Vergilian Society Call for Proposals to Direct October 2020 Symposium Campanum in Cuma, Italy

Vergilian Society Call for Proposals to Direct October 2020 Symposium Campanum in Cuma, Italy

The Vergilian Society seeks potential directors, on topics of their choosing, for the fifth annual Symposium Campanum, to take place at the Harry Wilks Study Center at the Villa Vergiliana in Cuma, Italy in mid-October, 2020. These October Symposia differ in focus from our summer Symposium Cumanum: we will consider proposals on any aspect of the history, archaeology, art and architecture, and geology of Italy and Sicily from the remotest antiquity to the Renaissance. For information about earlier Symposia Campana, see this link.  Recent symposia have dealt with the Bay of Naples area, but this is not required.

Each proposal should be prepared by the person who is intending to direct the symposium, or by the lead person if co-directors are envisioned.  The successful director will have logistical assistance from the Vergilian Society’s Italian staff and from the executive committee; a set of guidelines is available to assist in planning.

Proposals should be 250-300 words in length, giving a brief rationale for the theme, some thoughts on what kinds of subjects are likely to be treated, and the names of several scholars who have worked on this theme and might be approached to participate.  As international meetings, our symposia attract participants from all over the world, but since the Vergilian Society is an Italian-American cultural association, we are especially interested in seeing solid participation from scholars in these two countries.

Proposals should be submitted electronically by Tuesday April 30, 2019 to the president of the Vergilian Society, James O’Hara, at jimohara - at - Informal enquiries are also welcome at that email address.

The Vergilian Society is pleased to announce that the new editor of the journal Vergilius is Professor Hunter Gardner of the University of South Carolina.  Submissions for the 2019 volume should be sent as email attachments (without indications of authorship) to gardnehh - at - Books for review should be sent to:  
Hunter Gardner
Dept. of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
1620 College St.
Columbia SC 29208


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