Some Useful CAMWS E-Mails

Some Useful CAMWS E-Mail Addresses


CAMWS President:

Editor of The Classical Journal:
Editor of CJ-Online:
Editor of Teaching Classical Languages:

Media Director:

Newsletter Editor:

Committee Chairs:
Committee for the Promotion of Latin:
Finance Committee:
History Committee:  

Membership Committee:
Merit Committee:
School Awards:

Steering Committee:

Sub-Committee Chairs:
Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Award:
Excavation/Fieldwork Award:

First Book AwardL
Semple, Grant and Benario Awards:
Stewart Teacher Training/Travel Awards:

Teaching Awards:
Undergraduate Awards:


To send a message to all the members of a committee, add “committee” to address of chair; e.g.,

A regional or state/provincial Vice President can be reached via email by typing the region, state or province followed by For example, the Vice President for the Canada region can be reached at  The Vice President for Ontario can be reached at


To send a message to all the vice presidents in a particular geographic region, use this format: [regionname]; e.g.,