Special Issue of TCL on Revised Standards

The newest issue of Teaching Classical Languages is a special issue devoted to the revised Standards for Classical Language Learning (2017).  After Bart Natoli provides a comprehensive introduction to the Standards and sets them in their historical context, John Gruber-Miller proposes that the Standards epitomize integrative learning—making connections, addressing authentic situations, recognizing multiple perspectives, and contextualizing issues. In the next two  perspectives, Liane Houghtalin shows how material culture contributes to the Cultures Goal and Willie Major shows how Greek is ideal for making Connections with other disciplines (Goal 3) and responding to student interest.  Ronnie Ancona introduces the second half by arguing that the Standards are essential reading for all college classicists. Peter Anderson provides lesson plans for thinking about identity and friendship through the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius and shows how backward planning and Understanding by Design provide structural guidance for teachers using the standards. Using a variety of medieval bestiaries, Cynthia White shows how advanced undergraduates or graduate students can learn how to understand textual criticism and take advantage of the scores of manuscripts online.  Finally, Timothy Hanford and Teresa Ramsby offer insights how the Standards provide structure and guidance for future teachers of Latin.  Collectively, these perspectives should offer new insights for those already familiar with the Standards or are coming to them for the first time.

You can read the latest issue of Teaching Classical Languages at tcl.camws.org

John Gruber-Miller
Editor, Teaching Classical Languages
Classical and Modern Languages
Cornell College 
Mount Vernon, IA 52314

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