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alt textHumor Handout CAMWS 2022.pdfMoodieErinThe Humor of Metatheater in Greek and Roman Comedy
alt textCAMWS2022Handout.docxBrownLaurenHorace as an Advocate for Moderation in Odes 1.4 and 1.11
alt textPhillips CAMWS 2022 Handout.pdfPhillipsRichardMaking Sense of a Small Papyrus Fragment from Hellenistic Egypt (P. Mich. Inv. 7007)
alt textCicero,hndout.docxMillerPaul AllenCicero: Beyond the Pleasure Principle
alt textRonnick, Philip Francis WOOBY.pptxRonnickMichele ValeriePhilip Francis Wooby, (1922-2017): The First African American in the School of Classical Studies and Archaeology at the American
alt textVitas, Ion and the Frogs.pdfVitasMarkoPlato's Ion and Aristophanes' Frogs in the context of contemporary literary debates
alt textJeppesen CAMWS 2022 Handout.pdfJeppesenSethWhat's Roman about Plautus' Trinummus?
alt textEpistolaryhandout.pdfMelbergKateIdentifying the Epistolary in Seneca's Tragedies
alt textTheodotus Reimagined Biblical World - Benjamin Nikota.pptxNikotaBenjaminTheodotus' Reimagined Biblical World
alt textInside and Out_Theognis.pdfGarcia Jr.LorenzoInside and Out: Theognis 309-312W and the Construction of Psychological Interiority
alt textMatz_invisible string lyrics.pdfMatzAlicia'invisible string' lyrics
alt textKEITH CAMWS 2022 PAPER HANDOUT.pdfKeithAlisonVergilian Loci in Propertius 4.1
alt textTeaching Accelerated Greek and Latin .docxGormanVanessaTeaching Accelerated Greek and Latin in the Digital Age in High School or College
alt textCheshire Handout 2022.docxCheshireKeyneFrom Cyclops to Polyphemus, and Back Again
alt textLatham Euphemia handout.pdfLathamEuphemia and Gender in Aeschylus
alt textMazzara_Poenulus_Slides.pdfMazzaraRachelPoenulus and the Play Within the Play
alt textbolig-xenophon-camws2022-upload.docxBoligNicholasLaughing in the Face of Death: Xenophon’s Use of Humor in the Anabasis and Other Works
alt textDeliberation in the Odyssey.pdfHutchesonLaurie GlennDeliberation in the Odyssey, or Penelope's Pressing Crowd of Thoughts
alt textKrmpotich Politics and Peace Handout.pdfMarissa KrmpotichHandout Politics and Peace Lucretian Intertextuality on Statesmanship in the Aeneid
alt textHandoutCamws2022.pdfBrownEmily C.Martial’s “Lion and Hare” Cycle as a Defense of Epigram
alt textJewish Reception of Sappho handout CAMWS 2022.pdfBoydRebeccaThe Jewish reception of Sappho at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
alt textCAMWS 2022 Roundtable Proposal.docxAnconaRonnieClassicists at Later Career Stages and in Retirement
alt textFenton_MercenariesAsLaborers.pdfFentonVaughnMercenaries as Laborers: A Mutiny, Labor Conflict, and Strike in Polybius’s Truceless War?
alt textWimperis - Westerns, Lucan, Generic Subversion Handout.pdfWimperisTeddGeneric Subversion and Political Critique in Lucan, Vergil, and American Westerns
alt textCelotto-Abstract.pdfCelottoGiulioEmpedoclean Echoes in Statius' Thebaid: Tisiphone and Pietas as Allegorical Representations of Strife and Love
alt textSanders Helpers of Heroes Handout.docxSandersRebeccaHelpers of Heroes: A Connection between the Potnia Hera and Athena and the Mycenaean Wanax/Anax
alt textMahoney Propertius Handout.pdfMahoneyAidanMyth and Structure in Propertius 2.8, 2.9, 2.10
alt textthrouple-stichus.pdfManleyFadeThe Trouble with Throuples in Plautus's Stichus
alt textFreas_Handout_Camws_2022.pdfFreasDebraNahuatl Prayer in Luis Alfaro’s Mojada
alt textBlume Women Appeal.pptxBlumeHenry
alt textCheshire Slideshow 2022.pptxCheshireKeyneFrom Cyclops to Polyphemus, and Back Again
alt textPropertian Myth Networks_Handout_Perez.docxPerezLukePropertian Myth Networks
alt textspitting distance .pptxOksanishJohnIn Spitting Distance of Philosophy: Hor. Epist. 1.1
alt textAchilles Revolutionary CAMWS.pptxStrauss ClayJennyProfessor Emerita
alt textClassics and Murder Mystery.pptxKitchellKenneth
alt textCAMWS Circe.pptTuckStevenCirce at Sperlonga, why piglets.
