Serfass Citation 2019

Adam Serfass's Views of Rome: A Greek Reader (University of Oklahoma Press, 2018)  perfectly fits, even surpasses, all the criteria for the Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Award. It is appropriate for the target audience; material is presented clearly; the quality of both the selections and the commentary is strong; the pedagogical aims are clear, and clearly met; and the potential for broad impact is evident. In addition, it is strikingly original in conception and well suited to the modern multicultural Classics classroom. Highlights of the praise offered by subcommittee members include the following:

“It has the potential to encourage research/dissertations on Hellenistic Greek prose writers, which are presently understudied”

“It makes sense as a textbook, especially for students whose first exposure to Classics comes through Rome and Latin …. the depth of research is obvious”

“… a broad view of Rome from the circumference rather than the center. The theme … allows for so much Greco-Roman/Ancient Mediterranean interplay in addition to literary, e.g., politics, material remains, history ad infinitum!”

“I am always looking for ways to help my students understand the complexity of antiquity, and this book provides a great opportunity to do that. It allows Classics majors the opportunity to see that these two cultures did not exist in silos”

“A novel textbook, perfectly suited not only to its original context (on-site learning) but to any college classroom in need of a broader view of the ancient Mediterranean world …. the execution is appealing and accessible”