Kraft Award For Excellence In Secondary School Teaching

Kraft Award For Excellence In Secondary School Teaching

Named for CAMWS Benefactor Eunice E. Kraft of Western Michigan University, this award recognizes outstanding Teachers of Latin in public or private schools (Middle Schools included). The honoree receives $500, airfare to the annual meeting and two nights' accommodation at the convention hotel. The honoree is encouraged to accept this award in person at this meeting.

The nominee must be a member in good standing of CAMWS.  Both full- and part-time teachers (who teach at least half-time with a mininum of five years teaching experience) are eligible for this award. Nominees will be eligible for consideration for three consecutive years, provided that CAMWS membership remains current in each year of consideration. No previous winner of the Kraft Award is eligible to apply for it a second time.

Criteria for Excellent Teaching

To Apply: The nomination deadline is November 15.The deadline for receipt of all application materials is December 20. If you would like to nominate someone for the award visit the Online Nomination Form. When this form is submitted, the nominee will receive an email informing him or her of this nomination and explaining the application process. Only one nomination is needed. Multiple nominations do not affect a candidate's evaluation.


Previous Winners Of The Kraft Award For Excellence In Secondary School Teaching

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