alt textDiGiulio_Fragmented_Stage_CAMWS_Handout.pdfDiGiulioScott J.The Fragmented Stage: Attic Tragedy in the Latin Authors of the Antonine Era
alt textHandout Its Not A Puzzle.pdfCohenNavaIt's Not A Puzzle
alt textCAMWS 2022 Hamilton Panel Handout.pdfBrooke McArdle“History Has Its Eyes on You”: Revolutionizing Homeric Kleos in Lin-Manuel Mirenda’s HamiltonHandout
alt texthandout CAMWS - Google Docs.pdfBertLottInvention of the Divine Epithet Augustus
alt textCullick_DeathovertheSea.pdfCullickRachaelDeath over the sea: A mournful echo of Sappho in Catullus
alt textPerforming Verse Drama in Translation handout.pdfArnson SvarlienDianePerforming Verse Drama in Translation Handout CORRECT
alt textGroves_Hamilton_Tragedy.pptxGrovesRobert"Alexander Hamilton" And Greek Tragic Performance
alt textCAMWS 2022 handout - ziemann.pdfZiemannMarcusOrigins of People, Origins of Stories: Hesiod’s Pandora Myth, Enkidu, and Adam & Eve
alt textLu CAMWS handout.pdfLuXimingThe Father, the Son, and the Requester: Marcus and Politeness in Ciceronian Letters
alt textCoughlan_CAMWS20220_Handout.pdfCoughlanTaylorCallimachus, Heracles' Club, and the Literary History of Theomachy
alt textAntiracism, Allyship, and Antiquity: The Future of Classics Handout.pdfBhatiaNina
alt textCAMWS 2022 Trinacty Handout.docxTrinactyChristopherGoing to Syracuse
alt textdominae natalis reeber.docReeberJoyDominae natalis: Playing with Tradition in the Tristia5th paper session, section C
alt textImperial Ambitions Powerpoint.pptxRamirezRiverImperial Ambitions6th Paper Session
alt textBerk-Hinckley comedy handout .docxBerk-HinckleySamMiles and a marriage: the courtship Periplectomenus6th paper session, section B
alt textTiziano Boggio Handout CAMWS 2022.docxBoggioTizianoSimonides' Ode to Scopas in Plato's Protagoras and the Value of Poetic Interpretation in Book 10 of the Republic7th Paper Session, Section B: Reflections on Greek Poetry and Philosophy
alt textWhite Cynicism in the Pseudo-Hippocratic Letters.pdfWhiteGeorginaWhite Cynicism in the Pseudo-Hippocratic Letters HANDOUT7th Paper Session, Section B: Reflections on Greek Poetry and Philosophy
alt textRudman Pelias Aeetes and Jupiter Handout.docxRudmanNicholasPelias, Aeetes, and Jupiter: The Paranoid Tyrant in Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica8th Paper Session, Section C
alt textTacitus, Tiberius, and Asinius Gallus Satterfield.docxSatterfieldSusanTacitus, Tiberius, and Asinius Gallus9th Paper Session, Section E: Permutations of Roman Political Power
alt textBrod CAMWS Handout.docxBrodArtemisTranscorporeality and Suspension in Aelius Aristides’ ProomiaAncient Rhetoric and the Second Sophistic Panel
alt textCAMWS handout.pdfGonzalezStevenColumella and the Difficulties of ManagementColumella and the Difficulties of Management Handout
alt textKuxhausen_Spolia_CAMWS2022Handout.pdfKuxhausen-DeRoseKatrinaReconsidering Spolia: Architectural Reuse of Greek Temples in the Early Roman EmpireEighth Paper Session, Section D: Roman Archaeology, Friday March 25
alt textPolitical Reading of Ovid's Pyramus and Thisbe - Kahane.pdfKahaneBeckyFlows through Flaws: A Political Reading of Ovid's Pyramus and Thisbe EpisodeFifth Paper Session: Section B (fourth paper)
