CAMWS Memorabilia

The following CAMWS memorabilia are available for purchase to CAMWS members. 
Click on hyperlinked items for image:

CAMWS coffee mug (insulated) Side 1 / Side 2 (Lincoln 2019)--$10.00
CAMWS drawstring bag (Albuquerque 2018)--Two for $5.00
CAMWS cellphone wallet (Kitchener 2017)--Two for $5.00
CAMWS wine glass (Williamsburg 2016)--Two for $15.00
CAMWS shot glass (Iowa City 2013)--Two for $10.00
CAMWS yoyo (Baton Rouge 2012)-- Out of stock

Herbert Benario's CAMWS: A History of  the First 80 Years--$5.00 each
CAMWS pen--Five for $5.00
CAWWS post-it notes--Five for $5.00
CAMWS decal--out of stock (will return soon)
CAMWS bookplate--Five for $2.00

All prices include shipping within the United States and Canada.

To place an order, please use this Order Form, where you can also subscribe to a number of journals (other than Classical Journal). If you are not a current CAMWS member, please use this form: