Development Committee Report 2020




Report submitted on May 5, 2020

In October-December 2019, a Task Force was formed in order to discuss matters regarding the structure of current committees that have what can be seen as overlapping areas. The Task Force was chaired by David Schenker, President Elect.  The members consisted of Chairs from relevant committees, Andrew Foster, Fordham University, Chair of the CAMWS Finance Committee; Andromache Karanika, University of California-Irvine, Chair of the CAMWS Development Committee; Roger Macfarlane, Brigham Young University, Chair of the CAMWS Membership Committee; Ted Tarkow, University of Missouri, CAMWS Consularis and Chair of the CAMWS Diversity and Inclusion Committee).  The recommendations passed to the President and Executive Committee of CAMWS (on December 17, 2019) were that:

1. Membership and Development Committees be combined into one Strategic Planning Committee, and that the chair of Strategic Planning serve on the Executive Committee. This new committee would focus both on fundraising and on increasing the number of members. Given the range of responsibilities this committee will have, we recommend that the membership include the CAMWS President, past president, and president-elect.

2. That the Finance Committee remain as is.

3. That restructuring of other committees should add no additional duties or responsibilities to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

The Development Committee worked together with the CAMWS Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Committee towards naming the CAMWS Travel Grants for School Groups after Keely K. Lake (1971-2020) who served as chair of the CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin from 2016-2019. She taught Latin at Wayland Academy (WI) from 2002 until 2018 and received a CAMWS Ovatio in 2011. A Total of $3970.00 was received and the Committee is grateful for everyone’s generosity.

Respectfully submitted
Andromache Karanika
Chair, CAMWS Development Committee
Associate Professor of Classics- UC Irvine