alt textVandervelde_Persephone'sRelevance_CAMWS22.docxVanderveldeAmyPersephone's Relevance: Missing A Mythic Woman Breaking BoundariesFirst Paper Session, Section E
alt textCorrectedVersion_Vandervelde_Persephone'sRelevance_CAMWS22.docxVanderveldeAmyPersephone's Relevance: Missing A Mythic Woman Breaking BoundariesFirst Paper Session, Section E
alt textPursell Aphaia Handout.docxPursellJordynAphaia: A Goddess on her OwnFirst Paper Session, Session E, Greco-Roman Divinities
alt textPersianDiplomacyCAMWS2022Roy.pdfRoySydnorThe Progress of Persian Diplomacy in Herodotus' HistoriesFor Paper Session 8, Section B "Greek Historiography"
alt textPelian Spear CAMWS Handout.pdfMoatCollinSympathy with the Spear: Iliadic Tree Similes and Achilles’ Entanglement with the Pelian SpearFourth Paper Session, Section A: Greek Epic: Homer’s Iliad
alt textPaul Hay - CAMWS 2022 - Handout.pdfHayPaulThe Aesthetics of Muscle and the Performance of Strength in Roman CultureFriday Eighth Paper Session Section E: Negotiating Gender in Early Imperial Rome
alt textOmilanowski - Mithraeum Handout.pdfOmilanowskiColinNormative Mithraism at the London MithraeumFriday Section D: Roman Archaeology
alt textPurgare Terras - The Moral Meaning of the Ekpyrosis in Seneca.pdfLadouceurJohnPurgare Terras: The Moral Meaning of the Ekpyrosis in SenecaFull paper
alt textBarrusHoraceHandout.docxTuHponeUnreliable Ability: Barrus in Horace's Epode 12Handout
alt textAchilles Revolutionary?.pptxStrauss ClayJennyProfessor EmeritaHandout
alt textFritz Socrates Handout.pdfFritzAbigailThe Divine Sign and the Socratic ProblemHandout
alt textLangAE Translating Whiteness Handout.pdfLangA. E.Translating Whiteness: Color Aesthetics and the Early Modern Reception of Daphnis and ChloeHandout
alt textReeder handout Lucan.pdfReederJonathanLovers of War and Wisdom: Platonic Elements in Lucan's Bellum CivileHandout
alt textTrotz-Liboff CAMWS 2022 Handout.pdfTrotz-LiboffLeoReverse Ethnography in Caesar’s DBC: 1.35.3-4 as Intratext to DBG 1.1.1Handout
alt textBuxtonCAMWS_TerenceAndriaExempla_HO.docxBuxtonRichard FernandoDemea and Crude Exemplarity in Terence’s Adelphoehandout
alt textCrum CAMWS 2022 handout.pdfCrumAubreyHorse Sacrifice in Homer: The Indo-European Tradition in the Funeral of Patroclushandout
alt textTN_CAMWS handout.docxNaqviTheodoraThe Timelessness of the Parthians in Senecan Tragedyhandout
alt textSomerville GoT and Lucan handout.docxSomervilleMaryNec omnia rupit vincula: Imagined Warfare in Lucan and Game of Thrones (2011-2019)Handout
alt textHaller Ellison Odyssey CAMWS HandoutPosted.pdfHallerBenjaminἄνδρα μοι ἔννεπε, μοῦσα, ἀόρατον? Ralph Ellison and the Influence of Homer’s Odyssey on the Form of Invisible Man and on its RepHandout
alt textGEORGE For the Benefit of Mortals: Diogenes' Philsophical Epitaphs for Plato.pdfGeorgeCharlesFor the Benefit of Mortals: Diogenes’ Philosophical Epitaphs for Plato.Handout
alt textPerforming Verse Drama in Translation handout.docxSvarlienDiane ArnsonTIGR Workshop: Performing Verse Drama in Translationhandout
