Harris Special Service Award

2018 CAMWS Special Award

Evelyn Harris


Ms. Evelyn Harris is a shining pearl in a sea of well intentioned, but absent-minded professors here at the University of New Mexico (UNM). Her patience and diligence has both encouraged and facilitated in every way possible the growth of Classical Studies at UNM, since she’s been at the helm as our department administrator for over a decade.


Ms. Harris has been actively involved in the recruitment, hiring, and promotion of Classics faculty. She has managed the recent expansion and retention of permanent Classics faculty from two to four faculty members. She has also overseen the recruitment of graduate students in Classics, and supervises their fellowship funding, as well as their employment as teaching assistants for lower-division Latin and Greek courses and as graders for large enrollment Classical Civilization courses. In addition, Ms. Harris finds and manages resources to support the Classics program and arranges all Classics events and visits, such as special lectures and seminars by visiting scholars, and professional conferences including the upcoming CAMWS Annual Meeting in Albuquerque.


To be honest, if it were not for Ms. Harris, we would not be sitting here tonight enjoying the comfort of our wonderful banquet beside our beloved colleagues in the Land of Enchantment. Our event here this week, like all else related to Classical Studies at UNM, has been the result of her industry and tireless devotion both in front and behind the scenes.


Over the years and every time my Classics colleagues and I have stepped into her office in a right panic,—with the hope of extinguishing many a fire we thought too late to douse!,—well, that “Easy Button” beside her phone and computer has come to the rescue. There has not been a situation yet where we haven’t left Ms. Harris’ office more relieved than when she presses that button to hear: “That was easy!” Classical Studies at UNM would not be without her great skill, humor, and optimism, and we thank her from the deepest of our hearts.


Listen to this citiation being read at the 2018 banquet in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Special Service Award: Evelyn Harris (Osman Umurhan, University Of New Mexico)