CAMWS Liaison to the Graduate Student Issues Committee

The CAMWS liaison to the Graduate Student Issues Committee serves as the official CAMWS representation to and advisor of the Graduate Student Issues Committee ( This committee is an affiliate of CAMWS. Ideally this individual is someone who served as a graduate student on GSIC and can provide advice and counsel to the graduate students. The faculty liaison to the Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) serves mainly to answer the sorts of questions and provide the sorts of support that are more appropriate for a faculty member than for a graduate student.


Duties of the Liaison to the GSIC:

  • Serves at the request of the CAMWS President.
  • Meets with GSIC members at their request at the CAMWS annual meeting, communicating her/his availability to the members of the committee if necessary.
  • Attends GSIC-sponsored panels and workshops at the annual meeting
  • Should NOT act as an equal member of the committee for purposes of discussing and/or deciding committee matters; the work of the committee should be done autonomously by the graduate students on the committee, with liaison input provided only at the student members’ request, or if clarifying a fact would expedite progress on a matter.
  • Communicates between members of the committee and CAMWS officers and committee chairs