2019 CPL Report

I want to say thank you to the members of the CPL committee—Steven Jones, Alison Keith, Garrett Jacobsen, David Wharton, Robin Anderson, and Lynn LiCalsi—to the State and Regional VP’s, and, of course, to Tom Sienkewicz, Jevanie Gillen, and Emma Vanderpool. Thanks to Rebecca Allen, Mark Haynes, and Daniel Stoa for taking part in the CPL Workshop, “Mentoring New Teachers, Promoting the Profession,” Saturday morning at 10 AM in Olive Branch, as well as to Krishni Burns and Clara Bosak-Schroeder for organizing the CPL panel, “Learning Disabilities in the Latin Classroom,” which is at 1 PM Saturday in Lancaster IV.

The reports of the Regional Vice-Presidents can be found here (https://camws.org/node/1365). The general concerns remain constant: communication within the K-16 community, support and growth of programs and state communities, administrative support, funding, etc.

Once again applications for grant money were up, although it would be better to have more applications for the high school travel grant. Please see the website for links with reports, pictures, etc. from the grant recipients (https://camws.org/previous_cpl_awards).


Caristia Grants

  • Sherri Madden (Master's Academy, Westminster Catawba Christian School, and Palisades) for "Rome's Birthday Party"
  • Yurie Hong (Gustavus Adolphus College) for "Classics Forum"
  • Amy Leonard (Grady High School) for support of the poet A.E. Stallings' visit to her Latin Club


Student Travel Grants

  • Kristian Lorenzo, The Meadows School
  • Jennifer Luongo, St. Andrew's Episcopal School
  • Karilyn Sheldon, Concord Academy



Bridge Initiative Grants

  • Sherri Madden (Master's Academy, Westminster Catawba Christian School, and Palisades) for "Roman Adventure Day"
  • James Meyer (Columbia Public Schools) for support to bring Stanley Lombardo to the Missouri Junior Classical League Convention
  • Leigh Grace Rouyer (St. Joseph's Academy) for "T-O-G-A! Ancient Greek and Roman Summer Camp"
  • Benjamin Haller (Virginia Wesleyan University) for the Classical Virginia Class Outings to Jamestown, Monticello, and Norfolk
  • Davina McClain (Louisiana Scholars' College) for "The Philoctetes: A Soldier's Perspective"
  • David Withun (Hillsdale College) for "The Symposium on Liberal Education and African American History: A Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Anna Julia Cooper"
  • Jonathan Zarecki (University of North Carolina Greensboro) for Classics Day 2018
  • Christopher B. Polt (Boston College) for an after-school Latin program for low-income students in Jamaica Plain, MA
  • Tom Keeline (Washington University in St. Louis) for support of an active Latin workshop lead by Justin Slocum Bailey
  • Robert Holschuh Simmons (Monmouth College) for Classics Day
  • Salvador Bartera (Mississippi State University) for Classical Week 2018: Sophocles' Oedipus Rex
  • David Schenker (University of Missouri) for support to provide lunch and funding for students speaking at the Missouri Classical Association Annual Meeting
  • Michele Valerie Ronnick (Wayne State University) for support to bring Edith Hall to Source Booksellers, an independent bookstore located near campus, to speak about her latest book "Aristotle's Way: How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life"


Finally, I congratulate this year’s winners of a CPL Award for promotion: Salvador Bartera of Mississippi State University (Collegiate level), and Leigh Grace Rouyer of St. Joseph's Academy (K-12 level). Congratulations as well to John Hansen (Oklahoma) and Davina McClain (Gulf Region) for winning the State and Regional Vice-Presidential Awards this year. Thank you all for all you do for the Classics.

It has been my pleasure to serve CAMWS as CPL Chair these past three years.

Respectfully submitted,

Keely Lake, Ph.D.