Programs in Crisis Kit


If you find yourself suddenly facing the unthinkable--the closure of your program--these are the following steps you should take.

  • Get help with a letter writing campaign. 
  • Organize your most effective troops/get the following people involved. Feel free to distribute your own letter to these people as an example and encourage them to write their own letters.
    • Current parents and parents of former students
    • Former students
    • PTA members
    • Members of the community
  • Write a letter to the editor of you local newspaper.
  • Distribute downloaded brochures and materials from this website or the NCLG website.


With budget cuts looming it never hurts to protect your Latin program, no matter how safe you feel it is. The following are suggestions for ensuring that Latin is valued in your area. Be sure to make use of materials on this page or the NCLG website.

  • Apply for a Bridge Initiative Grant (BIG)
  • Educate parents on the importance and value of Latin.
  • Educate your principal, counselors and even school boards on the importance and value of Latin; keep them informed on Latin activities in your area, awards won, etc.
  • Thank the above people in advance for recognizing the value of Latin.
  • Have a letter or flyer on hand at all times explaining the value of studying Latin and the classics. You never know when you may need it.