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Materials for Promoting Latin and Classics

1. Statistics for Latin    

                      a) CAL 2014 executive summary of the National K-12 Foreign Language Survey [pdf]

                      b) MLA 2010 survey of enrollments in Languages other than English [pdf]

                      c) ACTFL 2008 survey of enrollments in in K-12 Public School Foreign Language Course Enrollments

2. Statistics for the Humanities

            For data relevant to a number of issues in the humanities, see the Humanities Indicators Project of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

            Click here for the survey of humanities departments for the 2012-2013 academic year                               

            Click here for the survey's report on departments in classical studies.


3. Additional Materials

            Famous Classics Majors [pdf]

            Back issues of CPL on-line (now TCL)

            Teaching Classical Languages (TCL)

4. Archive