CAMWS to Receive Bequest from Rudolph Masciantonio

CAMWS has recently learned that it is one of the beneficiaries of a non-endowed fund established with the Philadelphia Foundation by Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio of Phlladelphia in 2008. CAMWS is one of fifteen classical organizations which will share equally in this fund worth just under $8 million. Dr. Masciantonio, who taught Latin in the Philadelphia Public Schools, died on September 23, 2016. Dr. Masciantonio published extensively on the value of learning Latin. His publications include: The Classical Greek Program in the School District of Philadelphia (Philadelphia: School District of Philadelphia, 1968); How the Romans Lived and Spoke: A Humanistic Approach to Latin for Children in the 5th GradeRomani viventes et dicentes (Philadelphia: School District of Philadelphia, 1968, 3rd ed., 1972); Voces de Olympo: Echoes from Mount Olympus: A Humanistic Approach to Latin for Children in the Sixth Grade (Philadelphia: School District of Philadelphia, 1970); Latin Materials for the Inner-City Public School (Oxford, OH: American Classical League, n.d.); A White Paper on Latin and the Classics for Urban Schools (Oxford, OH: American Classical League, n.d.);  Latin: The Key to English Vocabulary a Gamebook on English Derivatives and Cognates to accompany Voces de Olympo (Philadelphia: School District of Philadelphia, 1976); Tangible Benefits of the Study of Latin: A Review of Research (Washington, DC: ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics, 1977); The Ancient Greeks Speak to Us: A New Humanistic Approach to Classical Greek and Greek Culture for Secondary Schools (Philadelphia: School District of Philadelphia, 1978); Star Trek with Numbers (Oxford, OH: American Classical League, 1980); Latin: The Language of the Health Sciences (Oxford, OH: American Classical League, 1992); Legal Latin (Oxford, OH: American Classical League, n.d.); Build your English Word Power with Latin Numbers (Wauconda, IL: Bolchazy-Carducci, 1997).

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