alt textLucan's Acrostics and the Irony of Art HO (Hejduk).docxHejdukJuliaLucan's Acrostics and the Irony of Art HO (Hejduk)Handout
alt textOn Helpless Love.docxCavichiolo GrochockiMarinaOn Helpless Love: Love in Apollonius of Rhodes’ Argonautica 1Handout
alt textBaronovic CAMWS Handout.docx.pdfBaronovicJosephMaidenhood and Kinslaying: Medea’s Suicidal Ideation in Apollonius Rhodius and Valerius FlaccusHandout (Section F, Paper 2)
alt texthandout Ancona Teaching DMC.pdfAnconaRonniehandout 9th session Sat. March 26 10:00-11:45
alt textHardy - Generativity in Ol.pdfHardyBrittanyThe Materials of Motherhood: Images of Generativity in Pindar's Olympian 6Handout for 3rd paper in Friday's Pindar panel
alt textGolubovic-ArrianQuintilian-AncientPedagogy-handout.pdfGolubovicNikolaHandout for Arrian, Quintilian, and the Contest for Authority (Ancient Pedagogy)
alt textFoster CAMWS Handout for Devastation of Land as an Act of War in Herodotus.docxFosterEdithDr.Handout for Devastation of Land as an Act of War in Herodotus
alt textWarnement Valerius Argonautica CAMWS 2022 paper handout.docxWarnementSophia“tu quoque nil, mater, prodes mihi; fortior ante sola fui:” Medea’s Maternal Relationships in Valerius’ ArgonauticaHandout for Eighth Paper Session, Section C
alt textἈγκυλομήτης Versus Μῆτις Handout.docxJacksDavidἈγκυλομήτης Versus Μῆτις: What is Bent Μῆτις?Handout for Eleventh Paper Session; Section A
alt textMain Elagabalus Handout.docxMainMalSardanapalus Romanus: A Study of the Foreignness of ElagabalusHandout for Ninth Paper Session, Section F
alt textteaching languages camws 2022 handout.docxGormanVanessaTeaching Accelerated Greek and Latin in the Digital Age in High School or CollegeHandout for Session 10-D
alt textFritzell_RENTReception_Handout.pdfFritzellStella J.Kisses Upon Sweet Kisses: Reading "I'll Cover You" (Rent) as a Reception of Catullus 5Handout for Session 6D: Receptions of Latin Poetry in Popular Culture
alt textNappa Handout 2022.pdfNappaChristopherAmbiguities of Manhood in Aeneid 9Handout for Session 9 Section A Lucretius and Vergil
alt textBaldwin Tantalized by Natural Phenomena Handout.docxBaldwinRyan MasatoHandout for “Tantalized by Natural Phenomena: Tantalus and Intratextual Allusions in Lucretius’ DRN 6”
alt textStevensCAMWS2022BanquetersRep1.pdfStevensJohnAristophanes' Lost Banqueters and Plato Republic IHandout of passages referenced
alt textApuleiusMetAtEgo.pdfCromleyDeborahAt ego: An Unsettling Refrain in Apuleius' MetamorphosesHandout Session 9 Section C
alt textWarhover - Ciceronian Humor in Apuleius' Apology.pdfWarhoverEmmaCiceronian Humor in Apuleius' ApologyHandout third paper session section C: Cicero II
alt textWheelockJohnson_TendOnesGarden_Handout.pdfWheelock-JohnsonMasonOne Must Tend One's Garden: Care, Plants & Humans in Seneca's Moral LettersHandout to accompany presentation
alt textDuncan_ekkyklema_handout_CAMWS_2022.docxDuncanAnneThe Ekkyklema as a Tyrannical Devicehandout to accompany presentation
alt textHandout CAMWS 2022.pdfJaval ColemanThe Rhetoric of Slavery in Demosthenes 36Handout which contains texts and bibliography.
