Report from the Editor of The Classical Journal

Volume 115 is now complete. The table of contents for 116.1 and 116.2 (October/November 2020, December 2020/January 2021) is now set, and the issues will go to production, as scheduled, in September and November 2020 respectively.

 The quality of submissions remains very high; submissions cover a wide variety of areas in Greek and Latin literature with an excellent balance between the two fields. The journal continues to receive submissions from a wide spectrum of junior and senior scholars.

 Of the 2019 submissions, the acceptance rate at 25%, rejection at 42.5%, and a “revise and resubmit” at 32.5%. In volume 115, published articles by women were at 54.2%. In 2019, submissions by women were at 44%; reviewers who served in 2019 were 53% men, 47% women.

Submitted by CJ Editor Antony Augoustakis