Introducing the Rudolph Masciantonio CAMWS Diversity Award

The Rudolph Masciantonio CAMWS Diversity Award honors a long-time champion of how effective, imaginative, and humane teaching makes Latin, Greek, and classics of value to all students, regardless of personal, family or societal challenges which they confronted.

The awards are funded from the estate of Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio and distributed by the Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio Fund for Classical Studies of the Philadelphia Foundation. CAMWS has chosen to dedicate these funds to the new Rudolph Masciatonio CAMWS Diversity Award which will be administered by the CAMWS Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. A Rudolph Masciantonio CAMWS Diversity Award ($500) will be awarded each year to one undergraduate student and one graduate student. Awardees will be those whom the profession or life circumstances or societal structures have limited in their access to the study of our field: students from various racially, ethnically, sexually (including LGBTQIA+), physically and religiously disadvantaged groups ; first-generation students (including those from immigrant families); intersectional students; those educated at schools which have abandoned Latin, Greek, and classics; those for whom misunderstanding or bias has meant lack of prior exposure to the Greco-Roman past; and those for whom narrower definitions of “classics” have meant denying the importance of other parts of the Mediterranean basin as legitimate parts of the ancient world.

To apply for a Masciantonio Diversity Award, please fill out this online application.  Deadline for receipt of applications is January 31, 2021.

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