alt textWalker Heroides CAMWS 2022.pdfWalkerAshleyMaking & Breaking Patterns: Debating Exemplarity in Heroides 5 and 16-17Handout, Fifth Paper Session, Section C
alt textThe Romanization of Vulcan During the Rise and Reign of Octavian.pdfFleischakerGriffinThe Romanization of Vulcan During the Rise and Reign of OctavianHandout: Thursday first paper session, section F
alt textAJodoin Heroides 17.pdfJodoinAllisonHelen in Ovid and Euripides: An Analysis of Textual PhantomsHelen in Ovid and Euripides Slides
alt textSanders Potnia Presentation.pptxSandersRebeccaHelpers of Heroes Powerpoint
alt textWine, Numen, and Sacrifice.pptxMcGrawClaireWine, Numen, and Sacrifice: Public Deeds and Private Sacrifices in Horace’s Carmen 4.5 and Epistulae 2.1Horace II (Friday, Section C)
alt textCicero’s Lists of Tyrants and Tyrannicides.pdfKatzNathanielCicero’s Lists of Tyrants and TyrannicidesKatz handout
alt Eteocles in Aeschylus's SEVEN a Capable Leader?Leadership, patriotism, and skin in the game
alt textKuppers_Libanius Biography.pdfKüppersSinjaKuppers_Libanius’ BiographyLibanius’ Biography: New Perspectives on Roman Education
alt textShapiro Lycurgus Handout .docxShapiroSusan O.Lycurgus' Extreme WisdomLycurgus' Extreme Wisdom - Handout
alt textMONTAIGNE Handout CAMWS 2022.pdfWilliamsMarkProfessor Emeritus (kinda)Montaigne on Cicero's Blossius
alt textSherry Failure of Orpheus Handout.pdfSherryMatthewThe Failure of Orpheus: The Difference Between Lex and Praecepta in Vergil’s GeorgicsNinth Paper Session, Section A: Latin Epic: Lucretius and Vergil
alt textDownie 2022 Bovine Hoofs Handout.pdfDownieJanetBovine Hoofs and Epicene Sexuality: Natural History as Intertextual Space in Moschus’ Europa and Longus’ Daphnis and ChloeNinth Paper Session, Section C: The Ancient Novel
alt textImmortal Textiles in Odyssey 5 Handout.pdfHanleyLaurynOdyssey Panel
alt textomnis amans handout.docSlaterNiall W.Prof.Omnis Amans: A Curious Military History
alt text(Bradford) Panel 1, Section C - A Democratic Music.pptxBradfordAbigailA Democratic Music: Procession, Sacrifice, and the Aulos in 5th c. Athenian Vase-PaintingPanel 1, Section C (Thursday, March 24 8:00AM)
alt textLordTragedyOliveHandoutCAMWS2022.pdfLordKristin O.The Olive in Greek Tragedy through War and PeacePaper Handout
alt textPolos CAMWS 2022 The Depth of Death.pptxPolosStephanieThe Depth of Death: Liminal Space on Classical Attic Grave StelaiPaper Session 1 Section C: Greek Art and Archaeology
alt textLaying Foundation Vocabulary Acquisition Samson Sypniewski CAMWS 2022.pdfSamsonLindsayLaying Foundation for Vocabulary Acquisition CAMWS 2022PDF of PowerPoint
alt textCarr-5D-Red-Sea.pptxCarrKarenThe Miracle of Crossing the Red Sea: Egyptians, Hebrews, Romans, and (not) knowing how to swimpowerpoint
alt textRomanization of Vulcan.pptxFleischakerGriffinThe Romanization of Vulcan During the Rise and Reign of OctavianPowerpoint: Thursday first paper session, section F
alt textDiProperzio, Callimachus and Hesiod.docxDiProperzioJosephPresentation Handout
alt textAlcestisPaperTalk.pptxRappoldAdamDemocracy of DeathPresentation Powerpoint
alt textPlying a Trade: Teacher Instructions.docxRaiaAnnVRoma Reborn: Plying a Trade HandoutRole-Playing Game
alt textDescription_Plying a Trade.docxRaiaAnnVRoma RebornRole-Playing Game Handout
alt textPatronage and Prayer in Martial's Epigrams.pdfCvjetičaninJovanSaturday, 11th Paper Session, Section E, 3:00-4:45 PM
alt textOdyssean Echoes in Euripides' Medea Handout.pdfBouxseinHilarySecond Paper Session, Section B
alt textvisionanddivisionhandout.docxLaddHopeVision and Division in Euripides' MedeaSecond Paper Session, Section B: Greek Drama: Euripides
