Greek Keys

Members of the Society for Classical Studies should note that they already have access and should do the following to download GreekKeys:

1. Login to the SCS website at

2. Click on GreekKeys on the menu "Where Do You Want to Go?"

3. Enter the member code to download



Below are instructions for non-SCS members on how to activate your unlimited licenses of he GreekKeys software.


1.  Create a nonmember account on the SCS web site.  If you already have a nonmember account because, for example, you have posted a job on the Placement Service, you can use the same account.
2.  Log into that account and go to the GreekKeys 2015 purchase page

3.  Read the instructions on that page and then click on “Add to Cart” at the bottom of the page.

4.  Click on “Checkout” in the pop-up window.

5.  On the Shopping Cart page, click on “Checkout”.

6.  On the Checkout page enter any required billing information and then enter the following text in the Coupon Code field:  GK2015NC and then click on “Add Coupon”

7.  Click on “Continue to the Next Step” at the bottom of the Checkout page.

8.  On the Review Order page click on “Continue to the Next Step”.

9.  Click on the link to “” to download the software.