Recipients of CAMWS Awards and Prizes 2019-2020

Recipients of CAMWS Awards and Prizes 2019-2020

Semple Summer Travel Award
Alexandra Stephens (Florida State University)
American School of Classical Studies at Athens Program

Grant Summer Travel Award
Samantha Breecher (University of Pennsylvania)
American Academy in Rome Program

Benario Summer Travel Award
Grace Funsten (University of Washington)
American Academy in Rome Latin Epigraphy Program

Chris Mural (Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire IL)
Vergilian Society: Greeks and Romans on the Bay of Naples Tour

Award for Excellence in College Teaching
Teresa Ramsby (University of Massachusetts Amherst).

Kraft Award For Excellence In Secondary School Teaching
Robert Patrick (Parkview High School GA)

CAMWS First Book Award
Nandini Pandey (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
The Poetics of Power in Augustan Rome: Latin Poetic Responses to Early Imperial Iconography (Cambridge University Press, 2018) 

Stephanie Roussou (University of Cyprus)
Pseudo-Arcadius’ Epitome of Herodian’s De Prosodia Catholica, edited with an introduction and commentary (Oxford University
Press, 2018)

Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Award
Christine Loren Albright (University of Georgia)
Ovid’s Metamorphoses: A Reader for Students in Elementary College Latin 
(Abingdon, England: Routledge, 2017)

Faculty-Undergraduate Collaborative Research Grant
Svetla Slaveva-Griffin and Luis Sanchez (Florida State University)
Topic: The Political Medicine of Asclepius in Plato’s Republic 

Christina Franzen and John Ross (Marshall University)
Topic: Agamben and his Interlocutors: Homo Sacer in Seneca, Lucan, and the New Testament

Stewart Teacher Training Award
Jonathan Wheeler (Villanova University)

Manson A. Stewart Undergraduate Awards
Brady Duke (University of Alabama)
Bellina Gaskey (University of Michigan)
Arjun Guidroz (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
David Sullivan (University of Georgia)
Sophia Warnement (William & Mary)
Abigail Watroba (University of Michigan)

Stewart Travel Awards for CAMWS, Birmingham, AL
Timothy Brannelly (University of Virginia)
Lisa Ellison (East Carolina State University)
Claire McGraw (Monmouth College)
Athanasia Worley (Independent Scholar)
Elizabeth Deacon (University of Colorado Boulder)
Olga Faccani (University of California Santa Barbara)
Maurice Gonzales (Texas Tech University)
Luke Hagemann (Emory University)
Katherine Johnson (University of Colorado Boulder)
Sinja Kuppers (Duke University)
Jon Manley (Indiana University)
Andres Matlock (University of California Los Angeles)
Kayla Olson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Aneirin Pendragon (Villanova University)
Dominica Rollins (Case Western Reserve University)
Sierra Schiano (University of Colorado Boulder)
Anastasia Temkina (University of South Florida)
Hannah VanSyckel (University of Notre Dame)
Stephani Wong (Brown University)

Ruebel Undergraduate Travel Award
Kelsey Myers (University of Arkansas)
Meghan O’Neill (Grand Valley State University)
Hannah Phelps (Houston Baptist University)
Helen Ruger (Columbia University)

Dalton Saga (Hillsdale College)
Maxwell Shiller (Valparaiso University)
Marie Skinner (Utah State University)

New Teacher Loan Assistance and Start Up Funds
Emma Vanderpool (Trickum Middle School GA)
Evan R. V. Dutmer (Culver Academies)
Laura Briscoe (St. Pius X Catholic High School)

Special Service Awards
George Reveliotis (Chicago, Illinois)
Lynne McClendon (Southern Conference on Language Teaching)

Keely Lake Student Group Travel Awards
David Stanton (Oakdale Academy MI)
Hilary E. Meyrick-Long (St. Andrew's Episcopal School, TX)

Graduate Student Paper Award
Marko Vitas (Brown University), “Name Replacement as a Stylistic Device in Pindar’s Epinician Odes" 

Honorable Mention:  
Ximing Lu (University of Wisconsin-Madison), "Cicero’s Athenian Days: Intellectual Rivalry through Study Abroad"
Eva Carrara (Florida State University), "Cato as Exemplary Historian in Against Verres

Undergraduate Student Paper Award
Helen Ruger
(Columbia University), "Graceful Giving: The Role of the Female in Seneca’s De Beneficiis"

Honorable Mention: 
Tiffany Nguyen (Trinity University), "The Performative Rhetoric of Horace in the Odes

Undergraduate Student Poster Presentation Award:
Kelsey Myers 
(University of Arkansas), "Isis as a Commercial Goddess? An Analysis of Egyptian Imagery in Pompeian Shops and Workshops"

Excavation / Field School Awards (certificate + $2000)
Charlotte Houghton (Macalester College) 
Recipient of Peter Knox Award
Cosa Excavations (Florida State University)

Grace Hermes (St. Olaf College) 
Recipient of C. McKenzie Lewis Award
The Athenian Agora Project

Rachel Renaud (University of Iowa) 
The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition

Phinney Greek Prize

CAMWS Advanced Greek Prize

School Awards

CPL Award for the Outstanding State Vice President
Lisa Ellison (North Carolina)

CPL Award for the Outstanding Regional Vice President
Christopher Craig (Upper South)

Outstanding Promotional Activity in the Schools
K-12: Sherri Madden (Westminster CCS, Rock Hill SC) 
College/University: Donna Clevinger (Mississippi State University)

Randy Todd (Samford University, AL)
Vassiliki Panoussi (William and Mary, VA)
Ephy and Peter Howard (Troy, AL)