The Duties of GSIC

The Duties of the GSIC

  • Organize a session at the annual meeting geared toward the edification and professional development of graduate students in attendance.
  • Arrange social events for students attending the annual meeting.
  • Promote CAMWS to graduate students.
  • Write a short article on GSIC for each CAMWS Newsletter.
  • Solicit and accept feedback from graduate students about what CAMWS is doing well for them and what more it could provide.
  • Communicate with CAMWS officials, both at the annual meeting and at points throughout the year, regarding graduate students' feelings about the annual meeting and the role of CAMWS in students' lives outside of the meeting.
  • Take part in instituting recommended innovations.
  • Maintain our web page with the latest material available.
  • Choose members of the next GSIC.
  • Adapt to the changes in responsibilities that may come as the GSIC evolves.

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