Zuckerberg Special Service Award

2018 CAMWS Special Award

Donna Zuckerberg



For many of you, Donna Zuckerberg needs no introduction. Her passion for demonstrating the relevance of the classical world to contemporary issues and debates radiates from every corner of her online publication, Eidolon.

Dr. Zuckerberg received her Ph.D. in Classics from Princeton University in 2014, with a dissertation entitled, “The Oversubtle Maxim Chasers: Euripides, Aristophanes, and their Reciprocal Pursuit of Reciprocal Identity.” While at Princeton, she taught classes on Greek literature, Homer’s Iliad and classical mythology.

After graduation, Dr. Zuckerberg served as Director of Communications and instructor at the Paideia Institute, which, as most of you know, is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting the study and appreciation of the classical humanities. In that capacity, she was involved in the Legion Project aimed at building a community of classicists across a broad spectrum of professions outside of academic. (Graduate students, if you have not checked this out, I highly recommend you do so!).

In 2015, Dr. Zuckerberg founded Eidolon, an online publication for informal classical scholarship and currently serves as its Editor-in Chief. Over the past three years, Eidolon has evolved from a small and relatively obscure e-zine into a major social media presence. It currently has five staff members and over 8,000 readers. A wide variety of classical scholars have contributed essays on the intersection of classics and pop culture, its relevance for contemporary politics, the culture of spoken Latin, and classical pedagogy.


Listen to this citiation being read at the 2018 banquet in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Special Service Award: Donna Zuckerberg (Laura McClure, University of Wisconsin-Madison)