alt textGarcia Ehrenfeld - Aliquot Dialogi - Handout.pdfGarcía EhrenfeldClaudioIndigenous People and Landscapes in Francisco Cervantes de Salazar’s Aliquot DialogiSecond Paper Session, Section E: Colonial Encounters: Latin in the Early Americas
alt textPalmore - Amantacha - Handout.pdfPalmoreAaronAmantacha and the Canadian Environment in the Jesuit GazeSecond Paper Session, Section E: Colonial Encounters: Latin in the Early Americas
alt textSpurr- Ciceros Gladiator.pptxSpurrCarolineCicero's GladiatorSection C: Cicero II
alt textNeedham_Daphne on Display.pdfNeedhamElizabethDaphne on Display: Botanical Imperialism in Ovid’s MetamorphosesSession 1 Section F: Augustan Transformations
alt textStuck in the Middle Powerpoint.pptxLongSavhannaStuck in the Middle: The Liminality of Artemis at EphesosSession 1, Section E: Greco-Roman Divinities
alt textCAMWS Stuck in the Middle Handout.pdfLongSavhannaStuck in the Middle: The Liminality of Artemis at EphesosSession 1, Section E: Greco-Roman Divinities
alt textDiaklausithyron Handout.docxRhoadsChristianDiaklausithyron: Picking Locks and Invading Domestic Space in Tibullus' Elegies Book 1Session 11, Section E: Roman Elegy and Epigram
alt textRust_Herakles_CAMWS_2022.pptxRustRebekahWhy is the Wild Lion Still and Silent?Session 2, Section B: Euripides
alt textRucker - CAMWS2022 Handout.docxRuckerRachelA Losing Philosophy: Legal Argument and Jurisprudence in Cicero's Pro MiloneSession 3, Section C: Cicero I
alt textZollner-Cicero Divination CAMWS 2022.pptxZollnerElizabethForeign or Roman? Divination in Cicero's De DivinationeSession 3, Section C: Cicero I
alt textDuncan,Al-Agamemnon'sCorpseDarkMatter-CAMWS2022.pdfDuncanAlAgamemnon’s Corpse as Dark Matter in Aeschylus’ Libation BearersSession 3, Section F · Greek Drama: Aeschylus
alt textZarecki - CAMWS 2022 Handout.pdfZareckiJonathanTauristercus Ciceronis: Cicero and the Importance of Performative BullshitSession 4, Section C: Cicero II
alt textShedd Shostakovich Stalin and the HA Handout.pdfSheddMartinGenre in a Time of Tyrants: Shostakovich, Stalin, and the Historia AugustaSession 4E: Roman Historiography and Social History
alt textWarner_Bardaisan the Proculian_Handout.pdfWarnerJonathanBardaisan the Proculian: Echoes of Roman Law in an Early Syriac TextSession 5, Section B: Roman Law and Politics
alt textBaquerizo-MosestheSeer.pdfBaquerizoOliviaSession 5, Section D: Judaism and Christianity
alt textBeck_SapphoPandemic_CAMWS2022Session5F_Fri22Mar.pdfBeckDeborahReading Sappho in the PandemicSession 5, Section F: Greek Lyric and Epigram
alt textFoster Meidias Handout.pdfFosterAndrewSharecropping at Sea: The Trierarchy and MisthosisSession 6 Section C Greek Perspectives on Statecraft and Imperialism
alt textCAMWS 2022 Handout (Palaephatus the Satirist).pdfBarneyJustinThe Humor of PalaephatusSession 6, Section A: Reasons to Laugh in Greek and Latin Literature
alt textOn_the_Nature_of_Laughter_in_Lucretius_CAMWS_Handout_2022.pdfDanceCalebOn the Nature of Laughter in LucretiusSession 6, Section A: Reasons to Laugh in Greek and Latin Literature
alt textMoench, Handout Human and Divine Oikos in Pindar's Olympian 13 .pdfMoenchPeterMoench, Handout Human and Divine Oikos in Pindar's Olympian 13Session 7, Section A: Archaic Greek Poetry: Pindar
alt textBurt The Horatian Side.pptxBurtKathleenThe Horatian Side of Sedulius ScottusSession 7-C
alt textSwist_Romulus as Paradigm in Appian Roman History_Handout.pdfSwistJeremyLike a Father More Than a Tyrant: Romulus as Paradigm in Appian's Roman History_HandoutSession 8, Section B: Greek Historiography
