middle West and South

Committee for the Promotion of Latin Charter


This document sets forth the duties and responsibilities and governs the operations of the Committee for the Promotion of Latin (the “Committee”) of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (the “Association”).


I. Purpose

The Committee’s purpose is to encourage and support all activities that promote the study of Classics, and of Latin in particular, in- and outside of the schools. Its principal role is to increase awareness, at each educational level, of our Classics community by offering (1) funding opportunities for promotional activities in the schools, (2) help for Latin- / Classics programs in crisis, and (3) an ongoing conversation (e.g., via CPL panels and workshops at the annual meeting) about how the study of Latin can be promoted best in the field of education. The Committee may engage in activities, if an opportunity arises, and work with other organizations, local, regional, or national. The Committee works closely with the regional and state Vice-Presidents. It reports its findings and conclusions to the President, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Executive Committee and, where relevant, other bodies within the organization.


II. Membership

Composition: The Committee shall consist of a chair and a number of regular members appointed in accordance with the Association’s constitution. Each regular member shall serve for a term of three years, which may be renewed for an additional term.


Chair: The Chair of the Committee shall be appointed in accordance with the Association’s constitution, and shall normally serve for a term of three years, which may extend the Chair’s regular term of service on the Committee beyond the two-term norm. There is an expectation that the Chair will have prior experience on the Committee or other offices of the Association. The Chair shall convene meetings, set agendas and communicate the Committee’s findings to the Executive Committee and other relevant officers and committees of the Association. The Chair shall be a member of the Executive Committee.


III. Meetings

There shall be a meeting in person at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Members shall make a good-faith effort to attend this meeting. Members may be permitted to attend this meeting by means of electronic media, if necessary. Additional meetings shall be held as necessary, either virtually or in person, to discuss relevant issues as they arise. A majority of members will suffice as a quorum for taking action on the agenda. The Committee may invite non-Committee-members from the Association to participate in meetings for informational purposes on a non-voting basis.


IV. Duties and Responsibilities

CPL Funding: The Chair will have direct responsibility for the CPL budget. All funding requests will be routed through the Chair to the CAMWS Secretary-Treasurer. Each funding request will require the input of the state- and regional vice president before it is approved or refused by the Chair. The Chair may consult with the members of the Committee about a particular funding request. The Chair will consult with the Committee about funding request policies and requirements. After consultation with the Secretary-Treasurer, the committee may make recommendations in regard to changes in the CPL budget or other related matters.


Awards: The members of the Committee will work with the Chair to select the recipient of the CPL award for the best high school promotional activity, the outstanding state/regional Vice-President, and of any other CPL award.


Reports: Each year, in advance of the Association’s Annual Meeting, the Committee will provide the Executive Committee with an annual report. The annual report summarizes the Committee's activities and gives an overview of the activities and instruction of Latin in CAMWS territory. This overview will be based on the 10 annual regional reports prepared by the regional CAMWS Vice- Presidents.


Activities: The members of the Committee will work with the Chair on producing a yearly agenda of goals and activities. To this end, the Chair will work closely with the Chair of the Membership Committee and the Secretary-Treasurer. The Committee shall make an effort to organize at least one major CPL event (e.g., a CPL panel or workshop) for each annual meeting.



VI. Amendment

This Charter shall not be amended except upon approval by the Executive Committee.


Adopted by the Executive Committee on May 30, 2014.