Open to all members of CAMWS, faculty, staff, students, retirees, school groups (classes, Classics clubs, etc.) and non-academic CAMWS members.

PROPOSAL: Make an original design for the front of a t-shirt. The back of the shirt will include the line “CAMWS CXX • St. Louis • Festina Lente.” Your original design must incorporate all the following elements:

(1.) A word, phrase, line, or sentence quoted from an ancient author in the original Greek or Latin. This text may be handwritten or typed.

(2.) An original line illustration to accompany or illustrate the Greek or Latin word, phrase, line, or sentence. It may be based on an original Greek or Roman artifact (vase painting, fresco, sculpture, helmet, diadem, temple, etc.)

(3.) The design must be executed in black ink. 

(4.) No photographs.

(5.) The entire design must be no larger than 10 inches by 10 inches.

By submitting this form, the contestant attests that the design is original work incorporating a Greek or Latin expression and an original drawing. The contestant gives permission for the design to be judged during the CAMWS meeting in Provo and to be displayed in public during the CAMWS meetings in Provo and St. Louis. The contestant also agrees to let CAMWS reproduce the design, if it is selected for a prize, on a t-shirt, which will be given free of charge to all attendees of the CAMWS CXX meeting.

School groups (classes, Latin or Classics Clubs, local chapters of Eta Sigma Phi) may submit one entry as a group if the teacher, professor, or group advisor is a member of CAMWS. If the group receives a prize, it will be given in the name of the CAMWS teacher, professor, or advisor.

All entries must be received by no later than Thursday 30 March 2023  to be considered. Contestants should send their designs to Dr. Timothy Wutrich ( as a WORD document together with the completed form below. All contestants must have paid their annual CAMWS dues before submitting a design for consideration. Winners will be announced after the CAMWS 2023 meeting.

FIRST PRIZE: The winning entry will be reproduced as a t-shirt given to all who attend the meeting. The first-place designer will also receive a laurel wreath, a golden CAMWS medal, free book of his or her choice and an extra drink ticket at the banquet.

SECOND PRIZE: The second place designer will receive a silver CAMWS medal and an extra drink ticket at the banquet.

THIRD PRIZE: The third place designer will receive a bronze CAMWS medal and an extra drink ticket at the banquet.




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