alt textKiprof Handout CAMWS 2022.docxKiprofAlexanderThe Centrality of Alexander: Focalization and World Conquerors in Diodorus's Bibliotheke HistorikaSession 8, Section B: Greek Historiography
alt textCAMWS Handout.docxGoblirschAmieOn the Nature of Architecture: An Ecocritical Approach to VitruviusSession 8, Section F
alt textDzugan CAMWS Handout.pdfDzuganRachelProgrammatic Expectations in Thebaid 7 HandoutSession 9, Section C, Flavian Epic
alt textBryant_Propertius_Handout.docxBryantJermaineSeven Against Thebes in Propertius Handout
alt textNorton, CAMWS 2022, Handout.pdfNortonBryanOn the Shores of Acheron (N.4.85): The Power of Pindaric SongSeventh Paper Session, Section A: Archaic Greek Poetry: Pindar
alt textZacksCAMWS2022Handout.pdfZacksJoshuaInteractive Praise of Syracusan Musical Culture in Pindar’s Olympian 1 and Bacchylides 5Seventh Paper Session, Section A: Archaic Greek Poetry: Pindar
alt textBrobeck - CAMWS 2022 Handout.pdfBrobeckEmmaFraudulent Wealth on Display: Tableware Allusions in Juvenal’s Satire 5Sixth Paper Session, Section A: Reasons to Laugh in Greek and Latin Literature
alt textCAMWS-03262022-Presentation-Slides.pptxBonefasSuzanneVRoma Reborn: Learning Latin and Roman Culture in a Virtual WorldSlides with links to handouts for VRoma Reborn Presentation
alt textEaston, CAMWS 2022 slides.pptxEastonJeffreyCAMWS 2022 slidesThe Early Roman Dictatorship: A Dangerous Institution?
alt textLaRose CAMWS Handout The Power of the Breast the Influence of the Roman Wet Nurse.docxLaRoseDanielleThe Power of the Breast Handout
alt textLukeCAMWS22.pptxLukeTrevorDr.Third paper in Section E: Roman Historiography and Social History
alt textLukeHandout_22.pdfLukeTrevorThe End of Fakes: Impostors in Valerius MaximusThird paper of Section E: Roman Historiography and Social History
alt textLaws of Peace_Handout_C Kendall.pdfKendallChandlerThe Laws of Peace: The Representation of Gendered Antagonism in Vergil and PropertiusThird Paper Section E: Propertius
alt textClark Horatian Sappho Handout.docxClarkJonathanThe Horatian Sappho: Sapphic Allusions in Odes 2.13Third paper session Section A: Latin Poetry: Horace I
alt textEisenlohr - Horace 3.27 Handout.pdfEisenlohrSarahWhat Makes a Happy Ending: Responses to Europa in Ode 3.27Third Paper Session, Section A: Latin Poetry: Horace I
alt textMap of Dionysus Handout.pdfBrownLauriceMap of Dionysus: BTS' Modern Appreciation for Mythical MadnessThird Paper Session, Section D: Ancient World/Modern Music
alt textMap of Dionysus Slideshow.pdfBrownLauriceMap of Dionysus: BTS' Modern Appreciation for Mythical Madness SLIDESHOWThird Paper Session, Section D: Ancient World/Modern Music
alt textPauly CAMWS Handout-Cult of Dionysus.docxPaulyEmmaWine and Women and Wonderful Vices: Digital Reception of The Orion Experience's "The Cult of Dionysus"Third Paper Session, Section D: Ancient World/Modern Music
alt textCAMWS 2022 Handout Larsen.pdfLarsenMikThe Princeps and the Pauper: Tiberius and the Shame of Aristocratic WelfareThird Paper Session, Section E: Roman Historiography and Social History
alt textClytemnestra_Silent_Movements_Handout.docxMitchell-BoyaskRobinClytemnestra’s Silent MovementsThursday afternoon Aeschylus section
alt textDuvall-Hephaistos-and-Clytemnestra-CAMWS-handout.docxDuvallEmmaThe Limping God and the Manly Woman: Hephaistos and Clytemnestra in Aeschylus' AgamemnonThursday March 24 Third Paper Session Section F: Aeschylus
alt texttouyz CAMWS powerpoint.pptxTouyzPaulGenre in TrGF adesp. F 646aThursday, Session 3, Section B: Spectacle and Genre in Greek and Roman Tragedy
alt textVisions of Medusa_Burns_CAMWS 22.docxBurnsKrishniDr.Visions of Medusa in Patricia McKillip’s “The Gorgon in the Cupboard”
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